Exit solutions for banks


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What solution do you like ? What is the right solution for NPL market ?

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  • Hello , I just want to give you some ideas and personal remarks concerning the market situation of NPL- / Distressed Assets. Maybe before the German NPL-Forum Conference in Frankfurt in May 2011 or the Italian conference organized by Consolving S.P.A in Milano in June it gives you some more or other ideas / views. I would appreciate your comment / experience or by Linkedin / Xing or Emails and will distribute the given information
  • The actual Market situation about Non Performing packages! The disappointment is a bad situation. I personally think the attitude of even some of the biggest banks is damaging a bit of the market – especially of not responding for not admitting failures. The result at the moment is, that the market is blocked. When do you think Business in the NPL-segment will increase again ?
  • I call it real, because marketing is not only communication and advertising! -> aktive Asset-Management / REO strategies and so on are part of it.!
  • IN past Banks wanted to sell ( upper left square ), but realizing during Due-Diligence the real Market value they stepped back to the IGNORE – square! See for that our approach of DOCRating as a service for Rating the information level of own assets! ( discussed in other presentations of us !)
  • Exit solutions for banks

    1. 1. Financial-Institutions Different „Solutions“ to get rid of „Non Strategic Assets“ or Real Estate - NPLs 17.05.11 17.05.11
    2. 2. Market situation <ul><li>Financial Institutions holds RE-based Assets, which are not strategically </li></ul><ul><li>Financing ( Equity ) even for traditional Investors is quite selective and expensive </li></ul><ul><li>Exposed position of Financial Institution does not allow Selling Assets under certain level without respecting IAS rules </li></ul><ul><li>A lot of serious investors are disappointed, because during Due-Diligence process with Banks, the Bank realized only then, that they cannot sell, but couldn`t tell that in this stage to the investor ! </li></ul><ul><li>The market is blocked </li></ul>
    3. 3. The solution ( 1) – Real active Marketing ! SPV srl / SPA Bank Nice SPV Puts the RE- Assets in an SPV by Selling Price is high / land register is guarantee Active Asset-M & Marketing to upgrade Bad SPV Investor Investor is investing in Property … getting shares Worthy & Nice SPV Take your Real-Estate Portfolio, make it nice and market it actively !
    4. 4. The solution ( 2) – Joint Venture ! Bank & Investor are Worthy & Nice SPV Investor Bank ..partners ! Investor Both define & manage Credit Interests Investments Risk-Management is Asset-Manager / Advisor CashflowSync as Tool Take your Real-Estate Portfolio and integrate investors in risking and managing !
    5. 5. The solution (3) – Sell it ! (for what you get now) Sell it – like assets are to Investor / Fund Investors know the Bank situation, well. Take your Real-Estate Portfolio and sell it for the price offered by an investor ! Investor Bank
    6. 6. The solution (4) – Hide it ! … ignore …and hope for better times ! Ignore NPLs and Devaluation ! What happens: ->wait for a new management in Bank my remark: vacant Properties loose additional 20 % p.a.
    7. 7. What your opinion / experience or alternative ? We appreciate comments in Linkedin / XING or by mail !!! Investor directly involved ! Asset- Management Normal High Real active Marketing Ignore Sell Joint- Venture WE WILL HIGHLY APPRECIATE YOUR OPINION ON LINKEDIN http://linkd.in/iOCZJQ
    8. 8. Legal notes Stefano Lucidi Managing Director mQuadra Srl Via C. A. Racchia, 2 00195 Rome - ITALY Tel. +39 (06) 83369056 Fax  +39 (06) 83369057 Cell . +39 (335) 6954.954 [email_address] [email_address] Joerg Kowollik Managing Director CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Zum Feldberg 1 – 3 61389 Schmitten - GERMANY Tel. +49-6084 – 95 02 00 Fax +49-6084 – 95 02 05 [email_address] www.CONact.de www.conactor.info www.realestateinnovation.info