Sports presentation


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Sports presentation

  1. 1. Sports What are your favourite sports?
  2. 2. My Favourite Sports I love playing football, it is one of my favourite sports.
  3. 3. I enjoy Skiing, it’s a very fun sport.
  4. 4. I like playing tennis now and again
  5. 5. I really like ice-skating, especially in the winter
  6. 6. Sports that I • I don’t really like swimming • I hate playing volleyball • Boxing is not one of my favourite sports
  7. 7. Touch Rugby •
  8. 8. Touch Rugby • Touch Rugby is like Rugby, but… it’s a “non contact” sport. • It is not a violent sport like rugby. • The pitch is 40m wide and 60m long.
  9. 9. The Rules • • • • 7 players on each team, 14 players in total. Both teams must play in different colours. The ball must go backwards when it is passed. The team who has the ball, must try to get to the ‘touchline’ and ‘touchdown’ the ball. • To stop the team scoring, you must touch them 8 times before they give you the ball.