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The Social Corporate Revolution


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My keynote at "La Diplomazia oltre Wikileaks"

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The Social Corporate Revolution

  1. 1. THESOCIALCORPORATEREVOLUTIONStefano Mizzella @stefanomizzella
  2. 2. The elites - or managers in companies -no longer control the conversations.This isn’t just about Arab spring.This is about corporate spring. -Marc Benioff, CEO of
  3. 3. Corporate Spring Social Enterprise
  4. 4. Social Enterprise is based on TRUST
  5. 5. Respect that your customers and employeeshave power. Once you accept this as true,you can begin to have a real, more equalrelationship with them. -Charlene LiTo succeed with empowered customers, youmust empower your employees to solvecustomer problems. -Josh Bernoff
  6. 6. Scottish Water is a public entity, a subsidiary of the Scottish government, which manages the infrastructure related to the distribution of water and collection of waste water throughout Scotland. It has 3.700 resources in its employ.A platform to extend and amplify employees participation in a company’s creative process
  7. 7. Implicit incentive mechanisms (reputation, visibility, status) Explicit incentives (no real money, “just” a virtual currency)9 months from the launch, the Innovation Pool counts 750 users and has generated over 330 new ideasand/or suggestions for improvement. Out of those, 7 have already been validated and implementedunder tight deadlines. The sites receives on average about 10 posts (ideas, votes, comments) per day.
  8. 8. 3 THINGS TO Rethink
  9. 9. SOCIAL BusinessCompany Customer
  10. 10. COLLABORATIVEOrganization
  11. 11. OPENLeadership
  12. 12. Source: Social Business Imperative, Michael Brito (@britopian)
  13. 13. Source: Paving the way to Social Business, Bill Johnston (@BillJohnston)
  14. 14. Management Business Models Organizational Models Innovation ProcessesChange Internal Collaboration External Interaction Technology Governance Culture Mindset Ideas
  15. 15. SourcesSocial Power And The Coming Corporate Revolution, David KirkpatrickOpen Leadership, Charlene LiEmpowered, John Bernoff and Ted SchadlerSocial Business Imperative, Michael BritoPaving the way to Social Business, Bill Johnston
  16. 16. Stefano MizzellaPhD, Social Media Strategist @OpenKnowledge @stefanomizzella in/stefanomizzella