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Using iPad apps to manage attendees


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Discover and test apps available to manage on-site registration, check-in and other useful aspects of event management. A variety of apps are available depending on the dimension and type of event. These apps not only provide a flexible mobile and streamlined workflow but also a great way to ensure your event is green and take a further step to a fully paperless event. Session presented in Frankfurt at IMEX 2012

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Using iPad apps to manage attendees

  1. 1. Stefania Conti-VecchiUsing iPad Apps to Manage Attendees
  2. 2. I  own  an  iPad  and  I  always  find  so  difficult  ge4ng  good  recommenda7ons  for  Apps…  WiFi  to  connect:            quickbar      Password:                                  imexipad    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  3. 3. 3  SEMINARS    iPad  apps  for  mee7ngs  &  events    everyday  from  12:00  to  12:30    TOPICS  1.     Manage  aMendees  2.     Speakers  and  presenta7ons  management  3.     Collabora7on  and  social  integra7on          Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  4. 4. Zwoor  Event  HD    The  mee7ng  materials,  agenda,  speaker  bio  on  your  iPad  or  iPhone.  Enter  the  mee<ng  code,  and  all  the  event  materials  are  available  on  your  device,  online  and  offline.  Prepare   the   mee<ng   materials   via   our   website   at,   and   share   the  mee<ng   code   with   your   par<cipants.   Create   open   or   secure   distribu<on,   for  agendas  from  Open  Events  to  restricted  Board  Materials.  For  more  informa<on,  visit  EVENTAGIST  (capital  leMers)  JOIN  THE  MEETING  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  5. 5. Some  7ps  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Availability  of  the  apps  in  the  Appstores  of  the  countries  involved  in  your  event      Updates   and   bugs   (the   apps   change  names  and  icons  frequently)      Availability  of  the  service  they  are  selling  in   the   loca<on/country/state   of   your  event      
  6. 6. Some  7ps  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Wifi   connec<vity   in   the   venue  selected   (if   required   from   the   app  you  are  going  to  use)    Some   apps   need   the   devices   to   be  under  the  same  wifi.    ….and   most   of   all   think   about   your  aTendees  needs!    
  7. 7. Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Managing  aMendees….  Yes  but…  what  kind  of  aMendees?  Virtual,  face  to  face  or  both?    Let’s  think  about  Hybrid  Events  
  8. 8. Se4ng  7me  for  different  countries  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Synchronize  Synchronize   is   an   app   that   allows   you   to  easily   check   and   project   7me   across   mul7ple  7me  zones  that  are  important  to  you,  so  that  you  can   easily   schedule   mee<ngs,   conference   calls,  Skype   chats   and   communicate   with   your   global  community.    Meetup  7me  Meetup   Time   is   a   conference   call   planning   tool  that   allows   you   to   schedule   calls   and   mee7ngs  with  colleagues  from  all  over  the  world  without  the   need   to   remember   or   check   out   individual  <me  zones  across  mul<ple  countries.    Export  your  results   to   iCal,   email   to   other   par<cipants   and  copy  to  your  own  clipboard  or  Notes.  
  9. 9. Tracking  the  flights    of  your  speakers  or  guests    FlightTrack  Pro  –  Live  Flight  Status  Tracker    Import  flight  data  automa<cally  from  any  airline  confirma<on  email  and  get  push  alerts   with   real-­‐7me   changes   to   your   flight.     Get   real-­‐<me   flight   i<nerary  updates,  and  beau<ful,  zoomable  maps  that  even  work  offline.    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  10. 10. AMendees  registra7on  Please  Sign  In  Please  Sign  In  is  the  iPad  sign-­‐in  sheet.  This   app   turns   your   iPad   into   a  portable,  customizable,  signature  form.  Hand   anyone   your   iPad   -­‐   in   a   few  seconds  they  can  fill  out  a  form,  aTach  a  photo  and  sign  an  agreement.  Please  Sign   In   sends   you   an   email   with   the  contents  of  each  sign-­‐in.  Please  Sign  In  is   perfect   for   Recep<on   Desks   and  Guestbook  for  par<es  or  meet  ups  .      Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  11. 11. AMendees  registra7on  Sign  In  Book  "Sign   in"   converts   your   iPad   into   an   easy-­‐to-­‐use   visitor   registry   which   protects   all  informa<on  –  both  yours  and  your  visitors.  Each  visitor  only  see’s  their  own  informa<on,  and  the  socware  assigns  a  sign  in,  and  sign  out  <me  stamp.  Visitor  badges  (personalized  with  Visitor  Name  &  Company,  and  your  logo)  can  be  printed  to  be  worn,  if  needed.      Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  12. 12. AMendees  registra7on  Eventbrite  Eventbrite  enables  anyone  to  create,  promote,  and  sell  <ckets  to  any  event  imaginable;  This  app  allows  you  to  quickly  access  all  your  Eventbrite  <ckets  and  event  informa<on  from  your  iPhone,  and  go  paperless.      -­‐  View  your  upcoming  events  and  informa<on  -­‐  Pull  up  your  <cket  barcode  or  registra<on  info    -­‐  Easily  share  events  with  your  friends  -­‐  See  a  map  and  get  direc<ons  to  the  event  -­‐  Contact  event  organizer  with  last-­‐minute  ques<ons  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Entry  Manager  With   the   Entry   Manager   app   you   can   look   up   and   check   in  aTendees   off   a   list,   easily   scan   <cket   barcodes   to   check   in  aTendees,   view   live   sales   and   aTendance   stats,   analyze   your  aTendance  data  online  acer  the  event  
  13. 13. Check-­‐in  and  Guest  lists  manager    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012MyGuestlist  MyGuestlist  brings  together  all  your  guestlists  and  func7on  enquiries  from  your  site,  Facebook  and  offline,  and  sync  them  on  to  your  iPad  ready  for  your  hosts  or  door  staff  to  use  on  the  day.  Mark  guests  off,  cater  for  VIPs  and  free   lists,   monitor   patron   loyalty   and   aTendance   as   well   as   generate  sta<s<cs  about  your  patrons  and  promo  performance  like  never  before.  QRickets  4  -­‐  Guest  List  and  Ticket  Check-­‐in  Turns  your  iPad  into  an  electronic  guest  list  or  7cket  scanner.  Sell  <ckets  online   or   register   guests   for   your   event   on   Then   use   the  camera  to  scan  the  QR  code  check  the  7cket  and  admit  a  guest.  Guest  list  is   automa<cally   synchronized   with   other   devices   and   that  instantly  see  changes  to  the  list.  See  total,  admiTed,  and  remaining  <ckets.  
  14. 14. Guest  lists  manager    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  15. 15. Check-­‐in  and  Guest  lists  manager    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Check  In  Easy  -­‐  Guest  List  &  Event  Check-­‐in  Manager  Check   In   Easy   is   for   simple   and   fast   guest   registra<on,   check-­‐in,   and  management  at  events  from  2  people  to  20,000.    ✓  Eliminate  the  need  for  paper  guest  lists,  clipboards  and  binders    ✓  Upload  an  Excel  file  guest  list  &  you  are  ready  to  go    ✓  Check  in  through  web  app  and  live  sync  with  iPads  and  iPhones    ✓  Email  &  text  alerts  tell  you  when  important  guests  arrive  ✓  Boarding  pass  feature  lets  you  send  your  guests  printable  <ckets  with  unique  bar  codes  ✓  Quick  check-­‐in  using  the  integrated  <cket  scanner    ✓  Search  for  guests  quickly    ✓  Manage  guest  list  during  the  event  ✓  Easily  download  guest  list  of  who  aTended  &  when      
  16. 16. At  The  Door  Sell   <ckets,   merchandise,   food   and   beverage,   and   anything   else   youd   like   with  Eventbrite’s  At  The  Door  iPad  app.  Let  your  customers  easily  pay  by  credit  card  or  cash,  and  process  transac<ons  in  seconds.  Collect  customer  names  and  emails,  and  get   a   complete   view   of   your   event   sales   in   real-­‐<me   with   Eventbrite’s   extensive  repor<ng.  All  transac<ons  are  fully  encrypted  and  processed  securely.      Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Registra7ons  and  social  programs  payments  Swipe  the  Credit  Card  
  17. 17. Square  Card  Reader  Square  Card  Reader  makes  it  easy  for  anyone  to  accept  payments,  anywhere.  When  you  sign  up  for  the  service,  Square  sends  you  a  free  card  reader  that  plugs  into  your  iPad  or  iPhone.  You  can  also  process  cash  sales  and  send  receipts  to  a  buyer’s  email  address.  Square  provides  a  complete  downloadable  record  of  all  your  sales.    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Registra7ons  and  social  programs  payments  
  18. 18. Recrui7ng  aMendees  on  social  mediaStefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Virtual  Contact  Managing   mul<ple   TwiTer   accounts,   Managing   automa7c   tweets   (auto-­‐messages),   URL   (link)   shortener,   Image   and   video   publishing   +   URL  shortener,  TwiTers  internal  messaging  service  (Direct  messages,  DMs)  HootSuite    HootSuite   allows   you   to   send   and   schedule   TwiMer,   Facebook,   LinkedIn,  and   Foursquare   updates,   track   click   stats,   and   set   up   tracking   columns   to  monitor  keywords,  #hashtags,  and  lists.  You  can  reach  more  people  differen7a7ng  the  7mes  of  you  tweets!  
  19. 19. QRcodes  to  send  an  receive  text  messages  QRPager  Gold  QRPager  converts  your  iPhone  into  a  pager  device  that  uses  QR  code  technology  designed  to  keep  your  customers.  Once   installed,   the   applica7on   will   enable   you   to   create   your   own   alerts   or  no7fica7ons,  both  by  wri<ng  the  message  to  be  displayed  in  your  mobile  whenever  somebody   reads   the   QR   code   and   by   senng   the   possible   answers   to   be   used   in  response.  QRPager  can  be  used  in  any  way  you  can  imagine  Scan  the  Qrcodes  and  wait  for  my  message  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  20. 20. AppShopper  AppShopper   is   one   of   the   largest   iPad   app  directories  Like  any  other  store,  AppStore  has  its  own   discounts,   almost   everyday   which  developers   promo<ng   their   apps   for   free.   With  Appshopper  you  are  able  to  find  out  about  these  discounts  and  download  the  paid  apps  for  free.      Organize   apps   in   your   own   customized   Wish  List   and   automa<cally   get   no<fied   via   push  no<fica<ons  when  there  is  a  sale  or  update.  How  to  find  good  Apps  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  21. 21. Connec7on  among  good  apps  Discovr  Apps    Discovr  Apps  is  an  interac<ve  map  of  the  App  Store  and  makes  it  easy  to  discover  new  apps  for  your  iPhone  &  iPad.  Simply  search  for  an  app  that  you  like  or  choose  from  one  of  our  featured  apps.  We’ll  show  you  how  the  apps  you  choose  are  connected  in  a  massive,  never-­‐ending  map  of  the  App  Store,  and  we’ll  give  you  great  recommenda<ons  for  other  apps  to  download.    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  22. 22. This  7me  is  for  youStefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  23. 23. Stefania Conti-Vecchiwww.eventagist.comThank you