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Using iPad apps for collaboration and social integration


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iPads can be extremely valuable in aiding collaboration and social integration at events. This session will showcase a fresh selection of apps that allow you to interconnect devices and give your audience a voice. Find the right solution for your event that will enable effective collaboration and social integration using the latest technology. Session held at IMEX 2012 in Frankfurt.

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Using iPad apps for collaboration and social integration

  1. 1. Stefania Conti-VecchiUsing iPad Apps forcollaboration and social integration
  2. 2. I  own  an  iPad  and  I  always  find  so  difficult  ge4ng  good  recommenda7ons  for  Apps…  WiFi  to  connect:            quickbar      Password:                                  imexipad    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  3. 3. 3  SEMINARS    iPad  apps  for  mee7ngs  &  events    everyday  from  12:00  to  12:30    TOPICS  1.     Manage  aMendees  2.     Speakers  and  presenta7ons  management  3.     Collabora7on  and  social  integra7on          Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  4. 4. Zwoor  Event  HD    The  mee7ng  materials,  agenda,  speaker  bio  on  your  iPad  or  iPhone.  Enter  the  mee<ng  code,  and  all  the  event  materials  are  available  on  your  device,  online  and  offline.  Prepare   the   mee<ng   materials   via   our   website   at,   and   share   the  mee<ng   code   with   your   par<cipants.   Create   open   or   secure   distribu<on,   for  agendas  from  Open  Events  to  restricted  Board  Materials.  For  more  informa<on,  visit  EVENTAGIST  (capital  leMers)  JOIN  THE  MEETING  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  5. 5. Some  7ps  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Availability  of  the  apps  in  the  Appstores  of  the  countries  involved  in  your  event      Updates   and   bugs   (the   apps   change  names  and  icons  frequently)      Availability  of  the  service  they  are  selling  in   the   loca<on/country/state   of   your  event      
  6. 6. Some  7ps  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Wifi   connec<vity   in   the   venue  selected   (if   required   from   the   app  you  are  going  to  use)    Some   apps   need   the   devices   to   be  under  the  same  wifi.    ….and   most   of   all   think   about   your  aTendees  needs!    
  7. 7. Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Managing  collabora7on  and  social  integra7on….  Yes  but…  for  what  kind  of  mee7ng?  Virtual,  face  to  face  or  both?    Let’s  think  about  Hybrid  Events  
  8. 8. iBrainstorm  (ipad)  +  iBrainstorm  Companion  (up  to  4  iphone)    Capturing  and  sharing  your  inner  most  crea<ve  genius  has  never  been  easier.  Introducing   the   first   mul<-­‐device   collabora<on   tool   from   Universal   Mind.  From  iPhone  to  iPad  with  just  a  flick  of  the  finger,  iBrainstorm  has  set  the  bar  and  has  redefined  the  very  nature  of  collabora<on.   iBrainstorm  Companion  is  used  to  connect  to  a  running  session  of  iBrainstorm  on  the  iPad.  It  gives  up  to  4  people,  the  ability  to  create  ideas  on  their  iPhones  and  flick  them  over  to  the  iPad!    Connect  Ipad  with  other  devices:  create  and  cooperate    4  Iphone  owners  to      iBrainstorm  Companion    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  9. 9. Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  10. 10. Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Mindmapping    !Mindjet  for  iPad  Descrip<onMindjet   for   iPad®   lets   you   easily   enter   ideas,   tasks,   and  mee<ng   notes   into   intui<ve   visual   maps   that   help   you   quickly   organize  concepts  and  priori<ze  ac<on  items.  Instantly  create  new  maps  or  import  them  from  Mindjet  Connect®  
  11. 11.    .        Assemblee  Assemblees  main  objec<ves  are  to  make  mee<ngs  beTer  and  more  efficient.  We  want  to  help  you  save  <me,  be  flexible  and  avoid  distrac<ons  while  maximizing  interac<on  and  involvement.  Collabora7on  and  co-­‐crea7on  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  12. 12. Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Sharing  work  on  a  whiteboard    Airboard  Airboard  gives  groups  the  ability  to  share  work  with  live  whiteboard  messaging  across  their  iOS  devices.  !
  13. 13. Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012The  apps  for  sharing  docks  Dropbox  Dropbox  is  a  free  service  that  lets  you  bring  all  your  photos,  docs,  and  videos  anywhere.  A`er  you  install  Dropbox  on  your  computer,  any  file   you   save   to   your   Dropbox   will   automa<cally   save   to   all   your  computers,   your   iPhone   and   iPad   and   even   the   Dropbox   website!  With  the  Dropbox  app,  you  can  take  everything  that  maTers  to  you  on  the  go.  Skydrive  SkyDrive  is  the  place  to  store  your  files  so  you  can  access  them  from  virtually  any  device.  With  SkyDrive  for  iOS,  you  can  now  easily  access,  manage,   and   share   files   on   the   go.   You   can   also   upload   photos   or  videos  from  your  iPhone  or  iPad  to  SkyDrive.  Free  Up  to  18  GB  (2  GB  +  500  MB  per  referral)  Free  7  up  to  25  GB  for  a  limited  7me    
  14. 14.    .        Projectorfy  PROJECTORFY  is  an  iPad  app  used  to  run  live  events  on  a  tv  screen,  projector,  or  any  output  device.  Create  live  polls  that  aTendees  can  vote  for  using  their  mobile  device   and   see   the   results   live   during   the   event.   Project   a   tweetwall   showing  event   specific   hashtags   or   current   trends   -­‐   look   up   #projectorfyme   as   an  example.  Display  <tle  and  body  slides  on  the  fly  making  any  event  engaging  and  interac<ve.  Tweet  wall  and  live  polls  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  15. 15. Polldaddy  Engage  your  survey  respondents  with  Polldaddy  for  iOS  -­‐theyll  enjoy  the  intui<ve  interface  for  responding  to  your  ques<ons  and  the  speed  of  the  applica<on.  Checkboxes,  dropdown  menus  and   text   fields   have   all   been   op<mized   for   your   iPad   or   iPhones   touchscreen   (Polldaddy  account  required).      hTp://  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – The Fresh Conference 2012Zwoor  Survey  for  Ipad    Allows  a  mee<ng  par<cipant  to  send  answers  to  a  survey  via  the  iPhone  or  iPad.  The  user  enters  a  code  (e.g.  Meet123)  to  retrieve  the  survey,  and  then  proceeds  to  answering  the  ques<ons.  The   mee<ng   facilitator   can   see   a   summary   of   the   results   immediately   on   the  website.  You  can  take  synchronized  surveys:  the  survey  and  the  ques<ons  start  at  the  same  <me  for  everybody  who  has  downloaded  the  survey.  For  example,  a  group  quiz,  with  an  award  at  the  end.      Polls,  surveys  and  quiz  
  16. 16. QuickTapSurvey  -­‐  Surveys  &  Offline  Data  Collec7on  QuickTapSurvey   lets   you   create   surveys   for   your   iPad   quickly   and   easily!   Its  packed  with  features  and  designed  to  make  the  survey  experience  easy,  fast  and  engaging  for  your  target  audience.  QuickTapSurvey  is  the  perfect  tool  for  market  or   product   research,   in-­‐store   customer   feedback,   lead   capture,   trade   shows,  conferences,  events,  mall  intercepts,  marke<ng  and  any  face  to  face  or  kiosk  data  collec<on.  Other  polls  and  Q&A  sessions  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Q&A  Sessions    Q&A   Sessions   allows   you   to   create   your   own   local   database   of   ques<on   and  answer   sessions.   These   can   be   sessions   in   prepara<on   for   business   mee<ngs,  personal  mee<ngs,  to  gather  academic  informa<on,  or  any  situa<on  that  requires  ques<ons   to   be   answered.   It   also   works   with   your   address   book   to   integrate  contacts  for  sessions.  
  17. 17. Social  integra7on  on  social  mediaHootSuite    Compose   and   Converse   on   the   Go.   HootSuite   for   iOS   is   the   perfect   social  media  tool  for  TwiTer,  Facebook,  LinkedIn,  and  Foursquare.    Join   the   conversa<on   from   anywhere   with   HootSuite   for   iPhone,   iPad,   and  iPod  touch.  HootSuite  allows  you  to  send  and  schedule  TwiMer,  Facebook,  LinkedIn,   and   Foursquare   updates,   track   click   stats,   and   set   up   tracking  columns  to  monitor  keywords,  #hashtags,  and  lists.        Virtual  Contact  Virtual  Contact  proposes  sizable  advantages  for  serious  TwiTer  users.  Managing   mul<ple   TwiTer   accounts,   Managing   automa7c   tweets   (auto-­‐messages),  URL  (link)  shortener,  Image  and  video  publishing  +  URL  shortener,  TwiTers  internal  messaging  service  (Direct  messages,  DMs)  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  18. 18. Social  integra7on  on  social  mediaStefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Zoom  Share  Zoom  Share  allows  you  to  quickly  share  contacts,  photos  and  videos  via  WiFi,  Bluetooth  or  e-­‐mail.  No  shaking,  jumping  around  or  whacking  each  other  with  s<cks....   When   you   meet   another   Zoom   Share   user,   just   tap   the   "Start  Sharing"  buTon  and  then  drag  and  drop  the  items  you  want  to  share  on  them  !!Tweets  Near  Me  Tweets  Near  Me  provides  you  with  a  real-­‐<me  view  of  "tweets  near  you".  Using  your  iDevices  built  in  GPS  loca<on  features,  Tweets  Near  Me  will  check  for  Tweets  local  to  your  current  loca<on  based  on  a  radius  that  can  range  from   10   to   200   miles   or   kilometers.   If   the   Tweet   or   Tweeter   interests   you  then  access  is  provided  to  the  TwiTer  web  site  where  you  can  make  use  of  its  full  set  of  features  (e.g.  follow,  reply,  re-­‐tweet  etc.)  
  19. 19. Social  integra7on  on  social  mediaStefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012Echoer  Share   your   local   experiences.   Echoer  makes   it   easy   to   see   what   other   people  are  thinking  and  discovering  in  the  places  around   you.   It   solves   the   problem   of  working   out   which   thoughts   are   worth  hearing;   eleva<ng   the   most   recent   and  popular  content  above  the  noise.  And  its  been  designed  to  allow  you  to  easily  make  an   impact,   either   by   adding   your   own  voice  or  amplifying  others.  
  20. 20. Networking  and  entertaining:    My  Name  Is...  Turn   your   iPad   into   a   name   tag.   Use   it   in  mee<ngs,  exhibi<ons,  conferences  or  events.        Card  Decks  Provides   text   cards   which   can   be   used   to  show   your   vote   or   es7ma7on   on   a   certain  topic  in  a  mee7ng  or  if  you  are  the  chair  of  a  session   on   a   conference,   you   can   use   it   to  remind   a   speaker   of   the   remaining   <me   for  the  presenta<on.    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  21. 21. AppShopper  AppShopper   is   one   of   the   largest   iPad   app  directories  Like  any  other  store,  AppStore  has  its  own   discounts,   almost   everyday   which  developers   promo<ng   their   apps   for   free.   With  Appshopper  you  are  able  to  find  out  about  these  discounts  and  download  the  paid  apps  for  free.      Organize   apps   in   your   own   customized   Wish  List   and   automa<cally   get   no<fied   via   push  no<fica<ons  when  there  is  a  sale  or  update.  How  to  find  good  Apps  Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  22. 22. Connec7on  among  good  apps  Discovr  Apps    Discovr  Apps  is  an  interac<ve  map  of  the  App  Store  and  makes  it  easy  to  discover  new  apps  for  your  iPhone  &  iPad.  Simply  search  for  an  app  that  you  like  or  choose  from  one  of  our  featured  apps.  We’ll  show  you  how  the  apps  you  choose  are  connected  in  a  massive,  never-­‐ending  map  of  the  App  Store,  and  we’ll  give  you  great  recommenda<ons  for  other  apps  to  download.    Stefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  23. 23. This  7me  is  for  youStefania Conti-Vecchi – IMEX 2012
  24. 24. Stefania Conti-Vecchiwww.eventagist.comThank you