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Guide to iPad Apps for Meetings and Events


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Guide to iPad Apps for Meetings and Events

  1. 1. Guide to iPad Apps for Meetings & Events ad AThe iPad is one of the most pop popular pieces of technology available LEGENDAtoday. With thousands of apps aps available through the App Store, itshard to know which ones are reall useful. really GreatThe aim of this guide is to help pr professionals involved in the Meetingsand Events Industry choosing th right tools to use mobile devices the Can be improvedthroughout the different steps of t organization process. s theMoreover through mobile devices it’s easier to engage with delegates vices Problemsand enhance their experience of the event.The Apps listed are focused upon event management, attendees engagement, devices connection, pon ent,social media optimization, social n ial networking, mind-mapping, virtual and share whiteboards, work haredspaces, creativity, gaming, audio r io recording and much more.Please consider that this kind of ttechnology improves every day, so check the date of issue of thisguide to ensure the right value to the rating given to the Apps reviewed: some e ometimes an update canfix bugs and crashes! Setting time for Hybrid/Virt Meetings, Conference Calls And W Virtual d Webinars Meetup time me Meetup Time is a easy to use conference call planning tool that allows e an ool you to schedule calls and meetings with friends, family and colleagues ule from all over the world without the need to remember or check out r r individual time z e zones across multiple countries. Export your results to iCal, email to ot o other participants and copy to your own cln clipboard or Notes. Synchronize Synchronize is a straight forward time shifting app that allo allows you to easily check and project time across multiple time zone that are zones important to you so that you can easily schedule meetings, c you, gs, conference calls, Skype chats and communicate with your global commun hats munity. 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  2. 2. Tracking the flights of your speakers or guests ur s FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker ck Pr The best flight tracking app out there! Import flight data au ght ta automatically from any airline confirmation email and get push alerts wi real-time irline s with changes to yo flight. Get real-time flight itinerary up your y updates, and beautiful, zoom oomable maps that even work offline. FlightTr htTrack Pro has everything you need to stay on top of your trip.Attendees registration Sign In "Sign in" conve your iPad into an easy-to-use visitor reg nverts r registry which protects all info information – both yours and your visitors. Each visitor only see’s their own information, and the software assigns a ss sign in, and sign out time st e stamp. Visitor badges (personalized with Visi Visitor Name & Company, and your logo) can be printed to be worn, if needed. rn, Please Sign In (iPad2) gn Please Sign In i the iPad sign-in sheet. This app turns your iPad into a is portable, custo ustomizable, signature form. Hand anyone your iPad - in a few seconds th can fill out a form, attach a photo a s they to and sign an agreement. Please Sign In sends you an email with the contents of . Ple each sign-in. Please Sign In is perfect for Reception Desks and in. ion Guestbook for pparties or meet ups . Sign In A Complete Sign In and Visitor Management System for your iPad.1) you Badge Printing Picture taking of visitors (requires iPad2), Ke ing, Keeps track of previous visit so they can check in FAST, Downloadabl Excel- visitors able formatted logs Viewable data via a private link on the web Storage of ogs, eb, email, phone, n e, names, Ability to assign check out times, Keep notes on each visitor, Fre off-site backup of all data in case of loss or theft of Free ss iPad, Treat your guests to the latest and greatest in technolo nology.Organizing meetings and sharing desktop and documents d sha Zwoor Event HD ent the meeting materials, agenda, speaker bio on your iPhone or iPad. g ma one Enter the meet eeting code, and all the event materials are available on your device, online and offline. , on 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  3. 3. TeamViewer for Meetings wer Participate in mobile meetings on the go! Join an online m m e meeting from your iPhone / i e iPod touch or iPad any time, anywhere. Yo will never . You miss an importa discussion again: “TeamViewer for meet portant eetings” allows you to particip ticipate in web-conferences spontaneously and with more flexibility witho being in front of your computer. ithout GoToMeeting eting is the easiest an most convenient way to attend online me st and meetings – and now you can ta it to go! Download the free universal ap and join a n take l app meeting on yo iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® in seco your seconds just by tapping the lin in your invitation email. View slide pr e link e presentations, design mockup spreadsheets, reports – whatever meetin presenters kups, eting choose to share on-screen. hare Attend your n r next online meeting on your mobile devic with the device mobile viewer. View someone’s screen and collab bile llaborate in real time, on your ti ur time, 100% Free. Optimized for the iPhone, iP and iPod e, iPad Touch, is light and fast and makes attending an on .me online meeting anywhere, anytime as easy as touching your screen. anytConnect iPad with other devices, create and cooperate r dev X1 Mobile Search - Securely search your PC or Mac e Se X1 Mobile Sear enables instant and secure search of des Search f desktop-bound email, attachm chments, and documents. It unshackles you from your computer, while retaining access to the content stored the making it whil there, easier than eve to ‘leave the laptop behind’. ever iBrainstorm (ipad) + iBrainstorm Companion (up to 4 rm iphone) Capturing and s nd sharing your inner most creative genius has never been easier. Introdu roducing the first multi-device collaboration tool from tion Universal Mind From iPhone to iPad with just a flick of the finger, ind. k iBrainstorm ha set the bar and has redefined the ver nature of has very collaboration. iBrainstorm Companion is used to connect t a running ect to session of iBrain Brainstorm on the iPad. It gives up to 4 people, t ability to le, the create ideas on their iPhones and flick them over to the iPad! as o r 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  4. 4. AirBoard Airboard gives groups the ability to share work with live whiteboard ives messaging across their iOS devices. acro Why not empopower attendees at your next meeting with this engaging th th and innovative technology? tiveMindmapping Mindjet for iPad or iP DescriptionMin Mindjet for iPad® lets you easily enter ideas, tasks, and eas, meeting notes i tes into intuitive visual maps that help you quick organize quickly concepts and p nd prioritize action items. Instantly create new maps or ne import them fro Mindjet Connect® fromGuest lists manager QRickets 4 - Guest List and Ticket Check-in Turns your iPa iPad/iPhone/iPod touch into an electronic gu c guest list or ticket scanner. Sell tickets online or register guests for you event on er. your T . Then use the camera to scan the QR code check the ode ticket and admi a guest. Guest list is automatically synchro dmit chronized with other devices and that instantly see changes to the list. es a ges See total, admit dmitted, and remaining tickets. MyGuestlist list MyGuestlist bri t brings together all your guestlists and function enquiries ction from your site, Facebook and offline, and sync them on to your iPad n ready for your hosts or door staff to use on the day. Mark guests off, our h ark cater for VIPs and free lists, monitor patron loyalty and atte Ps a attendance as well as gene enerate statistics about your patrons an promo and performance like never before. e likPolls, surveys and quiz Polldaddy The Power of Touch Engage your survey respondents with Polldaddy T for iOS -theyll enjoy the intuitive interface for respondin to your eyll nding questions and the speed of the application. Checkboxes, dropdown nd xes, menus and te fields have all been optimized for you iPad or text your iPhones touchs uchscreen (Polldaddy account required). 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  5. 5. Zwoor Survey for Ipad rvey Allows a meet eeting participant to send answers to a surv via the survey iPhone or iPad. The user enters a code (e.g. Meet123) to retrieve the Pad. r survey, and then proceeds to answering the questions. the The meeting fa g facilitator can see a summary of the results im lts immediately on the website. or.comSlideshow SlideShark: PowerPoint Presentations on the iPad – k: P Pad Convert, View and Show PPT Slides for Free With SlideShark you can view and show PowerPoint presen hark esentations on your iPad the way they were meant to be seen. It’s easy to use, s ea powerful, profe rofessional, and free. SlideShark is the one and only app you can use to accurately and professionally show PowerPo on the erPoint iPad. Mobile Slides lides Mobile Slides i a presentation tool that goes wherever you do. It es is ver provides playb layback control, Q&A session archiving and q nd quick web publishing fun functions. Any computer platform with Fla Flash Player installed can p an participate anytime, anywhere in the pr presentation provided by an iOS device that has Mobile Slides installe on it. Of y any talled course, you can also use a VGA Adapter and export the sl e slides into a projector direct irectly.Recording HT Profession Recorder sional Record and edit business meetings, lectures, and conferenc right on rences the phone. Cap Captures sound at a distance. Take notes while recording hile in the backgro kground. HT Professional Recorder makes it possible to p record convers versations throughout a large room, even in situations n where the people talking are located several feet away from the peo way device. Signa processing algorithms capture con ignal conversations throughout a ro room, recording both near and distant voices clearly. ices 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  6. 6. Timing, costs and speakers countdown ers While We We Meeting Were We all know how much time and money meetings consume. ow ngs So this is a mee meeting meter. However in addition to the mon cost, it’s oney also important to get some perspective on everything else that was ant els going on in the world. While We Were Meeting: Births, deaths, tons s, d of CO2 emitte forests cleared, cell phones sold, food produced, itted, ood messages sent etc. ent e Easy Timer Easy timer is a simple timer application which displays rema s remaining time widely. Especiaecially the remaining minutes fills the enti screen. entire Seconds are dis e displayed at the corner with tiny letters. Besi Besides, as the app accepts tap (for start/stop) and swipe (for reset) at an point on s t any screen, its easily-operated. easil SpeakerClock lock Big red LED digi allow you to see the timer even at great d digits eat distance so you are free to move while you give the talk of your life. Sp e . SpeakerClock emulates the famous countdown clock that all speake at TED he eakers conferences need to adhere to. The whole screen fla s ne flashes if you transition into a new phase of your speech. Start the clock a place it to ck and within your vie when giving a public talk to see at a g r view glance how much speaking time you have remaining. The "traffic light" gives you king ight" visual feedback when its time to wrap up or make yo closing back e your remarks. EasyChair EasyChair is a s s simple, flexible application designed to clea inform clearly speakers of their remaining speaking time. The time anno f the nnouncements can be easily read from meters away. Custom alerts . As well as ily r ts options for defa times custom times can be added too. W kept the default o. We application ver simple so it is clear, at a glance, exactly how much very ctly time is remaini aining. Background notifications. The owner of the device r is free to go abo using the device without interrupting the timer. about 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  7. 7. QRcodes reader and maker ker Easy QR Easy QR is a to for you to generate and scan QR code You can tool code. generate QR code from your contact list or any information you input. R co tion After that, you can share it with your friends by email. If yo friends your also have Easy QR, they can easily scan the code with it Easy QR asy th it. support VCard and MeCard contact information format. If you scan a ard t. code contains i ins information with these formats, Easy QR wi help you will to save them into you contact list. You can also share the sc results m in he scan with your friend by email. riends Scan Scan is complet free. Its just a simple QR Code scanning No need pletely ning. to take a photo or press a "scan" button like other apps. Sim point oto s. Simply your devices camera at a QR Code (iPhone or iPod Touch s c ouch*/iPad 2), and youre do done! If the code contains a website U e URL, youll automatically b taken to the site. If the code just contains text, youll lly be ins immediately se it. For other formats (such as phone numb y see umbers, email addresses, or contact info), you will be prompted to take the appropriate act action.Networking and entertainin ining My Name Is... Is.. Turn your iPh iPhone/iPad into a name tag. Use it in meetings, gatherings, get togethers, exhibitions, conferences or events. ge s o Features includ Background and text have a choice of 6 different clude: colors, change 6 different text elements on the name tag, email the nge tag name tag to friends, family or colleagues. frie Card Decks Card Decks is a small open source application which provid simple, ovides configurable, c e, colored, multi-line text cards which are gro grouped into card decks. Can be used to show your vote or estimation o a certain n on topic in a me meeting. Or, if you are the chair of a sessession on a conference, you can use it to remind a speaker of the rema , emaining time for the presenta entation. Universal Scoreboard l Sco Use your iPad as a makeshift scoreboard for your gam Pad games, sports events, card games, board games, etc... Works for 2 or 4 players. d gam pla Uses touches o the numbers to add or subtract. Simply touch the es on ply 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  8. 8. top 2/3 of the n he number to add or touch the bottom 1/3 of th number the to subtract. Zoom Share re Zoom Share all e allows you to quickly share contacts, photos a videos tos and via WiFi, Blue Bluetooth or e-mail. No shaking, jumping a g around or whacking each other with sticks.... When you meet anot ach another Zoom Share user, just tap the "Start Sharing" button and then drag and , jus drop the items you want to share on them. Want to see Zo ems e Zoom Share in action? Visit for a video In isit o Introduction and quick tour! our! Tweets Near Me ear Tweets Near Me provides you with a real-time view of "tweets near rM f "tw you". Using your iDev iDevices built in GPS location features, Tweets Near Me eets will check for T or Tweets local to your current location based o a radius ed on that can range from 10 to 200 miles or kilometers. If the Tweet or nge Tweeter interes you then access is provided to the Twitte web site erests itter where you can make use of its full set of features (e.g. fol . follow, reply, re-tweet etc.)Promoting events on social media and… creating useful free apps cial apps? HootSuite Compose and Converse on the Go. HootSuite for iOS is the perfect nd S social media to for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and F ia tool nd Foursquare. Join the conver nversation from anywhere with HootSuite for iP or iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch HootSuite allows you to send and sched ouch. hedule Twitter, Facebook, Linke LinkedIn, and Foursquare updates, track click st k stats, and set up tracking colu columns to monitor keywords, #hashtags, and li nd lists. Virtual Conta ontact Virtual Contact proposes sizable advantages for serious Tw tact Twitter users. Managing mul multiple Twitter accounts, Managing autom tomatic tweets (auto-messages URL (link) shortener, Image and video p ages), eo publishing + URL shortener, Twitters internal messaging service (Direc messages, ner, irect DMs) Meeting Space Calc (this app is only for iPhone but it is a great Spac t example of givin tools for free and promoting at the same time) giving me Have you ever found a great venue for an event, but had a hard time ver determining w g what the capacity would be for var various room configurations (i.e. rounds, classroom, theater, etc)? This application ns was created as a useful tool for Meeting Professionals an everyday d ls and 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  9. 9. people alike all of whom are planning an event and need t know the e ed to capacity of an e event space. Simply type in the measuremen or square ments footage of the venue and we will provide you with an estimated h capacity based on the room set up you are seeking. This ap sed is application is brought to you by UCLA Conferencece Services www.conferenc UCLA is proud to offer exceptional er conference and meeting facilities for a vast array of events. nts.Payments for social program grams Square Accept credit cards and cash on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with it c the free Square Card Reader. Square is a neat inexpensive w to easily uare ive way accept card payments for small amounts (up to $60). Its only 2.75% pa per swipe for V Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. No d D contracts, monthly fees or merchant accounts. Funds are deposited mon s into your bank account the next day. Square makes it easy for anyone ank to accept paym ayments, anywhere.Searching apps AppShopper per With Appshopp you are able to find out about these dis opper e discounts and download the p he paid apps for free. Appshopper is a free dow download from iTunes AppStor Store Organize apps i your own customized Wish List and autom ps in utomatically get notified via pus notifications when there is a sale or update push date Discovr Apps pps Discovr Apps is an interactive map of the App Store and m s d makes it easy to discover new apps for your iPhone & iPad. Simply search for an app arch that you like or choose from one of our featured apps. We show you e We’ll how the apps you choose are connected in a massive, n ps e, never-ending map of the App Store, and we’ll give you great recommenmendations for other apps to ddownload. 10 January 2012 0 Ja
  10. 10. SERVICES: TRAINING SESSIONS ON: COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES, CAMPAIGNS COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA AND MANAGEMENT FOR EVENTS FOR EVENTS Analysis and choice of social media strategies for the achievement of How to use web tools and open targeted objectives sources Development and management of social media campaigns. Analysis and identification of the right Measuring the results of engagement ROE social media channel, communities and tribes SELECTION AND PROPER USE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND MOBILE Effective use of social media for the Meeting Industry DEVICES FOR THE MEETING INDUSTRY Support in the selection of new technologies and the proper solutions NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND MOBILE for mobile devices in order to facilitate the organization, DEVICES FOR THE MEETING INDUSTRY management and promotion of meetings and events. Analysis of free and paid available Design and implementation of entertainment activities to ensure the resources engagement of participants through interactive tools. Using new technologies and applications for smartphones and DESIGN, PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION OF HYBRID EVENTS tablets to innovate events and Analysis of the events objectives and of the targeted audience facilitate the work of the organizers Structuring of the event, defining the location and the technical and participants specifications Integration with social media campaigns to ensure the promotion and HYBRID EVENTS engagement of participants Analysis of the typologies and features Guiding the team during all phases of the event of a Hybrid Event Measuring the results of engagement ROE Coaching for speakers and moderators PROJECTS OF DESTINATION MARKETING FOR CONVENTION AND Effective use of social media, VISITORS BUREAUX technology tools and applications for Analysis of the destination positioning on international markets and mobile devices of the existing marketing plans Design and assistance for the development and integration of DESTINATION MARKETING innovative marketing plans New Destination Management Projects on behalf of international clients for the implementation of Approaches events on the Italian territory Design and implementation of applications for mobile devices HOTEL INDUSTRY Troubleshooting New methods of guest relations STRATEGIES FOR THE HOTEL INDUSTRY IN TARGETED MARKETS AND management ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Using social networks for online Analysis of the market positioning and of the reputation with finding reputation management affordable solutions Conflict analysis, staff motivation and customer relationship Proposals for targeted marketing actions compared to the reference CONTACT markets Online reputation management, proposals and measurement Stefania Conti-Vecchi Twitter: @EVENTagist Mob. +39 328 3054899