From paper to digital - how meeting professionals can go paperless using the iPad and apps


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These are the slides of the presentation held in Istanbul at the MPI EMEC Conference, on Monday the 24 of February 2014.
Are you ready to trade in your heavy conference binder for an easier way of keeping the latest version of your event specs, banquet event orders, contracts and logistical details at your fingertips? Although it may sound difficult, now is the best time to leave your “conference bible” behind and learn about new ways to organize your planning documents.

Attendees of this interactive, hands-on workshop explored how to use the iPad or tablet as the replacement for your conference binder in a structured and user-friendly way. I took a deep dive into crucial tools -- apps, solutions, workflow ideas, tips and tricks -- for event management, exploring how to successfully go paperless and become more productive through a variety of application demonstrations.

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From paper to digital - how meeting professionals can go paperless using the iPad and apps

  1. 1. From Paper To Digital: How Meeting Professionals can go Paperless Using the iPad and Apps Stefania Conti-Vecchi @contivecchi
  2. 2. What is your big deal with paperless?
  3. 3. The office in your hands and even more…
  4. 4. A critical point: WiFi Wifi$connec)vity$$ in$the$mee)ng$venue$ $
  5. 5. 5 generations of iPads 5" genera(ons" of" iPads:" projec)on,$ camera$ and" the" cable$connec)on$
  6. 6. You might need
  7. 7. Real-time audience interaction"is"a"web6based"tool"for" real6(me"ques(ons"and"polls."" The Award !! best tool The$FRESH$Conference$26228$January$2014.$Copenhagen$
  8. 8. Poll What$is$the$event$ document$you$ wish$to$transform$ from$paper$to$ digital?$
  9. 9. Your computer remotely available Splashtop$2$?$Remote$Desktop"
  10. 10. Syncronization among devices Cloud storage Dropbox$ Skydrive$?$Onedrive$
  11. 11. Syncronization among Apple devices Keynote$ Numbers$ Pages$
  12. 12. Microsoft Office solutions CloudOn$ CloudOn"brings"Microso?"Office®"to"your"iPhone"&"iPad"and"links"it" to"your"Box,"Dropbox,"Google"Drive"and"SkyDrive"accounts." Office²$HD$ Office²"HD"is"an"office"document"editor:"you"can"open,"view,"create" and"edit"Word"(DOC"&"DOCX),"Excel"(XLS"&"XLSX),"and"PowerPoint" (PPT"&"PPTX)"files"right"from"your"iPad!""
  13. 13. Office housekeeping Genius$Scan$?$PDF$Scanner$ Genius"Scan"turns"your"iPhone"into"a"pocket"scanner."It"enables"you"to" quickly"scan"documents"on"the"go"and"email"the"scans"as"JPEG"or"PDF."" Genius$Fax$?$Fax$PDF$documents$ Genius"Fax"is"the"easiest"way"to"send"faxes"from"your"iOS"device." It"lets"you"choose"a"file"from"your"favorite"cloud"service"or"works" in"conjunc(on"with"any"app"that"lets"you"open"a"PDF"file"in" another"app."
  14. 14. Office housekeeping PDF$PROvider$
  15. 15. Notes and collaboration Evernote$ Evernote" lets" you" take" notes," capture" photos," create" to6do" lists," record" voice" reminder" across"all"of"the"devices"you"use." Skitch$$ See" something" that" sparks" an" idea?"Use"Skitch"to"snap"it,"mark" it"up"with"simple"tools,"and"send" it"on"in"an"instant.""
  16. 16. Project and event management Podio$ Podio" is" the" collabora(ve" work" pla]orm" where" you" can" build" your" own" work" apps" 6" based" on" your" own" processes" and" workflows"6"and"use"them"instantly"on"your"iPhone"or"iPad."
  17. 17. Wireless printing
  18. 18. Event app
  19. 19. Sharing documents
  20. 20. Paper business card VS digital
  21. 21. Paper business card VS digital
  22. 22. Email campaigns Mailchimp$editor$
  23. 23. Collect subscriptions Chimpadeedoo" " Chimpadeedoo" makes" it"easy"to"collect"email" addresses" from" your" iPad" and" import" them" into"MailChimp."" $ Works$offline$
  24. 24. Social Media
  25. 25. Last minute communications/signals Large$Type$ A" simple" applica(on" which" displays" words" as" large" as" possible." Type" your" message" and"press"Return"to"show"your" message."Double"tap"to"edit.""
  26. 26. More coming tomorrow morning 9:00$?$10:30$AM$ $ Selec)ng$the$Best$Web$Tools$and$ Apps$for$Successful$Mee)ngs$ " Kasimpasa$1?2"
  27. 27. The Consultancy bar Dive$into$your$specific$web$tool$and$app$challenges$ " 10$minutes$$ of$one?to?one$consulta)on$$ Web Tools & Apps Consultancy Bar
  28. 28. Thank$you$