EVENTAGIST presentation


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This is the interactive pdf with the presentation of our company:
The concept in organizing and managing events;
Our strong points;
The community;
What we are passionate about;
Methodology meets technology;
Our training topics;

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EVENTAGIST presentation

  1. 1. www.eventagist.com E V E N T STRATEGI ST In an age in which technology, new event formats and social media are evolving at lightning speeds, attitudes and behavior change very quickly... and you need to be ready!Keeping up with evolution means having new technologies and interactive &access to the tools that can change the engaging methodologies.way you organize your meetings andevents. We write the program,  we  decide the requirements of the destination and theBearing this in mind, a meeting venue and we manage all the activitiesprofessional strategist will assure that necessary to achieve the most effectiveevery stage of the process will be result.managed with the utmost efficacy.We  fix the objectives of the meeting,conference, congress, workshop, educationcourse or whatever format will best fit yourneeds.We develop the general strategy andthen, step by step, we find the best mix ofO U TSO U RCIN G ME E TING ARC H ITE C TUREIf you don’t want to assign us the entire We will find and apply innovative solutionsprocess, you might choose the option of for your event according to the Meetingoutsourcing a specific part of the project. Architecture criteria and measure the accomplishment of the objectives using theWe have the savvy and skills to manage Return on Investment (ROI) methodology.those steps which require specific know-how.
  2. 2. OU R STRONG POI NTSWe know how to organize innovative solutions in order to optimize theirmeetings and events mixing new management structure and facilitate thetechnologies with interactive organization process of meetingsand engaging methodologies. and events. We design and develop co-creativeWe create and develop with our learning and interactive activities toclients communication and ensure both the engagement andSocial Media strategies and high level of attention of yourcampaigns with our clients, participants.specially targeted for the MeetingIndustry. We can help you transform your live event into hybrid, paying attention to everyWe coach and partner clients in a single tech or non-tech detail.thought-provoking and creative processthat inspires them to maximize their We can support you in designing andprofessional potential. We support them implementing event applications forin the selection of new tools and proper mobile devices.Our International Community allows us to do away with boundaries and to sustain you where and when needed. We choose the best strategies to achieve your company’s objectives organizing conventional and unconventional meetings&events, using the most innovative techniques and tools, creative marketing campaigns and advanced interaction methodologies. difference in our product and believing in quality and services. innovation as strongly as we do.Our community is made up of This is how we give our clients a They are smart, talented andmeeting professionals with fresh competitive advantage. creative and one of the benefitsideas from across the globe; it is Ours is a network of partner is that most of us occupya new cross-disciplinary network o rg a n i z a t i o n s d r i v e n b y different areas of expertise andof talent, experience and individuals who are experts and that we’re united by a commonknowledge that makes the passionate about what they do, enthusiasm for what we do.
  3. 3. W HAT W E A R E PA SSI ONATE A BOUTInnovation and technology can be hard toapproach.This is why we write, teach and speak about them! Our last presentations at international conferences, congresses and trade shows:Hybrid meetings how to do it Using iPad apps for Mobile applications and webHow to use social media to collaboration and social tools for event organizationengage your attendees before, integration Association Congress - Liverpoolduring and after the event IMEX FrankfurtBTO, Buy Tourism on-line - How to Write a Good RFP forFlorence Mobile applications and web your Conference Mobile tools for event organization ApplicationExploring the iPad Apps for Hybrid events: theories and Audience Generated Content -meetings and events techniques to extend the reach Web Solutions for Virtual andThe Fresh Conference - of an event Hybrid MeetingsCopenhagen BTC – Rimini IMEX America – Las VegasUsing iPad Apps to Manage The 10 best mobile apps forAttendees eventsUsing iPad apps for speaker and TechFest - Londonpresentation managementOur blog www.eventagist.com provides useful information, linksand materials we share with our readers from all over the world.IBOO KSWe have started in some way connected to and event professionalspublishing a series of other sectors, bridging the who, with their already fullinteractive iBook guides gap between the Meeting agendas, are not able todedicated to meeting Industry and other lines of dedicate enough time toprofessionals with the aim business. some areas that appear soof enriching the We s t r i v e t o g i v e a n “technologically” far awayknowledge of specific answer to many meeting from their comfort zone...topics and aspects that are
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY MEETS TECHNOLOGYWe organize training sessions, workshops and seminars forprofessionals of all experience levels. O U R T R AI N I N G T O P I C STrends & innovation in meeting and events applications for meetingsMobile Meetings management Coaching for speakers and moderatorsCreative marketing and social media related Associations and companies coaching for theto new technologies implementation of strategies and solutionsVirtual and Hybrid meetings Collaborative and engaging sessions using iPad, apps and web-toolsTech solutions, web tools and mobile Our greatest success is to see the results of our work carrying onautonomously and our events and campaign still alive and kicking even at the end of our commitment. @EVENTagist www.facebook.com/EVENTagist www.eventagist.com info@eventagist.com