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Financial Advice Provided By Financial Wisdom


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Stefan Rose presents benefits Financial Advice Provided By Financial Wisdom

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Financial Advice Provided By Financial Wisdom

  1. 1. Helping Australians afford their dreams THE VALUE OF FINANCIAL ADVICE Date <2013> Presented by <Adviser name> Authorised Representative of Financial Wisdom Limited ABN 70 006 646 108, AFSL 231138
  2. 2. Insert co-brand logo Important information This document has been prepared by Financial Wisdom Limited ABN 70 006 646 108, AFSL 231138, (Financial Wisdom), a wholly-owned, non-guaranteed subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124. Financial Wisdom advisers are authorised representatives of Financial Wisdom. Information in this document is based on regulatory requirements and laws, as at 12 August 2013 which may be subject to change. While care has been taken in the preparation of this document, no liability is accepted by Financial Wisdom, its related entities, agents and employees for any loss arising from reliance on this document. This document contains general advice. It does not take account of your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider talking to a financial adviser before making a financial decision. Taxation considerations are general and based on present taxation laws, rulings and their interpretation and may be subject to change. You should seek independent, professional tax advice before making any decision based on this information. Case studies in this presentation are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual returns. Individual circumstances may vary and this will alter the outcome. While every effort has been made to ensure the assumptions on which the projections in this presentation are based are reasonable, the results achieved may differ substantially from these projections. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
  3. 3. Insert co-brand logo What we will cover Why use a financial adviser? Benefits of financial advice Getting started The advice process Why Financial Wisdom? Taking control
  4. 4. Insert co-brand logo Emerging trends... [Optional] Impact of global uncertainty Need to make active decisions Changing, complex super & tax regulations Greater know-how & expertise required Less time for family, finances & lifestyle goals
  5. 5. Insert co-brand logo Why advice makes sense at any age [Optional] Not just for those about to retire Disciplined savings & budgeting habits More time, more expensive Smooth returns & increase compounding benefits More choices with smart investing
  6. 6. Insert co-brand logo Why use a financial adviser? Managing your own finances can be time consuming Advisers keep up with changes to laws & regulations Financial plan becomes long-term strategy Access valuable advice from qualified professionals
  7. 7. Insert co-brand logo Why use a financial adviser? Understands your particulars, uncover new opportunities & help overcome obstacles Objective point of view: avoid irrational or hasty decisions Regular reviews & ongoing advice
  8. 8. Insert co-brand logo The benefits of financial advice What’s in it for me? Clear financial plan to help reach your goals Improved financial literacy Greater sense of purpose & control Uncover hidden financial opportunities Financial independence & security Peace of mind
  9. 9. Insert co-brand logo We’ll work with you to set your goals and map out a plan to reach them We help you understand so you can make confident decisions Getting started Future Now Understanding your goals Reaching your goals Living the dream Sharing the plan Bringing them alive
  10. 10. Insert co-brand logo Timing is everything Income and lifestyle Age 35 Age 65 Singles and Couples Family and mortgage Career RetirementFamily Your financial priorities will change over time Getting the right advice can make all the difference
  11. 11. Insert co-brand logo Covering all the bases Personalised advice and a financial plan to help you manage your wealth effectively Grow Saving Investment Super Protect Family Lifestyle Assets Prepare Succession Retire Estate planning
  12. 12. Grow
  13. 13. Insert co-brand logo Growing your wealth Investing • Explore options • Build a portfolio • Maximising returns • ‘Inside or outside’ super? Super • Consolidate • Decide how much • Tax-effective strategies Saving • Set goals • Stick to a budget • Manage debt effectively
  14. 14. Insert co-brand logo How is saving different to investing? Saving Investing Key Objective To keep your money safe To grow your money Time frame Shorter Long – up to 30 years Risk Low risk Potential for volatility Dollar potential Income only (via interest) Income and growth Effectiveness Income is assessable at your marginal tax rate Potential CGT discount
  15. 15. Insert co-brand logo Supercharging your super Transfer overseas funds Government co-contribution Review investment strategy Review fees and charges Salary sacrifice Super splitting Strategies for the future Things to consider now Super is highly tax effective for most investors, so the more you put in over time, the more you stand to gain
  16. 16. Protect
  17. 17. Insert co-brand logo How can we keep paying the mortgage? Protecting your wealth How do we cover households expenses? Trauma, Term Life, Total and Permanent Disability cover  Lump sum payment  Pay off debts  Provide investment income What will I do for an income?? Income protection insurance  Monthly replacement income
  18. 18. Insert co-brand logo How much cover you need can change Source Comminsure
  19. 19. Prepare
  20. 20. Insert co-brand logo We’re living longer than ever before Source: ABS 3302.0, 3102.0, 3222.0; Australia’s Health 2010 (AIHW) 0 9010 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Working life 711968 Education Working life 631928 Education Retirement Retirement Now Education Working life 81 Retirement
  21. 21. Insert co-brand logo Preparing means planning Timing • When can I retire? • Preservation age • Health status Transition • Re-set your work-life balance • Salary sacrificing to super • Accessing super while working Funding • Identify your retirement ‘goals and dreams’ • How much do I want/need in retirement? • How do I access my money when I’m retired?
  22. 22. Insert co-brand logo Preserving your wealth over time Manage your assets Review your investment portfolio Assess your family situation Estate planning Generate an income stream Pension and annuity tax benefits ‘Cashing out’ super? Age pension / social security Plan for ‘unknowns’ Future health issues Aged care needs
  23. 23. Insert co-brand logo Our advice process 1. Fact finding: Map your financial situation and clarify your goals 2. Plan creation: Build an investment strategy to help you reach those goals 3. Implementation: Put your investment strategy into action 4. Review and monitor: Review your plan’s performance and adapt it to fit changing markets and goals
  24. 24. Taking control
  25. 25. Insert co-brand logo Why Financial Wisdom? Approved product list with a range of investment options Part of the Commonwealth Bank Group Professionally qualified financial advisers and specialists Extensive experience in providing financial advice Competitive fee structure
  26. 26. Insert co-brand logo How we can help Investment strategy Super contribution levels Tax effective investing Personal insurance cover Transitioning to retirement
  27. 27. Insert co-brand logo How much will it cost me? We give you a FSG and explain the fees and charges upfront You can decide what’s best before you incur any costs Initial interview Designing and implementing your planOur cost, no-obligation Fee for service applies
  28. 28. Insert co-brand logo Why not try [firm name] for yourself? Call today for a complimentary, no-obligation appointment: [Adviser name] [Title] eg Financial Adviser, Senior Financial Adviser [firm name] Phone: <phone number> Thank you for your time
  29. 29. Insert co-brand logo