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The (gloomy) picture of robots and jobs!


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What happens if you google ”robots and jobs”?

14 headers from newspapers and magazines around the world within the last year give you an idea.

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The (gloomy) picture of robots and jobs!

  1. 1. The (gloomy) picture of robots and jobs!
  2. 2. What happens if you google ”robots and jobs”? 14 headers from newspapers and magazines around the world within the last year.
  3. 3. Stefan Lindegaard reporting on …how robots, machines and artificial intelligence change how we live and work. CEO / Thought Leader Follow my work on LinkedIn
  4. 4. paradox/505973/ Things change slowly. Then fast. Very fast.
  5. 5. employees-artificial-intelligence 80% believe their jobs will be unaffected. Think again.
  6. 6. create-them/ …not everyone will need to be an engineer to find jobs created by robots.
  7. 7. replaced-by-robots?utm_source=articleRail&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=recirculation …robotic bricklayers will soon be introduced to construction sites that enable the machines to replace two to three human workers each.
  8. 8. are-losing-their-jobs-to-robots-1654097/ ….but algorithms and technology advance to a point that there is no need for the average, middle class worker.
  9. 9. “The fact of the matter is automation is coming,” he says. “The question is how fast is it coming.”
  10. 10. jobs-at-amazon/ Though it may not last forever, right now Amazon’s robot-to-human balance is clearly in employees’ favor. Automation can take jobs away, but sometimes it can create them too.
  11. 11. government-will-have-to-pay-your-wage.html "There is a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation," says Musk.
  12. 12. more-slowly-than-you-think/ …divides work by activities rather than job roles, because it’s tasks that can be automated, not whole positions.
  13. 13. immelt-robots-jobs-ge/ "This notion of the war of the robots happening in the short term, that's more of a Silicon Valley vision than the real world,"
  14. 14. jobs-and-thats-just-the-beginning/ "In primary care, there are 10 receptionists for every 14 clinicians, and almost one per GP… Thirty-seven per cent of civil servants fill defined administrative roles,"
  15. 15. Meanwhile, for each new robot added per 1000 workers, wages in the surrounding area would fall between 0.25 and 0.5pc.
  16. 16. jobs-and-thats-just-the-beginning/ ”Only companies that embrace robotics will survive” …but… ”Robots will become so intelligent that no job will be safe.”
  17. 17. impacted-by-automation-by-early-2030s-but-this-should-be-offse.html A report by PwC that everyone is quoting.
  18. 18. Stefan Lindegaard Talks, sessions and advice on: Corporate transformation, digitalization and innovation management. CEO / Thought Leader Follow my work on LinkedIn