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My presentation slides for PersonalForum - HR Norge on making open innovation work and how this affects the people in organizations

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  • PersonalForum 2012 - HR Norge, Nov 7

    1. 1. MakingOpen Innovation Work- Going from the Why to the How 15inno by Stefan Lindegaard at LinkedIn Groups Twitter: @lindegaardHey! Freebookson!
    2. 2. We have no choice!Innovation is about connecting the dotsSocial media is about connecting the dots
    3. 3. Change how we innovateBe competitively unpredictableDevelop the right conditions and framework
    4. 4. “…a philosophy or a mindset that theyshould embrace within their organization.This mindset should enable theirorganization to work with external input tothe innovation process just as naturally as itdoes with internal input”- Making Open Innovation Work, 2011
    5. 5. Partnerships, alliances, consortia, networks DirectedSupplier Summits, Entrepreneur Days Instructions Directive, invitational Directive, participative None Suggestive, invitational Suggestive, participative Relatively few Invitations “Everyone” Credit: OVO Innovation
    6. 6. TINE STOKKE STATOIL PHARMACycle time, money, IPR and conservatism
    7. 7. Hit the window - organize for fast pace, fast changeSupport, facilitate business units (educate up/down)Experiment, iterate – and learn from failureBecome better communicators (all stakeholders)
    8. 8. No networking culture, no innovation culture!Purpose, training and timeCommitted executives and high-level managers
    9. 9. T (Top Down): Get the executives onboardB (Bottom Up): Get employees engaged, involvedX (Across): Middle managers is biggest challengeO (Outside): Bring in external input, resources
    10. 10. Individuals really make the differenceStakeholder management and early wins are keyWhere are the personal goals, the BHAGs?People, first, processes next, then ideas
    11. 11. Holistic view: Go beyond products, technologyNetworker, communicator, intrapreneur, influencerAdaptive, tolerance for uncertainty, optimist1) Innovation leaders and 2) intrapreneurs
    12. 12. “When someone tries to innovate within atraditional organization, few will understandwhat he/she is doing, but everybody willunderstand who is a trouble-maker.After the innovation has been embraced by theorganization, few will remember who startedit, but everybody will remember who was atrouble-maker.This is the dilemma encountered by manyintrapreneurs - they risk punishment forsuccess.” Credit: David Nordfors
    13. 13. media are key drivers forChanger for Innovation Social Media: A Game o
    14. 14. …tools, services and platforms that drive virtualinteraction and involvement for innovation effortsCrowdsourcing, communities, Twitter and LinkedInSocial media can also work for BtB companies!
    15. 15. Identify and interact with innovation partnersGenerate more ideas, fasterGet market and competitor insightsPromote corporate innovation capabilities
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Identify your focus area, develop content strategySet up your platform and channelsBecome a curator, start sharingTrack, improve, expand, experiment - iterate
    18. 18. What’s in it for me?Purpose is not definedToo many digital visitors; few residentsNo proven first-mover effect, more Qs than As
    19. 19. Management = What’s in it for them?Lack of time leads to Catch 22Facilitators must educate – up as well as down
    20. 20. Direction, training, time – and courage toleave comfort zone, experiment, be visionary!
    21. 21. Get in touch! 15inno by Stefan Lindegaard at LinkedIn Groups Twitter: @lindegaardHey! Freebookson!