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Ten Green Steve Jobs - 140406 Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ten Green Steve Jobs - 140406 Presentation

  1. 1. 1 The Energy Report Name Office/Department dd mm yyyy Tio Gröna Steve Jobs 9 April, 2014 Stefan Henningsson Senior Advisor Climate Innovation WWF International @shenningsson
  2. 2. ”I believe that renewable energy represented by solar power will not simply supplement traditional energy, but will replace it. Renewable energy will not only revolutionize the energy industry, but will also change our way of life.” Li Hejun
  3. 3. ”Rainforest should be left alone” ”Ending illegal logging and related trade in Europe would open up a huge market for us” Scott Sargent
  4. 4. “Our innovation does two things – allows people to leapfrog from no power to a highly efficient smart microgrid, and enables them to use their disposable income instead of savings to purchase power.” Yashraj Khaitan
  5. 5. ”My mission is to provide Solvatten to everyone who has the need for safe water. We believe that we can get Solvatten to the people at ”the base of the pyramid” where Solvatten can transform people’s lives.” Petra Wadström
  6. 6. ”Electric vehicles have not achieved large scale market penetration yet. Technologies such as modular smart charging station will promote the deployment of electric vehicles” Zhang Hu
  7. 7. ”Aerogel is one of the most interesting materials for the building industry of tomorrow” Daniel Klammen, Senior Environmental Policy Advisor to Obama Anders Lundström
  8. 8. ”Feeding the world the way we do today cannot be sustained without endangering future food security. With natural resources becoming increasingly scarce, consumers will be forced to rebalance their diets towards more resource-efficient foods.” Bernard Deryckere
  9. 9. ”The vision for us is to establish our operations in Sweden and be able to move into growing markets with good partners.” South China Morning Post Rolf Ljunggren
  10. 10. “We are actually being transformed before we really realize it.” ”Last year it was 60%, this year we’re looking at a 50% per annum growth. You know, name another industry in the States that’s growing on those sorts of annual rates.” Danny Kennedy
  11. 11. ” It’s time to not just Divest, but Reinvest” “Expected annual returns on our most recent loans has been between 4.5% and 6.38%” Billy Parish
  12. 12. Source: WWF/Cleantech Group: Coming Clean: The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2012 Higher index score (the redder it gets) means the support for climate innovations is better Mapping: Cleantech Innovation hotspots - Cleantech Innovation index
  13. 13. Våra behov kommer mötas annorlunda i ett “Connected“ 2050 Hur influerar vi det tillsammans idag?