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PUR 3622 Project 1


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Social media strategy for First Magnitude Brewing Company

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PUR 3622 Project 1

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy Stefan Dolinsky 2/19/17
  2. 2. Slide 3 – Executive Summary Slide 4 – Social Media Audit Slide 5 – Social Media Assessment Slide 6 – Social Media Assessment (cont.) Slide 7 – Website Traffic Sources Assessment Slide 8 – Audience Demographics Assessment Slide 9 – Competitor Assessment Slide 10 – Competitor Assessment (cont.) Slide 11 – Social Media Objectives Slide 12 – Social Media Objectives (cont.) Slide 13 – Online Brand Persona and Voice Slide 14 – Strategies and Tools Slide 15 – Strategies and Tools (cont.) Slide 16 – Timing and Key Dates Slide 17 – Social Media Roles and Responsibilities Slide 18 – Social Media Roles and Responsibilities (cont.) Slide 19 – Critical Response Plan 1 Slide 20 – Critical Response Plan 2 Slide 21 – Measurement and Reporting Results Slide 22 – Measurement and Reporting Results (cont.) Slide 23 – Measurement and Reporting Results (cont.) Slide 24 – Measurement and Reporting Results (cont.)
  3. 3. Our main social media goals for 2017 will be strengthening our influence and expanding our online community. The primary objective will be reaching revenue goals through directing greater traffic to our website by sharing more engaging, topical content and creating more meaningful relationships with our customers and business partners. Three major social strategies will support this objective: 1. A plan to increase the frequency of organic content that we publish to our social media accounts. 2. Engage in conversations with our customers and business partners to discover our content. 3. Implement live video on our social media accounts.
  4. 4. The following is an audit of First Magnitude Brewing Company’s social media presence to date. It contains an assessment of all social media networks, web traffic, audience demographics, and a competitor analysis.
  5. 5. Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate Twitter https://twitter.c om/fmbrewing 1,445 12 posts/week 2.7% Facebook https://www.f FirstMagnitud eBrewing 8,410 6 posts/week 3.4% Instagram https://www.i /fmbrewing/ 4,880 9 posts/week 3.25%
  6. 6. Summary  At the present time, the highest amount of interactions per post occurs on Facebook (3.4%).  Instagram and Twitter trail behind in follower count and average engagement rate.
  7. 7. Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 750 unique visits 9% 1.3% Facebook 5000 unique visits 63% 2.6% Instagram 2,200 unique visits 28% 2.9% Summary:  At the present time, Facebook easily directs the most traffic to our website. The conversion rate sits close behind Instagram at 2.6% and 2.9% respectively.  While Twitter trails behind Facebook and Instagram, it still receives a decent amount of social interactions.
  8. 8. Age Distributio n Gender Distribution Primary Social Network Secondary Social Network Primary Need Secondary Need 50% 21-30 35% 31-40 15% 41-55 5% 56-80 57 % Male 43% Female 45% Facebook 35% Instagram 20% Twitter 40% Instagram 30% Facebook 30% Twitter Socially drinking beers with friends at a sustainable business Enjoying beers and eating food from food trucks Summary:  The vast majority of survey respondents are in the 21-30 age group.  Facebook and Instagram are their primary social networks  Socially drinking beers with friends at a sustainable business is the primary motivator for visiting First Magnitude Brewing Company  Efforts should be geared towards developing Twitter content and engagement
  9. 9. Competitor Name Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses Swamp Head Brewery @SwampHead 19,190 followers, posts multiple times/day, high engagement, uses multiple hashtags Does not post enough video content Tall Paul’s Brew House @TallPaulsBrew Posts very frequently Little/no variety of posts, no posts with visual content, low engagement rates Blackadder Brewing Company @blackadderbrewing Posts high- quality photos, high amount of views Does not post frequently enough, low amount of followers, could post more video content
  10. 10. Summary  The analysis focused on three major/local competitors with social media presences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, respectively.  High quality visual content appears to be the biggest driver of engagement with the Facebook and Twitter audiences. The Facebook and Twitter accounts post more frequently than ours.  The competition could improve its use of video content on Facebook, variety of content on twitter, and post more frequency on Instagram. The Twitter and Instagram accounts could do a better job of two-way communication.
  11. 11. The primary objective will be reaching revenue goals through directing greater traffic to our website. In order to accomplish this, our social priorities will be expanding our online community by sharing more engaging, topical content and creating more meaningful relationships with our customers. Specific objectives include: 1. Increase unique visitors from social media accounts to website by 15% in 4 months via: a. Increased brand awareness through increased mentions on Twitter. b. Increased use of brand hashtags across all accounts. 2. Increase Instagram followers by 800 in 4 months. 3. Increase Twitter followers by 200 in 4 months. 4. Increase amount of video content published on Facebook and Instagram channels by 25% in 4 months.
  12. 12. KPIs 1. Amount of unique visitors from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 2. Amount of Instagram followers 3. Amount of Twitter followers 4. Amount of weekly video posts to Facebook and Instagram 5. Sentiment analysis Key Messages  Socially drinking beers with friends at a sustainable business  Drinking beer with friends while enjoying food truck items
  13. 13. Adjectives that describe our brand:  Sustainable  Well-seasoned  Delicious  Hoppy  Craft When interacting with customers we are:  Timely  Friendly  Committed
  14. 14. Paid: Every Friday, boost the most popular Facebook posts for the weekend. The posts have a minimum reach of 50, along with a minimum of 10 likes or 3 comments. Owned: Introduce the use of the #FMCraft hashtag on the company Instagram and Twitter accounts. Encourage use by customers and source a minimum of 1 piece of user-generated content per week to regram/retweet on both accounts. Promote the hashtag on Facebook, email newsletters as well as printed promotional material. When customers order a beer, mention the hashtag and encourage them to use it in a photo on Instagram or Twitter to earn a 10% discount. Earned: Monitor Twitter for keywords and terms: beer, craft beer, well- seasoned beer, hoppy, First Magnitude, brewery, sustainability, food truck. Extend discounts to warm leads/prospects over the course of 4 months.
  15. 15. Approved Tools  Hootsuite  Buffer
  16. 16. Holiday Dates  President’s Day – February 20th  St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th  Earth Day – April 22nd  Father’s Day – June 18th  Independence Day – July 4th  Labor Day – September 4th Upcoming Internal Events  Brainaholics Trivia – February 21st and 28th  Suds & Songs – a fun(d) raising event – February 23rd  BelgianFest – February 25th  3rd Annual Clean Creek Revival – March 11th  Miami Blue Bock Launch – March 24th  Katie Grace at First Magnitude – March 24th  2nd Annual Purple Pint Night – March 26th  ASGSA Fundraiser – March 30th **Reporting Dates will occur once a quarter on February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1**
  17. 17. Roles  President– Meg Losen  Oversees all social media marketing activities  Head of Outreach and Communications – Christine Denny  Manages the company’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts
  18. 18. Social Media Policy  Use common sense  Be polite and respectful to everyone  Don’t post  To slang competitors  To cause conflict  Something illegal  Provide excellent customer service  Posts should positively reflect the organization  If you’re unsure about a post, ask another staff member First Magnitude Brewing Company is strict about the appropriate use of social media by our employees. Violating the social media policy may result in termination and/or legal action. First Magnitude Brewing Company reserves the right of action if necessary. If you have any questions, contact the President or Head of Outreach and Communications.
  19. 19. Scenario 1 – Inappropriate post sent from @fmbrewing (Twitter), @fmbrewing (Instagram) or @FirstMagnitudeBrewing (Facebook) Action Plan 1. When Tweet is seen:  Take a screenshot (on Mac: Command+Shift+3).  Delete the tweet.  Contact Christine Denny (Head of Outreach and Communications). If Christine is unavailable, contact Meg Losen (President). 2. Christine is to meet with Meg to determine the impact and reach, and evaluate additional action. 3. Christine is to develop an appropriate response/follow up tweet. Meg is to approve. 4. If media has picked up the tweet, Christine is to manage all direct contact. If Christine is unavailable, Meg is to handle all contact. 5. Christine and Meg are to meet with the employee responsible for publishing the Tweet to see if disciplinary action is required.
  20. 20. Scenario 2 – A customer becomes sick from drinking Action Plan 1. Employee(s) to contact Meg (President). Meg is to alert Christine (Head of Outreach and Communication). 2. Meg is to meet with Christine and evaluate the amount of social media mentions about the situation. 3. If media has noticed the incident, Christine is to manage all direct contact. If Christine is unavailable, Meg is to manage all contact. 4. Christine is to push messaging to the social media outlet where the news first broke. Keep monitoring the spread of news to other social media outlets and push messaging as necessary. 5. Christine and Meg are to gauge the need for a longer statement and write one, if necessary.
  21. 21. Quantitative KPIs  Reporting Period: 4 months  Data as of February 1, 2017 Website Traffic Sources Assessment  Timeframe: Monthly average, November 2016 to January 2016 Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 900 unique visits + 20% growth 10% 1.3% Facebook 6000 unique visits + 20% growth 62% 2.6% Instagram 2750 unique visits + 25% growth 28% 2.9%
  22. 22. Social Network Data  Timeframe: as of February 1, 2015 Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate Twitter https://twitter.c om/fmbrewing 1,701 + 15% growth 15 posts/week + 30% increase 4% Facebook https://www.f FirstMagnitud eBrewing 11,213 + 25% growth 8 posts/week +30% increase 5.3% Instagram https://www.i /fmbrewing/ 5,901 + 20% growth 12 posts/week +30% increase 5.1%
  23. 23.  We have increased the amount of unique visitors from our social media accounts to our website by 15% in 4 months  Our Instagram following has increased by 1,021 in four months, which surpassed our goal of 800.  Our Twitter following has increased by 241 in four months, which surpassed our goal of 200.  We have increased our creation of video content on Facebook and Instagram by 30%, which surpassed our goal of 25%. A key tactic to this growth has been our ability to track user generated content with the #FMCraft hashtag and share it on our networks.
  24. 24. #FMCraft Hashtag Performance  Between October 1, 2016 and February 1, 2017, the hashtag was mentioned 1200 times on Twitter and 2,700 times on Instagram  45 Instagram posts with the hashtag generated above average numbers for comment interactions, usually involving user tagging their friends in the comments. Qualitative KPI – Sentiment Analysis An analysis of the interactions on 200 Facebook posts, 200 instagram posts and 100 tweets revealed the following:  A great deal of positive sentiment from customers following their visit. This includes shout outs, sharing photos and stories of their experience and recommending the company to their friends/followers.  The greatest driver of negative sentiment deals with pricing. Some customers express frustrations with the price point of beer.