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Introduction SEAL programme


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Introduction of VVOB in Cambodia and SEAL Programme for visitors from Maria Institute, Antwerp on October 22, 2012

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Introduction SEAL programme

  1. 1. VVOB Education Program 2008-2013 Visit Maria Instituut, Flanders October 22, 2012
  2. 2. Outline presentation1. VVOB in a Nutshell2. Education in Cambodia3. SEAL Programme
  3. 3. Education in Cambodia: background data87% of children Only 35% of pupilscompletes Low incomes, mostly starts with secondaryprimary from small-scale education.(7) Only 13%education(3) agricultural activities. completes it. (8)16% of youth (ages Large differences in17-22) had less quality and accessibility More than 70% ofthan 4 years of between urban and population dependsschooling(1). Up to rural areas on agriculture for47% in remote 34% of children survivalareas. start primary education late (6) Large classes. 28 % of Pupil:Teacher ratio population lives Average life of 48 pupils in from less than expectancy is 63 primary 1usd/day(2) years.(5) education(4).
  4. 4. Poverty in Cambodia Low schooling rate Lack of technical skills High drop-out rate in basic education Low salary Insufficient Low quality of household education income to affordLoss of schoolinglabour force Low Lack of Lack of relevance of methodological attention for Informal costs skills & generic skills education materials
  5. 5. Education Structure in Cambodia Universities & Colleges 24 Age 23 Higher Education 22 21 20 Teacher Training 19 18 Entrance Ex. 17 Upper Grade 12 16 Sec. Grade 11 15 Lower Sec. Grade 10National 14 Grade 9Exam 13 Grade 8 Basic Education 12 Grade 7 11 Grade 6 9+2 and Primary Ed. 10 Grade 5 9 Grade 4 12 + 2 8 Grade 3 7 Grade 2 6 Grade 1 Kinderga 5 Class 3 rten 4 Class 2 3 Class 1
  6. 6. Teacher Training in CambodiaTeacher training for primaryeducation 18 Provincial Teacher Training Colleges (PTTC)(2 years)Teacher training for lowersecondary education 6 Regional Teacher Training Colleges (RTTC)(2 years)Teacher training for uppersecondary education 1 National Institute of Education (NIE)(1 year)Teacher training for technical& vocational education 1 National Technical Training Institute(1 jaar) (NTTI)
  7. 7. VVOB in Cambodia Quality improvement of education and training in VVOB developing countries2004 – 2009 2008 – 2013 Capacity Building TTC •Learner Centered •Education (SEAL) Methodology •Agriculture Extension (IMAGE) •Math & Physics •Open Resource Center •School Health
  8. 8. SEAL ProgrammeSEAL = Science, Environmental & Agricultural Life skills “Improvement of the pre-service teacher training for Science education, and Environmental/Agricultural Life skills at Teacher Training Colleges”
  9. 9. SEAL Programme Improvement of Teacher Training for Basic EducationLife skills Life Skills Science(Environment) (Agriculture) ICT
  10. 10. Geographical FocusSiem Reap Kandal
  11. 11. Science Component SEAL ProgrammeRTTC’s offer improved training on teaching methodologyand subject-specific knowledge for science Physics Biology Earth science Chemistry
  12. 12. StrategyPilot Phase Mainstreaming Phase Teacher Training Inst..
  13. 13. Target groups Student Teachers Pupils at at PTTCs/RTTCs primary schools/ lower sec schools Teacher Trainers at PTTCs/RTTCs SEAL ProgrammeMoEYS central level (TTD), donors, …
  14. 14. Results: Learning Materials
  15. 15. Results: Use of Student-Centred Approaches
  16. 16. Result: Science Labs & Resource Centres
  17. 17. Result: Revised Curriculum
  18. 18. Questions?