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Social mediahub


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social mediahub

  1. 1. GazzolaStudent Number: s3418532
  2. 2. My professional personaThrough my ‘identity hub’ I have attempted to portray myself as an interesting andengaging personality finding a place in the social media landscape. I have used page to pull all the strands of my social media existence together and Ihope that this provides my viewers with the full picture of what I’m hoping toachieve. I hope to come across as a social media enthusiast with varied interestssuch as current affairs, film, literature and photography. By using differentplatforms I hope these interests have been expressed successfully. UsingWordpress I have written various blogs on different topics ranging from currentaffairs to film and reviews. My Flickr account displays a photostream of pictures Ihave taken on my overseas trips, another thing I hope to express is my love fortravel and adventure. My LinkedIn profile provides a viewer with my professionalworking history. I added the Goodreads account to show my love of books andprovide the viewer with a taste of the kind of literature I enjoy. I hope my Twitteraccount provides a snap shot of a socially engaged individual interested in thegoings on around the world, and not just that reported in the mainstreammedia, but everywhere. I believe my hub successfully provides a snapshot of me as an individual.
  3. 3. My BrandingI am a social media enthusiast with a lasting love of the traditionalmedia forms. I enjoy social media both as a user and an observer.Similarly I enjoy both watching and analysing film and television. Ienjoy the challenge of keeping up with the social medialandscape, and find the changes occurring both fascinating andrevolutionary. My activity and identity online have flourishedrecently as I have started my Graduate Diploma of Media andCommunications studies at RMIT University. This has encouragedme to thoroughly jump into the world of social media and exploreall the avenues and platforms around. I’m hoping my engagementwith the social media world will lead me to find interesting and likeminded people who are looking for the same kind of experience Iam. The social media landscape is opening up unbridledopportunities before my eyes and I’m all ready to seize thedigitalised day!
  4. 4. Blog posts• Blog post discussing course material:• and•• Blog post including the ‘Media Mapping’exercise•
  5. 5. Blog posts cont.• Blog post containing my interest, relative tomy objective…•• And another…•
  6. 6. My Twitter Activity.This particular Twitterconversation took place duringthe ‘Shut up and Tweet’exercise we did during one ofthe earlier weeks in class.
  7. 7. These are a sampleof my tweets relatingto the coursematerials.
  8. 8. These tweets show meusing hash tags to engagein conversations andtrending topics. Most ofmy comments related tothe Boston Manhunt thatwas occurring at thattime, a very interestingtime to be on Twitterindeed! With up to theminute informationpouring in it was addictiveto keep waiting for thenext bit of news.
  9. 9. Diagram of my social media usage.This is a basicdiagram of myidentity hub and theplatforms I’ve usedto create it. I mayeventually add more,perhaps a youtubeor vimeo accountdown the track.
  10. 10. Summary PostCreating my online identity hub has been both challenging and rewarding. I am very happy withhow my hub turned out and think the use of to bring everything together really addedthe finishing touch. There were a few key incidents along the way that helped to shape my identityhub into what I wanted it to present. I found that my use of Twitter changed dramatically the nightthat the Boston bombing suspect was being hunted down. As I followed the manhunt on Twitterthat night I finally understood the revelatory nature of Twitter. The ‘real time’ reporting that wasoccurring during the search for the suspect was something new and unseen before in the newsworld. I have provided a link to a blog post I made about this very matter. Another key incident Iexperienced was deciding what social platforms to add to my hub. I wasn’t sure whetherI wanted to include my Flickr account initially, as I’m in no way a professionalphotographer, however I decided upon it as I thought that the travelling photos I took successfullyexpressed my interest in different parts of the world and showed that I do have an interest inphotography, even if I’m by no means a professional. Finally I feel my hub was shaped by themessage I was trying to convey in my second slide, which refers to the personally I have attemptedto portray online. I felt everything coming together as I wrote this description and when I editedand reflected upon my hub I kept my description of my persona in mind and this helped me tomake decisions regarding what I should keep in my hub and what I should lose. I feel the persona Iam exuding in my hub now is one of an individual keen to learn and eager for experience. I hopeI’ve portrayed someone who is interested in both new and old forms of media and an engagedindividual keeping up with the social media landscape.