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Troubleshooting the iPad for Secondary Teachers


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Learn basic troubleshooting techniques for yourself and your students!

Published in: Education
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Troubleshooting the iPad for Secondary Teachers

  1. 1. Paradise Always has Trouble Troubleshooting the iPad with Maria Stead
  2. 2. Device or User? When anyone has an issue with an iPad, it is best if you use the iPad Isolation Theory. Approximately 1/2 of all issues are user related The device can only be blamed about 1/4 of the time About 1/4 of the time, the environment is the problem
  3. 3. Typical Responses Environmental Issues
  4. 4. Environmental Issues It’s always the environment except when it’s not. Is the wifi and/or network down? Are others experiencing the same issues? Was there bad weather? Where is the device stored?
  5. 5. Check to see if you or the user can reproduce the issue If you can, you can run a diagnostic or send user to the Student Genius Bar If you can’t you might have to wait to see if it happens again, or it might be user error Simply powering down the device can fix a lot of problems
  6. 6. It’s the Device’s Problem Hardware vs. Software
  7. 7. Check something that is known to work Test the issue on another device Simply powering down can fix a lot Remember: do the LEAST invasive solution before the most!
  8. 8. Is it happening on multiple logins or just for one user: it might be a user issues and not the device Has the software been updated? Simply powering down the device can solve a lot of problems
  9. 9. The Other 50% User Error
  10. 10. This is an EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY!!!
  11. 11. Problem with an app? With an account? Can you reproduce the issue? Tell or show it? This can be a teachable moment!
  12. 12. Is the person connected to wifi? Is the person logged in to a necessary account? Is it just an app that keeps crashing? Might the device need to be updated to the most recent iOS?
  13. 13. Avoid a Force-Reset when Possible! This is when you hold down the power and home buttons simultaneously until you see the apple.
  14. 14. Why Is Force Resetting My iPhone A Bad Idea? A lot of little programs called processes run constantly in the background of your iPhone to perform all of the little tasks we don’t usually think about. One processes keeps the time, another processes touch, and another plays the music – there are a lot of processes. Processes read and write data inside little files on your iPhone in order to accomplish their goals. When you hard reset your iPhone, you interrupt this process abruptly. When the read or write process is cut off before it has a chance to finish, these files can become corrupted. Even though these files are small, they can have a big impact on your iPhone. When a preference file is corrupted, for example, your iPhone may not be able to start a process correctly. When processes don’t work, features on your iPhone stop working. Often times, a malfunctioning process can cause issues that cause iPhones to get hot or their batteries to drain quickly. In other words, hard resetting your iPhone can lead to major problems down the line.
  15. 15. Let’s Practice!!!