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StayLocal Member Guide


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We put together this guide to help StayLocal members get the most of their membership. Our goal is to create innovative ways to support the local businesses that make New Orleans, New Orleans.

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StayLocal Member Guide

  2. 2. Hi There We put together this guide to help you get the most of your StayLocal membership. Our goal is to create innovative ways to support the local businesses that make New Orleans, New Orleans. Our phones are always on, our emails are checked frequently, and our door is always open to help you out and hear your ideas for how we can make StayLocal better together. -The StayLocal Team StayLocal  member     Heart  Sleeve  
  3. 3. •  Your Team •  Marketing •  Communications •  Events •  Resources •  Advocacy What’s Inside
  4. 4. Charlotte Gill Program Manager Dana Eness Executive Director Meredith Cherney Communications Coordinator Your Team
  5. 5. We are constantly putting out new initiatives that help you market and grow your business. You won’t want to miss it! Reach A Larger Audience Marketing
  6. 6. StayLocal’s Present Picks Holidays 2014 We challenged residents to do 100% of their holiday shopping locally. To help make it easy, we designed a 15 page guide of gift ideas from our members. Reach A Larger Audience Marketing 12 Days of Nola Holidays 2014 An online campaign to boost the visibility of our B2C member businesses during the critical Holiday shopping season. Each day, we featured a set of interviews with business owners on our site.
  7. 7. “NOLA Know-How” Summer 2015 Over 150 locals attended our NOLA Know-How. Twenty B2B members were on hand to present their offerings so businesses know where to go to source, bank, invest, and hire local. Reach A Larger Audience Marketing Central City and Algiers Point Neighborhood Guides Spring and Fall 2015 Our Neighborhood Guide series fosters economic development by marketing the area’s businesses, attractions, and character to encourage residents and visitors to spend locally.
  8. 8. + Read our emails carefully for new opportunities you won’t want to miss! + Make sure your team is receiving our emails Reach A Larger Audience Marketing
  9. 9. Reach A Larger Audience + Share our events on social media Help us Grow the Network + Mention us in posts   + Display your window cling StayLocal represents you, local business owners & community partners. Marketing When our members talk about StayLocal and traffic is flowing both ways, everyone benefits.
  10. 10. Let Us Know What’s Going On Communications We share your news through our channels to put your business in front of New Orleanians actively seeking local businesses.
  11. 11. Let Us Know What’s Going On Communications Got news? Email Meredith Add us to your mailing list Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest @StayLocal 1   32
  12. 12. Let Us Know What’s Going On We’ve always liked you. Do you like us back? Communications Social Media INTERACT à Like, share, tag, comment, repeat! FOLLOW à We post events, workshops, speakers & promotions   + Facebook: Stay Local! + Twitter: @StayLocal + Instagram: @StayLocal_nola + Pinterest: StayLocal + YouTube: Coming soon
  13. 13. Connect at Workshops & Events Events Our workshops and casual networking events help you connect with new ideas, fellow entrepreneurs, and experts in the field.
  14. 14. Make Connections Before +  RSVP (if requested) +  Help us spread the word +  Invite fellow business owners After +  Fill out surveys o  Let us know what you liked and what needs improvement. +  Give us some ideas o  We want to organize workshops and events you want to attend! Where to look: social media, website, newsletter, email Events
  15. 15. Make Connections Events Did we mention StayLocal events are FREE for members?
  16. 16. Access the Resources You Need Resources Consider us your right-hand man for whatever you need. We’re constantly creating new programs and opportunities that help members run a better business.
  17. 17. Get What You Need Resources + We bring in experts in the field + Talk with your fellow business owners + Quarterly StayLocal Member Meetings + Get some face time! Thought of a great way to improve StayLocal? Is there a speaker you would love to see? Let us know! Connect, Learn, Network
  18. 18. Get What You Need Resources We have compiled an extensive resources page with information ranging from City forms to business classes in Nola to great reads about localism. Online Resources +  Localism 101 +  Government Resources for Businesses +  New Orleans Business Organizations +  Business News +  Readings on Localism +  General Business Resources +  Community Partners
  19. 19. Get What You Need Resources Need an accountant? Marketing expert? Advice on ____? That’s what we’re here for. Get individualized advice. Reach out to or 504-252-1259. We’re Here to Help. We know a lot of people!
  20. 20. Get What You Need Resources Through a partnership with Loyola University Law School's Incubator Program for recent law school graduates launching their own solo practices, StayLocal members receive access to affordable, "low-bono" legal services. To participate, contact Charlotte Gill at with a brief description of your legal service needs. “Low-Bono Legal Services”
  21. 21. We’re On Your Side Advocacy We advocate for local businesses at all levels of government so you can mind the store while we work to ensure your interests are represented.
  22. 22. E-Fairness Ongoing We’re a founding partner of the Louisiana Coalition for E-Fairness, which is working on sales tax fairness at the state and federal level. On Your Side Advocacy Local Investing Ongoing An ongoing effort to make the state’s Angel Tax Credit more conducive to local investing.
  23. 23. Independent Business Trends Report Annually Our annual Independent Business Trends report provides data that shows the current state of local New Orleans business. Original Research Advocacy
  24. 24. Thanks for being a part of StayLocal! We’ll talk to you soon!