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RefVoice in 2016


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Refvoice is a transmedia platform with reportages and photo reportages created by refugees themselves.

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RefVoice in 2016

  1. 1. A project by: Stavroula Pollatou, Mairy Bouli and Maria Vasilakou for the Social Issues, Social Innovation and Corporate Responsibility Workshop
  2. 2. Who are we? Our idea: Οur Idea is RefVoice. Refvoice is a transmedia platform with reportages and photoreportages created by refugees themselves. More specific, it is comprised by:  Drawings  Videos  Photos  Stories
  3. 3. Problems and Solutions  Social Integration  Lack of means for refugees to express themselves  Appreciating refugees through their work  Free artistic expression
  4. 4. What we have done so far 1st step BRAINSTORMING  Have you ever wondered what refugees have to say?  Is it normal for people to seal all types of expression?  Have they lost every right to be artistic in any?
  5. 5. What we have done so far 2nd Step-STARTING PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS  Everything was organized and thoroughly planned and our refugee team had a first sample of photographs ready to be uploaded  Then their social worker called to inform us that we can not work with Rafi, Abbas and Faizi without asking her permition
  6. 6. What we have done so far 3RD step- READJUSTMENTS  Solving our problems  Creating our user map  Specifying our target group
  7. 7. What we have done so far 4th step-Interviewing our potential users- First approach through Google Forms
  8. 8. Interviewing Rashed  2 Interviews: Privately and in Class  Filming a documentary for awareness
  9. 9. Funds- Profits  Website Developer  Application Developer  Sell posters, photographs, card postal (Divided in half)  Advertisement  Events Sustainability Will the users be permanent? What if the refugees leave the country of Greece? Will we pay the refugees? Why would a refugee choose RefVoice over Facebook if they are not getting payed?
  10. 10. Our plans for 2017  the Film about Rashed  Start working on the Medium Publication  Workshops with Solomon
  11. 11. Thank you!  Visit our official page:  Like us on Facebook: RefVoice  Look for our Medium posts at the Dare to Challenge Publication  Find our Publication on Medium titled RefVoice