Dio Newsletter EI Vol2 Issue1 Jan2010 Final


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Diogenes Business Incubator University of Cyprus Newsletter "Entrepreneurship Insider" Vol2, Issue 1

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Dio Newsletter EI Vol2 Issue1 Jan2010 Final

  1. 1.  Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 1  ISSN 1986‐1923    Diogenes Business Incubator University of Cyprus Entrepreneurship Insider Newsletter Team Publisher Volume 2, Issue 1 Diogenes Business Incubator January 2010 University of Cyprus 1 Director’s Message Editor in Chief Stavriana A. Kofteros Executive Editor 2- Portfolio Profiles Margarita Kyprianou 4  Mobihealth Ltd  Assistive Networks Contributors Ltd A.M.S Assistive Networks 5- Diogenes News Marinos Savvides 7  VI Scientific in Andreas Savvides EURECAN European Venture P.A. Mobihealth Pantelis Aggelides Contest George Nicolaou  MedTechSol’s in MEDICA 2009 A New Year, a New Challenge! Our efforts are geared into MedTechSol Team  CyEC 2010 Startup making it a happy year and a productive challenge filled with Marios Neophytou Entrepreneur of the great results for Diogenes and our companies! Ioannis Constantinou Year Award Christina Koumourou  UNICA In this issue we are introducing Mobihealth and Assistive Entrepreneurship Diogenes Business Networks, two of our innovative startups in different areas of Incubator University of Competition  UKBI 11th Intl telemedicine and telemonitoring respectively. Moreover, we Cyprus Stavriana Kofteros, Conference are catching up with VI Scientific and MedTechSol, to hear Margarita Kyprianou on their experience with Venture & Entrepreneurship Competitions and the MEDICA 2009 Brokerage event. Diogenes will be sharing its news with you; what we are up to, what we did etc. In this issue you will get to know about the 11th International Conference of UKBI that took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As always, we stay committed in keeping EI multi-directional and would like to invite you to contribute to our next issues. CyBIA  Together we can make EI a “platform” on entrepreneurship. Permission to reproduce or republish EI’s articles Cyprus Business  Happy Readings!  To reproduced or transcript Incubator Association  one or more EI articles by electronic or mechanical EI Editorial Team means (including Diogenes Business Incubator University of Cyprus photocopying or archiving on any archival system) Creating Business Value in Innovation requires written permission. Obtain permission at 91 Aglandjia Avenue, P.O. Box 20537, 1678 Nicosia, Cyprus info@diogenes.com.cy or   Tel.: +357 2289 2220, Fax: +357 2289 2211, call +357 22 892220 for Email: info@diogenes.com.cy more information.
  2. 2.  Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 2  ISSN 1986‐1923    DIOGENES’ PORTFOLIO PROFILE: P.A. MobiHealth Ltd is a startup company, active in the m-health field. The driving business idea behind the company lies in the exploitation of mobile Internet technologies and the advances in the The distinctive medical device industry to produce diagnostic value of the innovative medical devices and integrated MobiSpiro Service lies ICT solutions for patient telemonitoring. The company deploys novel telecare in the fact that medical solutions, based on in-house developed microtelemedicine devices with wireless data recording is feasible at the time telecommunications capabilities. when the patient feels The company's R&D efforts have resulted in MobiSpiro, a high quality spirometer pain, discomfort or any that initiates the telecare devices portfolio to be produced by the company, other symptom, not necessarily when and facilitating patient-centric, continuous monitoring services of healthcare provision while being in a models. hospital. Mobihealth Founders: Dr. Pantelis Angelidis Ms. Markella Psyrmarnou MobiSpiro: Circuit Board with complete sensor and other components but without exterior skeleton which will be placed in the near future. MobiSpiro is a patented spirometer that was designed, developed and manufactured to comply with international standards. It is a portable medical device targeting chronic patients with pulmonary diseases and easy to use. Its user friendliness makes it suitable even for users with limited possibilities or special needs. It can be used to perform a comprehensive set of spirometry measurements (e.g. FEV1, FVC, FEF 25-75%, etc). Measurements are locally stored on the device's memory and also presented on the device's screen. The device supports diverse communication capabilities, both wired (e.g. Ethernet) and wireless (GSM/GPRS). Moreover, MobiSPiro can be used as part of an integrated patient telemonitoring service that includes a centralized database and a web based application for the presentation of the measurements.
  3. 3.  Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 3  ISSN 1986‐1923    Contact Details: The MobiSpiro Service is user-oriented, aiming at the collection and transmission of pulmonary functions parameters with minimum user intervention. The user only Address: needs to blow into the mouthpiece of the medical device; then, by pressing a button 91 Aglandjia Ave., Green Park 2112 Nicosia the measurement is transmitted to a web server for centralized storage. A web P.O.Box 20537, 1678 based application allows user friendly retrieval, visualization and process of the Nicosia, Cyprus medical data by specialized healthcare professionals. For each user/patient a comprehensive Electronic Health Record can be created, including the patient Tel: +357-22892220 Fax: +357-22892219 demographics and medical profile. Email: The distinctive diagnostic value of the MobiSpiro Service lies in the fact that medical info@mobi-health.eu data recording is feasible at the time when the patient feels pain, discomfort or any other symptom, not necessarily when and while being present in a hospital. Website: www.mobi- Overall, MobiHealth enables the provision of cost-effective telemonitoring services health.eu/ to chronic patients with pulmonary diseases (e.g. asthma, COPD, etc). Its novel MobiSpiro spirometer along with the web-based application constitute a unique m- health solution, bringing the point of care closer to the patient, and enabling personalized treatment plans and efficient health monitoring. MobiServer: The complete web-based health-care monitoring system In addition to the MobiSpiro spirometer and MobiSpiro Service that constitute the main area of the company's activity, MobiHealth has thorough knowhow in the health domain and provides high quality professional services in the following areas:  Customized and on demand telehealth applications development  Medical signal processing  Coordination / implementation of telehealth projects  E-health / m-health business sector analysis (trends, prospects, business models)
  4. 4.  Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 4  ISSN 1986‐1923    A.M.D Assistive Networks Ltd, a startup portfolio company of the Diogenes Business Incubator The Assistive University of Cyprus, has developed an Information Harvesting Network using ultra- Network’s low power wireless sensors, primarily targeted to aging-in-place applications. A reconfigurable handful of sensors placed inside the home, observe the behaviors of individuals and architecture and long checks several rules related to their safety and well-being using patent pending lasting wireless technology pioneered by one of the Co-Founders at Yale University in the United sensor lifetimes States. The system uses custom rules for each person and more general rules that provides a powerful tool for other are automatically learned by the system to send notifications and generate reports applications. helping to effectively manage well-being and mitigate risks, allowing people to age- in-place in their own homes. Notifications Alerts can be directed either to supervising authorities at a Central Call Center or at the social network (relatives, friends & neighbors) of the person or both. Assistive Founders: Dr. Andreas Savvides Mr. Marinos Savvides Contact Details: Address: 91 Aglandjia Ave., Green Park 2112 Nicosia P.O.Box 20537, 1678 Nicosia, Cyprus Scalable Age-in-Place System Sense4Care Tel: +357-22892220 Assistive’s product is currently under gradual pilot deployment in collaboration with the Strovolos Municipality Welfare Office, evaluating how the system can help those Fax:+357-22892219 in need while mitigating the cost and anxiety of institutionalization. Email:infmobi-health.eu info@assistivenetworks.com The Assistive Network’s reconfigurable architecture and long lasting wireless sensor lifetime provides a powerful tool for other applications as well. Since June 2009, Assistive Networks Ltd entered into a strategic Partnership with a US RFID Website: www.assistivenetworks. Solutions provider, Queralt LLC of Wallingford, Connecticut to develop and market com new solutions for Physical Access Control, Environmental Monitoring in Datacenters and Warehouse Applications as well as Assisted Living Facilities. Assistive is currently presenting its product solution to potential customers in the US. Assistive’s product is currently under gradual pilot deployment in collaboration with the Strovolos Municipality Welfare Office, evaluating how the system can help those in need while mitigating the cost and anxiety of institutionalization. More on page 7
  5. 5.  Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 5  ISSN 1986‐1923    VI Scientifics’ in the EURECAN European Venture Contest (EEVC) Diogenes’ portfolio company, VI Scientific Ltd, was VI Scientific received very positive evaluation on its shortlisted to the Semi- business potential, team experience, product merit, Finals of the European competitive position, investment interest and its Venture Contest in profile and presentation quality. During the Contest, Luxembourg on 10 th of Dr. Stylianou had the opportunity to present VI November 2009. After submitting a short business Scientific to the Venture Capital panelists. The plan, VI Scientific passed in the semi finals. VI event was an excellent occasion for networking Scientific was selected from 50 companies. with important venture capitals, investors and public agencies. The EURECAN European Venture Contest is organized annually and its mission is to Find, The high technology companies that participated in evaluate and award world-class innovative the EURECAN Venture Contest had the companies with the potential to dramatically impact opportunity to enter the EEVC100 of the best 100 their industry and contribute to increasing European companies, from which the best 25 will be selected competitiveness and growth; Accelerate the growth of to participate in the EURECAN European Venture young innovative companies by providing access to Contest Final in Barcelona with a chance to win top-level international partners, advisors and €90.000 in cash prize. financiers; Support the global leaders of tomorrow at an early stage by updating the skill set they will need VI Scientific is a Diogenes portfolio company to grow and expand their businesses successfully. specializing in developing software solutions for the blind and the visually impaired that run on mobile Dr. Georgios Stylianou, VI Scientific’s CEO, phones. The company’s flagship product presented the VI business plan in front of a jury panel VisionHunt™ is capable of recognizing colors on of 8 experts. objects and identifying euro bank notes. www.viscientific.com UKBI ‘s 11th International Conference: Driving Forward Economic Recovery UKBI, the United Kingdom Business Incubator’s Association, organized its 11th International Conference in Belfast on December 1-3, 2009, supported by Belfast City Council, Invest Northern Ireland, Enterprise Northern Ireland, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and InterTrade Ireland. Building on the success of BI:10 in Bristol, UKBI’s 11th International Conference, BI 11: Driving Forward Economic Recovery, offered something for everyone regardless of the level of experience and Left to right: Gordon Gough, Chief Executive, Enterprise specific area of interest. With interactive workshops, Northern Ireland. Arlene Foster, Acting First Minister, Northern incubator tours, plenary sessions, roundtable Ireland, Stavriana Kofteros, CEO, Diogenes discussions and the prestigious International Gala Dinner there were are numerous opportunities to Cyprus and how it changed after the country’s network and exchange views. accession in the EU. The National Innovation Policy of the Republic of Cyprus was considered Diogenes was particularly honored to have its CEO, comprehensive and forward looking by the invited to be a key speaker in the session focusing participants should implementation follow course on Understanding EC Innovation and Enterprise and is adhered. Policy and Where you Fit in – How Joining the EC Changed National Innovation Policy, where Diogenes is a member of UKBI since 2008. she presented the National Innovation Policy of www.ukbi.co.uk
  6. 6.  Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 6  ISSN 1986‐1923    MedTechSol in MEDICA 2009 in Germany Medical The international session of the congress focused Technology on new applications in integrated diagnostics and Solutions therapy in oncology. (MedTechSol) Ltd participated in the International Trade Fair Congress World Forum for Medicine, What prompted many conversations among the MEDICA 2009. MEDICA, the world’s largest medical MEDICA visitors, was the latest developments in trade fair was organized from November 17th to the field of imaging, the main research area of November 20th 2009 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The MedTechSol Ltd. Many of the innovations that International Trade Fair Congress World Forum for were launched at MEDICA concerned home health Medicine, has the largest data base from the area of care and telemedicine applications. The medical technology with more than 18,750 products. MedTechSol team had the opportunity to make an Moreover, MEDICA, offers a huge overview of intensive search concerning the last trends in innovations, in the world of medicine. It gives the medical market and overview some of the high opportunity to medical companies to discover the tech companies. More specifically, they met some latest developments, the state of the art, in their field of the larger companies of hysteroscopic and physicians or medical personnel to find medical laparoscopic systems and got informed about their equipment. technical characteristics and their new developments. The MedTechSol team was This year, almost 138.000 visitors from over 100 impressed with the new patent of Sony for 3D countries visited MEDICA in order to see the products visualization with special optic filters. Impressive of 4.324 exhibitors from 59 nations. According to was also the fact the most companies integrated Wilhelm Niedergoker, Managing Director at Messe the calibration system of gamma correction Dusseldorf, what makes MEDICA special and coefficient to their laparoscopic / hysteroscopic successful is that the medical industry has a short systems. innovation cycle. The participants, developers and The MedTechSol team scheduled meetings with users, took a detailed look at the innovations in the companies that specialized in medical imaging field from various approaches and highlighted how processing and analysis systems in order to imagining techniques have revolutionized tumor investigate grounds for collaboration in the near prevention, diagnosis and therapy. Two other key future. topics of the international congress were the monitoring of patients in the operating theatre and the progress in diagnosis and therapy of the breast cancer. During the MEDICA, an in-depth congress was organized by the German Society for Interdisciplinary Medicine. The program appealed to a very broad MedTechSol is a Diogenes portfolio company target group. This year, for the first time, the congress developing a computer-aided diagnostic platform which is held in the German language, was for gynecological cancer used during endoscopic / accompanied by specialized training sessions held in laparoscopic procedures. English so more people could attend it. www.medtechsol.com
  7. 7.  Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 7  ISSN 1986‐1923    UNICA Entrepreneurship Competition UNICA, a network of 42 universities from European ‐ Improving the confidence of the participants on capital cities combining over 120,000 staff and their own entrepreneurial skills and capabilities. 1,500,000 students., invited each member university, to nominate one entry for this competition, Every UNICA Member University nominates one sponsored by the Cyprus participating team following its own University-wide Research Promotion Foundation. or country-wide entrepreneurship competition. UNICA initiated the first UNICA Entrepreneurship Participants compete for the following prizes: Competition for Students and Young Researchers ‐ First Prize €20,000 aiming to: ‐ Second Prize €10,000 ‐ Promote a culture of entrepreneurship among the students and young researchers of UNICA The winner was announced, following Dragons’ Den member Universities, style presentations by three short listed finalists to a ‐ Become the vehicle for the young researchers five-person judging panel, during UNICA’s 2009 to learn to compete and collaborate at the General Assembly, held on November 6, in the European level, thus contributing to the creation Université Pierre et MarieCurie, Paris. of the European Higher Education and Research Area, In the inaugural UNICA Competition the University ‐ Enhance the culture of entrepreneurship which of Cyprus that holds the Presidency of the UNICA contributes to the abilities of UNICA Universities network was represented by Cyprus to innovate and link high quality research with Entrepreneurship CyEC 2007 Alumni VI Scientific the needs of contemporary society, Ltd. http://entrepreneurship.unica-network.eu Assistive Networks Continued Screenshosts from the developed System www.assistivenetworks.com