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Tyrihans Subsea Raw Seawater I


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Tyrihans Subsea Raw Seawater I

  1. 1. Tyrihans SRSWI (Subsea Raw Seawater Injection) Project Execution Experiences UTC – 2010-09-22 Nils Petter Time – Principal Engineer 1-
  2. 2. Tyrihans Field Overview 2- SRSWI System
  3. 3. Tyrihans Reservoir & Purpose of SRSWI • Åsgard B gas injection capacity is limited to 8.5 mill. Sm3/sd • Increased pressure support improves oil/condensate recovery in TYS • Water injection stabilize oil zone in TYS and pushes gas breakthrough back • Water injection in the saddle will equalizes pressure differences between TYS and TYN • Estimated IOR of 10% Oil column Reserves: •68.9 MSm3 oil/ condensate •55.4 GSm3 rich gas Garn Ile ILE gas prospect 3-
  4. 4. Contract Strategy – SPS vs Pump System (SPS = Subsea Production System) Statoil - Tyrihans SPS Contractor SRSWI Contractor FMC - chosen Q1 2006 Aker Solutions - chosen Q2 2006 The SRSWI system is integrated into SPS template and controlled by the Kristin Safety and Automation System (SAS) via the SPS Control System. 4-
  5. 5. System Overview – Topside Equipment 5-
  6. 6. System Overview – Subsea Equipment 6-
  7. 7. SRSWI Pump Cassette 7-
  8. 8. SRSWI Project Timeline 2006 SPS Contract award – FMC Technologies 2006 SRSWI Contract award – Aker Solutions 2007 Integration Test – Pump cassette vs Template 2008 System Function Test in pit at Aker Solutions’ Tranby site 2008 Installation of topside 2008/2009 Integration- and equipment on Kristin Shallow Water Test of Pump Cassette with all Modules 2009 Marine Operations – Installation of Pump Cassette and Power Umbilical 2009/2010 Topside MC and Commissioning of SRSWI System 2010/2011 Completion of well and injection start up 8-
  9. 9. SRSWI Project - Interfaces 9-
  10. 10. Aker Solutions Nexans FMC Technologies Template ’W’ - 18UZ9001 Kristin Topside Aker Solutions Pump Cassette Slot W1 29UD801 Min. flow orifice Seawater intake Barrier El. motor Fluid HPU 31 km HV Wet Mate Spare slot for 29UX801 Connectors additional well Pump module 29UX821 Manifold transformer HTP 18UD9001 Step down 29ET821 Booster 19UU801 Pump SRM A PC-203 (700 m) VSD2 18UN9001 29ER820 Step down Power Umbilical SRM B 18UN9002 transformer & PC-201 Split box Step up Dyamic part Static part 18UN9300 Transition joint transformer 29UN831 Topside hang-off (FMC) Min. flow orifice SCM CMM 29ET820 WI choke module VSD Controller & RIO 29EC801 Seawater intake 18UC9200 PC-202 (700 m) Standard El. motor VSD1 HV Wet Mate Tyrihans Connectors HXT 29ER810 18UB9200 Pump module 29UX811 Slot W2 Subsea (C089) Topside (C074) transformer Step down Step down Tyrihans SRSWI System 29ET811 transformer & Booster Supplier Interfaces Pump Step up C089-ZAB-Z-XI-0001-01 transformer NPT, 15.09.2009 29ET810 Sheet 1 of 1 Rev. 02
  11. 11. Project Interfaces Statoil FMC Technologies Aker Solutions Aker Reinertsen Nexans Acergy Subsea Production SRSWI Topside Mod’s Power Umbilical Marine Operations System Aker Solutions Aberdeen Kongsberg Maritime Grenland Offshore Condition SAS Structures Monitoring Module (CMM) Anzett Grenland Offshore Vetco/ABB Barrier Fluid Structures Power System HPU 11 -
  12. 12. Interfaces - Key responsibilites • FMC was the lead interface party for entire subsea production system • Aker Solutions had the system responsibility for the SRSWI pump system, including condition monitoring and topside power system • FMC had the system responsibility for the control system (KS 200e + SAS) • The Aker Solutions SRSWI system is controlled by SAS from Kongsberg Maritime (KM) via the FMC control system for the subsea functions 12 -
  13. 13. Interface Experiences - General • Positive spirit, open minded atmosphere and good collaboration between the interface parties • Control system interfaces were especially challenging, but solved through good cooperation • Some challenges in interfaces vs topside project in early phase • Statoil Team hands on in the interface work 13 -
  14. 14. EPC Contract – SRSWI Pump System Experiences Pump FMC Cassette manifold • Close and good cooperation between Statoil Team and Aker Solutions • Successful integration test of Aker Solutions pump cassette vs FMC template and manifold Integration Test: Pump cassette vs template and manifold. Hub on pump cassette provided by FMC 14 -
  15. 15. EPC Contract – SRSWI Pump System Experiences • Successful System Function Testing at Aker Solutions Tranby, with Aker Solutions, FMC, KM and Statoil all ”pulling in the same direction” • The pump system proved to deliver more than targeted rating • Delayed motor delivery from vendor caused internal delays for Aker Solutions • Life Cycle Information (LCI, i.e. documentation) deliveries significantly delayed 15 -
  16. 16. EPC Contract – SRSWI Pump System Experiences • Good facilities in Horten for execution of final integration test (interchangeablilty of modules) and shallow water test • Good efforts put on by ABB and Aker Solutions during ”last minute” changes to subsea transformers to get them ready for delivery and load out in time Integration test in Horten 16 -
  17. 17. Topside modifications and installation ”Tower of Power” VSD- room HV- room Transfor mers 17 -
  18. 18. Installation of topside located equipment Experiences • SRSWI transformers, VSDs and Barrier Fluid HPU were delivered by Aker Solutions, and provided as CPI to topside installation contractor Aker Reinertsen • Demanding interface due to: − Interface/LCI responsibilities of the parties not clarified good enough at project start up − Late interface information from subsea to topside • Long time between installation and MC&C as the SRSWI system had low priority 19 -
  19. 19. Marine Operations • Pump cassette, subsea transformers and power umbilicals were installed by Scandi Acergy • Sequence: 1. Pump cassette into template W 2. Power Umbilical from Kristin to junction box (JB) lay down point at W Skandi Acergy location 3. Subsea transformers into template W with split out umbilical ends laid down at JB lay down point 4. Retrieval and splicing of main power umbilical and split out umbilicals 20 -
  20. 20. Marine Operations - Installation 21 -
  21. 21. Marine Operations – Umbilical Junction 1. Umbilicals hung 2. JB panels fitted. 3. JB lifted from 4. JB laid down on off in joint box Note plates deck, pulling up seabed (JB) and securing the JB bend restrictors conductors to the moonpool jointed by Nexans doors. Temporary crew bend stiffeners were fitted below 22 -
  22. 22. Marine Operations Experiences • Load out of Power Umbilical was time critical due to narrow margins for Skandi Acergy getting through Svinesund • ”Bird caging” caused repair work that delayed the load out of the Power Umbilical • Splicing of main power umbilical to the two split out umbilicals by fixing JB to moonpool doors proved to be very efficient • A stray buoyancy element stuck in the I-tube caused delayed pull-in 23 -
  23. 23. MC and Commissioning Experiences • MC of power system performed by topside project with assistance from Aker Solutions • MC of barrier fluid HPU performed by FMC • Part-commissioning and testing of the pump system performed in July 2010 (min flow mode) with assistance from Aker Solutions and Kongsberg Maritime • Final commissioning planned Q1 2011, after injection well is completed. 24 -
  24. 24. Thank you Tyrihans SRSWI – Project Execution Experiences Nils Petter Time Principal Engineer, tel: +47 950 39 204 25 -