Knowledge and technology in exploration


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Knowledge and technology in exploration

  1. 1. Knowledge and Technology in Exploration Rio Oil & Gas 2010 Jorge M. T. Camargo
  2. 2. Pushing the Limits of Technology Statoil is a technology driven company Committed to sharing of technology and mutual learning Source: IPA benchmarking study; Statoil
  3. 3. Leverage technology in international markets Shtokman – Russia Harsh environment US Gulf of Mexico Peregrino – Brazil Shah Deniz II – Azerbaijan Deep water Heavy Oil Gas value chain 08147 6 Classification: Internal Status: Draft
  4. 4. Key Exploration Technologies Exploration seismic imaging and interpretation The best sub-surface image before drilling Fast computers, advanced algorithms and specialised acquisition Integrating geological knowledge with seismic interpretation and processing Petroleum system analysis Globally developed source rocks Electromagnetic exploration Statoil has a large data base on the NCS Utilize as an alternative data point and integrate with seismic Carbonate exploration Large parts of the worlds oil resources are within carbonate reservoirs Lighter exploration drilling Formation testing while tripping ‘Badger’ – drilling without a rig Unconventional gas exploration Shale gas, gas hydrates, coal bed methane, tight gas
  5. 5. Interpretive Seismic Processing Classification: Internal Status: Draft
  6. 6. Seismic Well Fusion Classification: Internal Status: Draft
  7. 7. Classification: Internal Status: Draft
  8. 8. Classification: Internal Status: Draft
  9. 9. Maximize recovery by locating bypassed oil Lead the use of 4D technology Increase recovery factors Reduce drilling costs
  10. 10. The future of drilling Reduce cost with improved safety Faster well construction Increase abilities in deepwater, complex and narrow/fractured areas
  11. 11. Reserves and Value Creation Technology
  12. 12. Electromagnetic exploration Resistivity measurements as used in bore holes - applied to a larger scale From idea to field tests and commercialization Value from using the technology exclusively or applying the knowledge?
  13. 13. Technology collaboration around the world - The Norwegian Model Academia and Research Institutes Strategic Cooperation Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Halliburton, Odfjell Drilling, General Electric Supplier Market Cluster of Norwegian high tech and world leading suppliers – The Norwegian Model Industrial Development and Venture Oil Companies CNPC, Gazprom, Petrobras, Pemex, Saudi Aramco, Sonatrach, Chevron Classification: Internal Status: Draft
  14. 14. How to find oil and gas? Tools Seismic vessels and rigs Technology and competence Geological understanding and geophysical imaging Creative and effective work processes Classification: Internal Status: Draft
  15. 15. Visit and stay up to date with Statoil’s activities, presentations, vacant positions and more.