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Large Scale Localised Landing Page SEO - Simon Schneiders

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Large Scale Localised Landing Page SEO - Simon Schneiders

  1. 1. The UK’s foremost pure play SEO Agency LARGE SCALE LOCALISED LANDING PAGE SEO
  2. 2. @bluearrayseo INTRODUCING ‘MOATING’ Creating a moat around your number one ranking castle @bluearrayseo
  3. 3. @bluearrayseo BUT FIRST… LET’S GO BACK…
  4. 4. ...BACK TO APRIL 2016 & ‘THINK WITH GOOGLE’ @bluearrayseo
  5. 5. Mobile search in 2018 accounts for almost 60% of all US online traffic. *“Nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location.” LOCAL SEARCHES * earch-mobile-search-micro-moments/ @bluearrayseo
  6. 6. *Zip code ‘qualifiers’ are e.g “Mexican restaurants 75215” via nts/ Users are increasingly less inclined to type location *qualifiers. “local relevance is expected, but not always overtly requested.” Lisa Gevelber (Google's Global VP Marketing), August 2017 INTENT IS ASSUMED @bluearrayseo
  7. 7. ₁ Head terms would typically be one word high search volume queries related to your product or service. ₂ Google likely use aggregated user behavior among other signals When Google receives a query related to your product or service, how do we know local intent is in play if it’s not always explicitly typed by the user? If your ₁head or fat belly terms trigger: *Maps in search results *Localised competitor pages Location related modifiers in: *₂Autocomplete *₂Related searches WHEN SHOULD YOU CARE? @bluearrayseo
  8. 8. If you have a website tied to localities, you need “what + where pages” that; Offer genuine utility & value Are unique per locality Have high quality content Low cost to scale Evergreen It’s a tough ask... LOCALISED LANDING PAGES ● ● ● ● ● @bluearrayseo
  9. 9. Localised landing pages can take many forms: ● ● ● Trulia ● AutoTrader ● Airbnb ● Yelp ● ● ● EXAMPLES @bluearrayseo
  10. 10. Localised landing pages can be at risk of algorithmic and manual penalisation. On the manual side we need to avoid being classed as any of the below: ● A cookie-cutter site ● Having doorway pages ● Auto generated content ● Copied content WARNINGS @bluearrayseo
  12. 12. Panda is a core ranking signal and a part of the algorithm is focused on thin pages: ● Auto generated content ● Thin affiliate pages (e.g. just feeds) ● Content from other sources, for example: Scraped content or low-quality guest blog posts Thin content is not typically low word count. THIN CONTENT @bluearrayseo
  13. 13. Not a penalty. Duplicate content is not the same as copied content. Much of the main content on landing pages should be unique and offer significant value difference against internal pages and competitors. DUPLICATE CONTENT @bluearrayseo
  14. 14. What does good look like? Strong CTA above the fold Unique value add below the fold on <what> + <where> pages via user reviews No duplication because centroid is the main factor, layered with an algorithm GOOD LOCAL LANDING PAGES @bluearrayseo
  15. 15. What does good look like? (similar to Trulia in the US) - IPO of $1.3bn Value add on <what> + <where> pages comes via property details snippets (20 per page) No duplication again because of centroid and relevancy and a different default sort order to competitors (most recent) GOOD LOCAL LANDING PAGES (2) @bluearrayseo
  16. 16. What does good look like? Strong CTA above the fold Unique value add below the fold on <what> + <where> pages via bricks and mortar (local listing) data No duplication because centroid is the main factor + geo fenced. Pagination to show depth GOOD LOCAL LANDING PAGES (3) @bluearrayseo
  17. 17. Visits improved 204% YoY. Mobile traffic (inc. tablet) grew 307% vs. 169% on desktop. IMPACT ( @bluearrayseo
  18. 18. *There are 19,354 incorporated places in the United States. If you had ten service types covering those places = 193,540 pages of content. What other ideas could we use to offer unique value on localised landing pages? ● RFQ data ● UGC (=<$) ● Data points & aggregates Your creative ideas that crucially, can *scale… What about manually adding text to pages? LOCAL LANDING PAGES @bluearrayseo
  19. 19. A surprising discovery was that blocks of text related to the locality on search results pages (SRPs) appeared to have no impact on ranking. The longer term impact may be second order though e.g becomes more linkable. Arguably could help with longer tail keywords as well. SRPs & TEXT BLOCKS @bluearrayseo
  20. 20. PAUSE @bluearrayseo
  21. 21. WHERE DO YOU GO AFTER NUMBER 1? Once you’ve achieved number one ranking for your keywords, where can you go. What if #1 is impossible? @bluearrayseo
  22. 22. We’ve all heard of Barnacle SEO? Like Barnacles attached to a ships hull. Third party assets that we can attach to with relevant content, keywords and/or media. BARNACLE SEO? @bluearrayseo
  23. 23. BACK TO MOATING @bluearrayseo
  24. 24. Practical example: ● ● ● (pssstt... it’s all the same data) Primelocation was a legitimate acquisition and the other a grey label. It’s ‘Acquisition SEO’ but on steroids. MOATING (practical example) @bluearrayseo
  25. 25. If you’re viewing these slides online and missed the talk at State of Search 2018, I’m sorry. THE SECRET SAUCE! @bluearrayseo
  26. 26. Clickshare being distributed between positions 1-10. Pos. 1 = ~*21% CTR Pos. 5 = ~*4% CTR Pos. 10 = ~*1% CTR ISN’T THIS CANNIBALISATION? *CTR by industry ‘Real Estate’ across all devices. @bluearrayseo
  27. 27. Rightmove 11m vs. Zoopla 8m vs. Primelocation 2m vs. Homes24 200k NUMBERS @bluearrayseo
  28. 28. Far more M&A activity for SEO. Publishers could help brands with keywords they’re trying to target with SEO advertorials and grey labels. This may even become a serious revenue channel for publishers. WHERE COULD THIS LEAD? @bluearrayseo
  29. 29. IN SUMMARY ● ‘Think with Google’ gave us some incredible data we can act upon ● Scaling localised landing pages is tough but with massive upsides (big ROI) ● There is room for more traffic beyond number one rankings ● ‘Moating’ could leads to more M&A activity in SEO and a beacon of hope for publishers @bluearrayseo
  30. 30. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING @bluearrayseo