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IKRa NY Campus 2014 - Overview


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My vision of NY advertising industry. Lectures reviews, links to documents and cases, conclusions and findings from discussions.
Please see full version if you interested in notes and schedule (

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IKRa NY Campus 2014 - Overview

  1. 1. Why did I go To improve personal background a. 7+ years in media, research and strategy. Evident gap in knowledge of creative process. b. To know technics and tools of the process. c. To meet people. To know how people see the industry a. Ideal agency as business and as community. b. Digital is no more just channel in a plan. c. Market moves to shops & boutiques. d. Ways to drive the market.
  2. 2. Nota bene: all impressions shared are extremely personal. Author can be crazy and have a weak memory. However, there’s a chance he speaks from position of media agency.
  3. 3. 17 days of deep dive 14+ people from different areas 7 tours to foremost agencies 21 lectures on ~10 directions
  4. 4. Terms a. Prototyping b. Agile. Lean. Scrum. Sprint c. Retainer budget d. Proactive pitches
  5. 5. Operations a. Sharing and education for team inspiration b. Brainstorming c. Educating clients d. Freelance on hire e. 20% margin at least
  6. 6. Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 15 16 aug 17 aug 18 aug 19 aug 20 aug 21 aug 22 aug 23 aug 24 aug 25 aug 26 aug 27 aug 28 aug 29 aug Arrivi ng Introduction/ Meeting (Going inside of English language) Lana New Business Development/ Strategy Digital Out of Home Day OFF Design thinking/User experience Digital production/innovativ e prototyping Creative technology, presentations Digital production (team,process General Overview of Creative Process Day OFF New Media Solutions Start Up and Company Collaboration Trends in digital advertising industry Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10-00 JWT tour, 466 Lexington Ave #6 New York, NY 10017, 9:30-11 AM 11-00 12-00 Сrown Victoria, Introduction, basic NYC FAQ's, schedule, directions 13-00 LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH 14-00 Daniel Murphy( Co-Founder at VendorDB pformer BBDO producer) - Startup 15-00 16-00 Matilda Kahl/Sophie Isherwood(Creative Director at Saatchi&Saatchi/C 17-00 Андрей Габисов, Global Point Перерыв 18-00 Daniil Krivoruchko, Charlex, "NY ad industry - POV of the Russian Proffessional" Chris Gorges Havas Worldwide Senior Strategist Jeremy Adirim (JWT) - Goals and KPI of production 19.00 Intro duct ory Meet ing Xavier Gallego(Art director at R/GA) Benjamin Zoll( Strategist at Bartle Bogle Hegarty) Caitlin Burns (Business Strategist for Media Companies, Producer, Freelance Consultant at Caitlin Burns & Associates) Flavio Vidigal CD at firstborn - From Creative Tactics to Transmedia Storytelling Scott Wells - startup business development Patrick Keyes,The Bounce groupPrincipal Lana Voynova, Sapient Nitro, UX designer - User Experience presentation Zeh Fernando(Senior Developer at Firstborn) Prototyping, user testing, and development Rebecca Sharma (Senior Digital Producer at Victoria's Secret) David Vale (ass cd at Firstborn) - Creating and selling the unknown English language lesson 1, Lana Voynova, Sapient Nitro English language lesson 2, Lana Voynova, Sapient Nitro Josh Horowitz, Fake Love, Head Of Creative Development | Founder- Fake Love best campaigns Elena Melendy, Senior Content Strategist at Ogilvy Jeff Scardino (sr.copywriter at Ogivly) -Proactive Pitching with the underlying theme of prototyping Bruno Perotto (art director from firstborn) - How to build an effective mood board + Moodboarding workshop Clemens Brandt, director of digital operations at BBDO, Collaborate, Iterate, Prioritize, Create BBDO, 10:30-1 PM, 1285 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10019 HUGE, 1030-1, 45 Main St #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201 ADC (tour+speaker)Igna cio Oreamuno, Executive Director , 106 W 29th St New York, NY 10001 , 10:30-1 pm Sapient Nitro tour, 40 Fulton St New York, NY 10038 , 1030- 1 PM Museum of motion picture Firstborn tour 1130-2pm Let’s take a look
  7. 7. Lana Voynova. English. Biz ethics. Presentation 1 Presentation 2 a. Don’t blame anybody. b. Be easy and be positive. c. Don’t go straightforward to a problem, use fillers & buffers. d. Don’t decline anything w/o walkabouts. It’s dead-end. e. Thank people. f. Give feedback.
  8. 8. Danil Krivoruchko. NY ad industry. Presentation a. People not being late. b. Very wide planning horizon. 3-days pitches are not usual thing. c. Your English doesn’t matter. Your skills do. d. Overtime is paid (not common thing). e. Multi-skill is rare and therefore valued.
  9. 9. Patrick Keyes. New agencies. Presentation a. Agency brand got to stand for something. b. Sell clients what they need not what you need to sell. c. Digital agencies becoming “Brand Agencies”. d. CMOs need 10 mini-campaigns /Y vs. 1/Q e. Marketers need partners not pitches f. Cold callingcreating beacons to help find you g. Integration drives faster growth
  10. 10. Fakelove. We’ll love u if u let us.
  11. 11. Fakelove. We’ll love u if u let us. Presentation a. b. Don’t pursuit a client with idea. Clients just buy. c. Always experimenting. Do what drives them. d. 20% margin is nothing. Jaguar case 100K+ views a day / 2.3 unique reach +230% increased dealership traffic
  12. 12. Elena Melendy. Content strategy. Presentation a. Young discipline. No SEO. b. No any evident effects to be measured. (?) c. Selling model is fee. d. Only account managers are responsible for commercial. e. Richard Ingram
  13. 13. Lana Voynova. Crash course in UX. Presentation Clear and useful presentation. Just read it. a. Project is always a risk. The same problems like we have. b. Use tools for testing and prototyping. c. d.
  14. 14. Huge. Ideal large agency. a. Yes, market moves to shops. b. R&D doesn’t make profit, but they want to. c. Work by teams. Mix experience. d. Campaign used to be just TV spot. It’s digital now and it’s complicated. e. Both education and hiring. f. Let a client test and see interim.
  15. 15. Jeff Scardino. Proactive pitching. Presentation Knowing opps Creating opps Owning opps Our routine Missing opportunities
  16. 16. Jeff Scardino. Proactive pitching. Presentation a. You deal with people. b. Prototype. You have only chance. c. Research. Springwise, PSFK. d. Mobile is next big thing. e. Big idea is harder to sell, but it does exist. f. Creative technologists are extremely trendy. g. Future is networks go down. h. In shop you can’t hide.
  17. 17. Zeh Fernando. Prototyping, ut & dev. a. @vimeo b. Cynder framework
  18. 18. Jeremy Adirim. Producers’ goals&KPI Presentation a. Money and timings person. b. Master of nothing and the champion of everything. c. Split by teams and try to negotiate.
  19. 19. Bruno Perotto. Moodboarding. a. Research & predictive thinking. b. Windows of New York c. Case for local biz owners (AmEx event): a. 3d model b. Personal Instagram for biz c. Socializing d. Map development
  20. 20. David Vale. Create&sell unknown. Presentation a. Research. b. Split to teams. Have developers! c. Mind maps. d. Idea ≠ execution. e. Protect, name and explain ideas. f. Leave space for client to contribute. g. inVision for prototyping h. Rolex case: how to communicate w luxury
  21. 21. Clemens Brandt. Agile. Presentation a. 80% estimated wrong. b. Experience maps. c. Scrum master gets everything together. 10 mins meeting every morning. Solve tasks softly. d. Freelancers are ok, but it is better mindset to have them in the team e. Prioritize.
  22. 22. Clemens Brandt. Agile. Presentation a. Do small things and learn from customers. b. Don’t think about how complicated things are. Think about product via sprints. c. Expectation management. d. pop app - prototyping on paper.
  23. 23. JWT.
  24. 24. JWT. +
  25. 25. Flavio Vidigal. Creative Tactics & TM. a. Brainstorms. b. Sharing ideas inspires and educates staff. c. Educate your clients. Talk to them! d. Build relationships w client. Go face-to-face. e. No matter how boring and straightforward the briefing is there’s always a way to push your ideas to a better spot. Presentation Full doc with videos
  26. 26. Xavier Gallego. Creative process. Presentation a. Debrief is important. b. Prototype. Use paper. c. Be versatile. d. Remote is next big thing. e. Reddit / drivel / behance. f. If you stuck go whiteboard.
  27. 27. Benjamin Zoll. Comm planning. Presentation a. Social won’t beat TV. TV is TV. b. 3 social media rules: a. Social is means not an end. b. Don’t control everything. You can’t. c. Quality above quantity. c. Mobile will grow. d. Research. e. Selling via numbers.
  28. 28. Rebecca Sharma. New media in retail. Presentation a. Brands are into technology. b. Brands try to raise the experience. c. Storytelling. All touch points. d. Stay close to marketing team and customer care center
  29. 29. Sapient Nitro. a. War rooms & adaptive teams. b. Briefs are majority. PP mainly for new biz. c. Creative agencies trying to bring analytics in d. Don’t tell the whole secret. Have an idea which others can’t execute. e. No researchers. Use client’s data. No data driven decisions. f. Tell CEO/CMOs why they need a project.
  30. 30. Daniel Murphey. Startup collaboration. Presentation a. Don’t get stuff approve. b. Lean method = MVP + tests. c. Trinity of interactive: functionality, UX, design. d. Retainer budget. e. 1 cocktail party vs. 1000 likes. f. VendorDB. g.
  31. 31. Scott Wells. Biz development. Presentation h. eventbright / garysguide i. no pdfs or ppts on 1st contact j. Have statistics k. Prof. casual l. sales ≠ marketing m. People buy things from people they trust a. Short letters b. Rapportive / ColdID c. salesforce/sugarcrm d. Be assertive. Propose. e. bcc FollowUpThen f. Leads are not leads till you call. Make lists. g. SEE PPT!
  32. 32. Matilda & Sophie. Creative collaboration a. Personify. Mr. Wind. Allstate Mayhem. b. Spokesperson. c. Personal story: a. Misty Copeland, Duracell b. Derrick Coleman, Trust your power d. Trust via facts. Prove it. Dove evolution. e. Heritage. Back to start. a. Chipotle gets avocado out during off-season to show they do care.
  33. 33. Ignacio Oreamuno. Art Directors Club. a. Changes are happening. Future is now. b. Everybody's frustrated. Improve yourself. c. Titles are dying. You can be like anyone. d. Billings system should be reviewed. Agencies should invent. No campaigns but solutions. e. Everybody's creative. You are creative. f. You reform the industry.
  34. 34. Agile. Prototype. Go out of the box. Storm, educate & share.
  35. 35. Learn. Improve yourself. Compete with industry. Invent the industry. Meet people.
  36. 36. Stas Kremnev mail me mail me a project slideshare facebook linkedIn Thanks a lot