Workshop One - Report


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Workshop One - Report

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  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Start Up Street is a project being run by Stirling Council, Architecture and Design Scotland and developed in partnership with Snook, a Service Design and Social Innovation outfit. This report has been collated by Snook. It details a series of sessions held in the Stirling arcade that brought together public and private sector organisations, local business, entrepreneurs, creatives, and the general public to unpack the concept and take an asset based approach to generate venture ideas to go into shop fronts on King Street.4
  5. 5. IN THIS REPORTIn this report are learnings from the sessions, documentation of the ideas that were generated and a plan of next steps for the project. 5
  7. 7. WHAT IS START UP STREET? Startup Street is a new way producing a meaningful into dancing. change in Stirling; taking all the good stuff that already exists in Stirling and connecting it together in a new way. King Street currently has several empty units. We believe Start Up Street is something worth getting The first shop could be a dance studio; sponsored by really excited about. Adidas and aimed at training people to learn how to dance for the upcoming ballroom event. Stirling It is currently in development to work out how we make university could run the second and third shops: one Start Up Street a service run by the council for the which holds textiles workshops in the space, making people who live and work in the city. Andy Kennedy, city dresses for sale and for rent and curtains all for the centre manager of Stirling Council is championing the ballroom, and the second bringing computers and project. Diarmaid Lawlor from Architecture and Design technical equipment to the space to train people in using Scotland is our knowledge and city expert and Snook are graphics programs. This could be done through making supporting the project to turn the concept of Start Up posters and marketing campaigns for the ballroom. A Street into a service for the city that works for the people bagpipe shop could occupy the fourth shop; making the involved in using and running it. pipes and providing craft facilities whilst the University textile shop makes the bags. They could produce a range The project began through conversations in early 2011 of pipes to be played at the Ballroom event and make that something could be done with King Street and the little ornamental pipes to sell to the tourists. The fifth, closed shop fronts. If start up business could replace the sixth and seven shops could link in too, bringing the buzz covered shop fronts a sense of vibrancy could be injected back to King Street. into King Street. A project was developed over the summer to pull together ideas and a process that could So what does all this mean to the economy of Stirling? mobilise a community and build a service to make Start It means people utilise their skills to help each other Up Street work. and goods get sold. Dresses, bagpipes,souvenirs, Adidas shoes, ballroom tickets, film tickets, even a new business The project seeks to run prototypes up to the June 2012, – meanwhile all of this is tackling a bigger social need of then to have a functioning service in place, embedded in trying to encourage health and wellbeing. Stirling Council that can grow over time. And it involves everyone. Young kids, Stirling’s locals, Stirling has its up’s and its downs. It has a rich historic it’s university, the archivists who keeps it’s history alive, background attracting tourists from around the world. corporate companies here to bring in more money, For it’s citizens however, there is a really big gap business gateways and young emerging talents. between rich and poor and a pockets of unemployment which Stirling council want to fix. They want to bring The culmination of all of these resources, assets and ideas meaningful economic activity to Stirling’s citizens, will result in the space on King Street being transformed. especially it’s young people and in their own words are This wont be a quick fix, but with your help we can help “determined to tackle this.” rejuvenate Stirling into a hub of activity. We think the most exciting, worthwhile and We think Start Up Street could work like this; accomplished part of Stirling is found in it’s people. In you. You possess the knowledge and the skills necessary * Short and long term leases for ventures from 1 day, one to help transform the future of Stirling. Imagine a street week, one month to 6 months and a year where this local skill and knowledge is brought together to create something bigger. Something better. Stirling * Shared spaces delivering similar ventures, themed into has the street – King Street. Now it just needs ideas to food, arts and crafts, retail fill it. * Run by a City Lab that takes ventures, ensures they As one example, Stirling could be the first to tackle the have a rigorous business case and are right for King rising issue surrounding health and wellbeing in Scotland Street to deliver both social and economic value head on using the City Lab as a hub to come up with the idea of reopening the Ballroom and getting people back8
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  11. 11. PROTOTYPE ONE The project plan for Start Up Street consists of 4 how these could be made a real possibility. Ideas were prototypes being run up to June 2012. We will be testing generated on how a City Lab could operate to support the concept by running workshops and then ventures in the process of ventures going into shops available spaces to see in practice how this works. Idea Generation with a Commercial Context As part of our first prototype held at the end of August, we ran for four days from Wednesday to the Saturday This event was about bringing local business together inside the old Inland Revenue building inside the Stirling and seeing how they could add value to their own arcade. We ran two street interventions which were enterprise by working with one of the ideas posted. It concentrated on getting the public on-board to give their also looked at the large commercial context around how opinions on King Street and the concept. We ran three King Street could become an offer to different customer ticketed events where we had a wide range of people segments from around Scotland attend development workshops to discuss the concept and consider how it might work in practice. Doors Open Day The development workshops consisted of; This day was open to anyone who wanted to come and view the work and give their opinion on the concept. Thinking about Ventures The rest of this report details the findings from each An event to look at what assets in the city means and session and the ideas/thinking that was generated by all how this translates into ventures inside shops those who took part. Exciting Idea Generation This event was to look at existing ideas generated and12
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  15. 15. WHAT WE1 LEARNED
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  17. 17. WHAT WE LEARNED The development so far of Start Up Street pre prototype small team, ideally packaged up as a social enterprise. 1 had consisted of conversations between the lead The role of the city lab was to understand customer partners and a continuation of the work generated at needs and translate these into ventures run in shops by the Urban Ideas Bakery held in October, 2010. The the public. To run this the majority agreed that Start team had several assumptions on how the concept could Up Street needs an on the ground admin who’s focus is work in practice so that an animation and description of on running this process and maintaining relationships Start Up Street could be generated as a starting point for between interested parties, Stirling Council and local discussion/development. business. You can find this animation on the blog: http:// This role was considered as either an investment from an organisation like Creative Scotland, to pay for a part time admin to work with the development partners until The following is a list of key learnings we took away from June 2012 and then continue the project on. The second running the first prototype. options was to look for people within Stirling Council and develop a new/additional role for them to run Start Start Up Street needs a ground team Up Street in the city centre. The success of Start Up Street needs a ground team, The role of keeping momentum and interest in Start Up at least one person day to day working on the project. Street was discussed as having to be by someone local As part of the Exciting Idea Generation workshop, from Stirling currently, or willing to base themselves in discussions had commenced on the role of a City Lab, the City. which would be located inside the arcade and run by a18
  18. 18. “I’d be really happy to run this and I have some ideas on how it would make money but I’d need support to make this happen with the numbers”Utilising existing talent ventures and develop a concrete business plan. Start Up Street will take this need into consideration into the finalAs part of the prototype we worked with Place Station to blueprint to ensure that;map assets in terms of open spaces, support and ideas andplace these on a google map around Stirling. Through Participants understand what Start Up Street needs toopen invitation we met a range of exciting people with achieve, what the aim is for running a ventureskill sets that could help set up Start Up Street in return People don’t just tick boxes to run a venturefor spaces and opportunities within the project. Web Ventures deliver both a social and economic value to thedevelopment and marketing skills are key to helping the street and cityproject set up and this offer was made explicit by severalpeople that if they could be given the use of the Inland Themes and collaborationRevenue arcade space that these could be swapped fordevelopment time. There was overlap with venture ideas, either with the theme or similar idea. We’ve outlined the themes in thisInvestment from Public Sector report in the following pages. Discussions focused on how shop spaces would have aPublic sector organisations were in attendance at the shared function so that people could run ventures aroundworkshops and during discussions on the concept of the their day jobs. Similar ventures could be housed into oneCity Lab it was discussed that public (and private) sector space to ensure that;organisations could invest money into venture spaces toopen them up for people to run pop up business. The Spaces were open the majority of the daycondition would be that if they had targets to meet and Ventures provided multiple offers of product / service /the ventures could help fulfil these then they would be experienceable to invest. For example, if the local police had to The responsibility of running a space could be shareddrive youth crime down then they could invest some ofthe budget allocated to this aim into a shop front on thecondition that the venture(s) that filled the space would Understand the customer baserun a set of diversionary activities for young people thatwould help work towards the investors target. This type From the Idea generation with commercial context day,of capital investment would allow shops to be opened up we worked with business owners and Stirling Castle toand kitted out ready for launch. This idea will be taken discuss the need to understand what customers the cityinto the consideration of how Start Up Street could run. currently attracts and to get smarter about attracting new customer segments to the city. A theme that developedPeople need business support through this workshop was to run ‘King Street offers’ so ventures had to work together to deliver under a themeThe prototype developed many venture ideas for the or concept at certain times of the year. The idea behindshops. What lacked was the business thinking to give this was to make Kind Street a vibrant and attractivethe ventures rigour. Participants had a good grasp on the place to visit from other local areas and further afield toconcept of selling products or services to produce profit Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.but many admitted they’d need support to deliver the 19
  19. 19. PROJECT GOALS From initial discussions we wanted Start Up * Teach people to use computer aided modelling Street to meet economic, social impact and skill software and create models development aims. We want ventures to be sustainable and make money, whilst delivering social * Sell parts to hoovers, bespoke pieces for products impact, to give back to Stirling. Skill development that were missing / had to be bought online. is another of our core aims for the project. On the Saturday public day of the prototype we met * Sell products, models made from machine that the a local who works with a 3D modelling machine. company have developed One concrete example we discussed with him was * Produce models made by the public bringing in the 3D modelling machine from his company into a shop front, which could operate * Create bespoke pieces and sell these as products similar to a Fab Lab (A Fab Lab is generally equipped with an array of flexible computer For Start Up Street, this would be an ideal venture controlled tools that cover several different length which would provide value on multiple levels, scales and various materials, with the aim to make economic, social and skills development. “almost anything”) * Wikipedia If this machine was brought into the city centre the company could offer both products and services;20
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  23. 23. THE PLACE STATION Start Up Street has been road managed by the community. We broke down the assets into testing the Place Station as a way Add an Idea for transforming local six categories that people could of documenting ‘assets’ onto google services. add from; Knowledge, Idea, Place, maps. We took an ‘assets’ based Propose new uses for available land and Person, Skills & Support. approach to generate ideas. This buildings. allowed us to think realistically Comment on and offer to support an We were surprised by the amount of about what support and knowledge Idea or Proposal for a Place. support both in terms of people and we have to develop the ventures. Find pro-bono supporters where they their knowledge, with many people During or first workshop we began live to put their Ideas and Proposals adding existing organisations to the with the asset map which allowed into practice. map who felt they could be of use to people to think firstly about what The Place Station has been developed by King Street. they could contribute to the open the Asset Transfer Unit and Effusion. spaces on. We trialled posters with RFID tags The Asset Transfer Unit helps to and URLS to the Place Station on What is Place Station? empower local people and organisations the streets but the uptake on this to transform land and buildings into was low. There were 64 hits to Place The Place Station introduces owners vibrant community spaces whilst Station via QR code on posters put of land and buildings across the UK to supporting the development of a up around King Street. social and community entrepreneurs thriving third sector. with ideas for transforming their local The majority of these hits to Place area - providing a space where people By searching for Stirling you can Station took place when the posters can: see everything geographically were put up at the end of August/ located that we added to our asset beginning of September. Search for land and buildings map during the Stirling arcade Add a Place they’d like to see owned and workshops.24
  24. 24. ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIESAs part of the next stage of easy to use, and documents supportdevelopment, we are looking at and ideas to the spaces available forplatforms like, Ushahidi. It is a tool easily crowd-source informationusing multiple channels, including By documenting the knowledge,SMS, email, Twitter and the web. ideas, venues, people, skills and support in this way, we can pullUshahidi is a nonprofit technology together all the resources availablecompany that develop free and open into one comprehensible format.source software for informationcollection, visualization andinteractive mapping.It has a sister product Crowd Mapwhich allows you to customise theplatform. IRISS, (the Institute forResearch in Social Services) hasrecently developed an asset mapon this platform which shows theirown breakdown of assets and acustomised add section.Our intention will be looking athow we can pull assets into a StartUp Street website which is clear, 25
  25. 25. 1 THEMES
  26. 26. THEMES We have broken the themes down into nine categories and the following pages give you an idea of ventures that were generated by participants. Many ventures were similar in idea or theme so we are taking intoconsideration that some shop fronts would have similar ventures sharing the space. 27
  27. 27. 1
  28. 28. ARTS AND CRAFTS “My role is Start Up Street will be to organise and produce a social hub that makes high quality, local products.” Eric Lewis“I would like King Street to have a craftshop with skill swap events.” “My role in Start Up Street will be to open up the possibilities of craft in the 21st Century.” 29
  29. 29. Bespoke Jewellery Workshop for Disabled Artists I’d Start a: I’d Start a: Bespoke Jewellery Shop Workshop and retail space for disabled artists. Who are your customers: Who are your customers: Locals and Tourists. Disabled artists, general public, peer groups. What is it: What is it: A jewellery shop offering quality handmade jewellery by A financially sustaining art opportunity for disabled Scottish designers. artists selling their works. Values delivered: Values delivered: Skills, one-off items of jewellery, customers can order to Cultural engagement, step towards employment for suit their individual tastes. disabled artists, high profile project promoting equality. Run time: Run time: Evenings on a regular basis. One year onwards. Resources: Resources: Jewellery tools, workshop, local jewellers, business Space, sink, artists, volunteers for facilitating and curating experience. materials, adequate disabled access and good lighting. Outputs: Outputs: Goods to sell, experience for free lance or start up New skills, skill sharing among artists, allows an artist jewellers, individual customer experience. community to develop, goods to sell and offers experience in retail and business. Contacts: Sarah Pearson (Artlink Central).30
  30. 30. 3D - Printing/Gallery Space Arts MaterialsI’d Start a: I’d Start a:Manufacturer in Three-Dimensional Printing/Gallery Art Materials ShopSpace. Who are your customers:Who are your customers: Student from Forth Valley College (from 2012), artists,Students, hobbyists, local people looking for arts, tourists. locals and tourists.What is it: What is it:A shop offering three-dimensional printing facilities and Shop selling art materials.a gallery space. Values delivered:Values delivered: A local resource which is not currently available.Artists models and final goods, local manufacturingservice. Run time: Unlimited.Run time:Unlimited. Resources: A franchise, e.g. Millars Art Shop in Glasgow, wouldResources: make a commercial venture.Three-dimensional printer, space. Outputs:Outputs: Goods to sell. Could be linked to an ironmongers orCustomised products and models, satisfied customers, hardware store.goods for sale. Contacts:Contacts: Sarah Fraser and Sara MacMillan.LA models? 31
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  32. 32. ENTERTAINMENT “If you are not into chart music then there is nowhere to go”“I would like King Street to have moreentertainment for over 30’s to socialise andmix with people around the same age.” “My role in Start Up Street will be to co-ordinate people together for the right reason for GREAT outcomes” 33
  33. 33. Roller Disco Bike Hire I’d start a: I’d Start a: Roller Disco Bike Borrow Shop at the station Who are your customers: Who are your customers: Young people, families, potential to attract visitors from Tourists arriving by rail/bus all over Scotland What is it: What is it: Bike rental shop Learn to skate, hire skates and meet with friends. Values delivered: Values delivered: Tourists can access more of Stirling Activity, meeting place, learn new skills, link into creative industries Run time: 3 months/seasonal Run time: At least one year, set nights Resources: Bikes, storage space Resources: Suitable space and flooring, skates, lights, music Outputs: equipment, health and safety, promotional materials, Rentals, repairs, building bikes, organising bike routes/ staff. trips to tourist locations and provide a tourist hub at the station. Outputs: New skills such as roller skating and DJ-ing, sense of Contacts: community, selling tickets. This could link into a cafe or Bruce Newlands arts setting and also links in with current trend in Roller Derby. Space could also be used for fitness or dance classes when not in use as roller rink. Contacts: Zara Kitson34
  34. 34. Shopfront Cinema Stirling Superhero Supply StoreI’d Start a: I’d Start a:Shopfront Cinema Stirling Superhero Supply StoreWho are your customers: Who are your customers:Film producers, talent scouts, anyone with interest in Kids, families, NHS, health, skills and What is it:What is it: A franchise linked with Brooklyn Superhero Supply7 x 15 min films projected in the empty shop fronts. Store and link with public spaces.Experienced on the street with on-street music pullingthe films together and mixed food in shops. Values delivered: Tackle youth pathways, identified in SDA, open forValues delivered: business.Film sales, talent publicity, evening economy, reputationvalue. Run time: Weekly/daily.Run time:Quarterly – linked with open competition for film- Resources:makers and local business. Teachers, listeners, mentors, makers, producers, talent scouts, kids, branding, marketing, graphics, connecting toResources: enterprise spaces.Film-makers/ideas, traffic management, local deals withrestaurants, marketing, branding, media/PR, health and Outputs:safety management, street entertainment. Skills, training, confidence, knowledge pathway, products/goods.Outputs:Street experience, deals with local businesses, cinema/events managers skills, website, maybe linked toKickstarter. 35
  35. 35. 1
  36. 36. FOOD AND DRINK“I would like King Street to have a good cake shopwith ingredients, decorations and an order service” “I would like King Street to have a farmers market with fresh produce.” “I would like King Street to have more support for late night food and drink options.” 37
  37. 37. Historic Bakery Bistro I’d Start a: Who are your customers: Historic French Bakery Locals and visitors to the area Who are your customers: What is it: A slow food venture with fresh home grown foods sold in Locals, tourists, commuters the bistro What is it: Values delivered: Mary Queen of Scots bakery, staff in historic costume, Good simple food, healthy, supports local producers traditionally styled venue and goods Run time: Values delivered: Permanent Promote history of Scotland and freshly made produce Resources: Run time: Contacts with producers, kitchen, staff, people to run co- One year operative model. Adult volunteers keen to develop work skills (adults recovering from mental health), contacts with local producers of art and food. Resources: Shop, possibly rent free to try, staff, costumes, advice Outputs: from historic Scotland in order to create authentic feel Food and other associated local produce, offers a quality food experience for visitors/tourists which is not offered Outputs: at the moment. Attracts tourists, benefits other local businesses, keeps Scottish history alive and relevant, an experience for Could promote local art and produce, involve adults visitors, fresh produce on sale recovering from mental illness to build confidence and gain experience in food preparation and hygiene, Contacts: preparing volunteers for paid employment. Mandy Beer Adults trained at the L.M.I.B Sunlite Cafe (a cafe currently run with volunteer recovering from mental illness to build skills) could progress from Sunlite to Bistro. Sales of food and produce. Bistro could take a commission from artworks sold on the premises. Contacts: Julie Law38
  38. 38. Roamin’ Restaurant Farmers MarketI’d Start a: I’d Start a:Roamin’ Restaurant Co-op, Farm Market, ‘Meet Your Meat’Who are your customers: Who are your customers:‘Foodies’, evening customers, tourists, locals General publicWhat is it: What is it:7 x special food restaurants with different cuisines all Local food – fruit, vegetables, meat and fish for salemade from produce sourced as locally as possible. Values delivered:Sampling sessions and local restaurants teaming up. Skills, reconnecting with where food comes from, link inCould link people from diverse backgrounds and the with local growing communitiesuniversity. Run time:Values delivered: Weekly or Bi-WeeklyMarkets local food, builds skills in food industry, linksdifferent group within the community Resources: Local suppliersRun time:Monthly Outputs: Tours to gardens/farms, skill developing workshops.Resources: Could also link to the Winter Trade Fair idea.Temporary kitchens, catering skills, marketing, PR,branding, environmental health, food suppliers, local Contacts:deals and businesses Sarah FergusonOutputs:Food products, evidence of what can be done using localproduce, new reputation for Stirling in the food industry 39
  39. 39. 1
  40. 40. IT AND TEACHING INITIATIVES“My role in Start Up Street would be to contributeto business and IT support.” Cameron Rae“I would like King Street to have something forthe youth community to get involved in the largercommunity.” “I would like King Street to have a shop for young people to train and learn new skills.” 41
  41. 41. Communal Office Space Networking Space I’d Start a: I’d Start a: Communal Office Space Young Business Networking Space Who are your customers: Who are your customers: Graduates, entrepreneurs Freelancers What is it: What is it: A space where start up businesses can rent a small space A place to work, share knowledge and network. in a communal area Gives freelancers an opportunity to share their work to Values delivered: others and gain feedback. Employment opportunities, knowledge sharing Values delivered: Run time: Skill share among freelancers Several years Run time: Resources: Permanent A suitable physical space, basic office facilities, marketing Resources: Outputs: A small space, equipment, freelance businesses New businesses, social enterprises, gained knowledge and skills, networking opportunity for new businesses. Outputs: Opportunities to learn new skills, experience working in a shared space42
  42. 42. Social Media Training CentreI’d Start a:Social Media Training CentreWho are your customers:Anyone with an interest in learning about social mediaWhat is it:A space to teach individuals about social media such asFacebook, Twitter, etc.Values delivered:Training and skillsRun time:Two daysResources:A suitable space, equipment, teachersOutputs:New skills 43
  43. 43. 1
  44. 44. KIDS AND YOUTH“My role in Start Up Street would be to energisethe community” Mandy Beer“I would like King Street to have a new socialenterprise like “Good Green Fun”. A Stirlingbased, not for profit which sells donated toys andgoods at a reduced price.” “I would like King Street to have a shop for young people to train and learn new skills.” 45
  45. 45. Kids Studio Toy Library I’d Start a: I’d Start a: Kids Studio Toy Library Who are your customers: Who are your customers: Families with smaller children Kids aged 3 – 16 years What is it: What is it: Place which lends children’s toys and goods to families Studio for kids running a healthy eating/smoothie bar, with social meeting and playing spaces for kids and free running and ‘fitkid’ classes parents. Could host events like storytelling, craft, etc. Values delivered: Values delivered: Cool place for kids to learn about fitness, just for kids to Environmentally friendly, less expensive for families and meet other kids less waste going to landfill. Run time: Run time: Unlimited time Over a year with one off events Resources: Resources: Toys, space, volunteers/staff Support from Active Stirling, Stirling Council, staff, qualified kids fitness instructors, UK Lazy Town trainer/ Outputs: Fitkid, space for exercise activities and food and smoothie Loan of toys and goods, skills in storytelling and craft, bar experience for kids and parents, environmental awareness. Outputs: Contacts: Learning about fitness, health of community, positive Zara Kitson, experience for kids I’d work with: Zara Kitson (Toy Library) Contacts: Mandy Beer My group could provide interior murals, wall hangings, artwork, classes for kids and parents to take part in. Values Delivered: Murals, skills in teaching and working with families, decorative artworks and wall hangings. Contacts: Julie Law46
  46. 46. Rock SchoolI’d Start a:Rock SchoolWho are your customers:Youths in the Stirling area, particularly youths from lowincome families unable to afford individual tuitionWhat is it:Opportunity for young people to learn about music anddevelop skills.Values delivered:Skills, could help with individuals interested in musicalrelated career, communication, teamwork, providinga space for youths that will interest and engage them.Working against exclusion, learning new skillsRun time:Provisionally for one year.Resources:Musical equipment, teachers, soundproofed spacesOutputs:New skills and experiencesContacts:Carolyn Hamilton 47
  47. 47. 1
  48. 48. OUTDOOR IDEAS“I would like Stirling to really push the potentialfor outdoor activities in the area.”“I would like King Street to have an experiencecentre with skydiving, paint balling andmountaineering.” “I would like to see some more outdoor activity clubs being brought into the area to support the youth” 49
  49. 49. Sculpture School Tree Production I’d Start a: I’d Start a: Sculpture school Tree Production Service Who are your customers: Who are your customers: Tourists, creatives and hobbyists Council and the surrounding area of Stirling What is it: What is it: A school based at Hills Quarry teaching sculpture out of A service which would plant new trees, re-populating the Wallace sandstone from the quarry. upper hillsides Values delivered: Values delivered: Training, leisure, art and craft skills Improve the local landscape, environmental benefits Run time: Run time: Monthly Unlimited Resources: Resources: Tools, workshop, teaching staff, health and safety Sapling varieties that will grow in this climate and soil type, people, time Outputs: Goods, art, public sculpture, teaching new skills, stone Outputs: repairs and tourist goods. Limits deforestation, re-populates the upper hillsides, would give city dwellers a link to the countryside as more Contacts: people are moving out of cities and going back to more Bruce Newlands traditional ways of life. Links into community woodland project. Contacts: Gordon Bruce50
  50. 50. Community Woodland Allotment SpaceI’d Start a: I’d Start a:Community Woodland Allotment SpacesWho are your customers: Who are your customers:Citizens of Stirling People who are in new housing, have ecological interests or guerrilla gardeningWhat is it:The citizens of Stirling being able to buy out areas of What is it:landscape Allotment available for citizens to rent and use to grow fresh vegetablesValues delivered:Leisure asset to citizens, skills, improving how the space Values delivered:is used and landscape of local area Grow your own food, gardening skills, food quality.Run time: Run time:Unlimited UnlimitedResources: Resources:Council permission, financial, people Areas of land too small for a farmer, perhaps Bridge of Allan or Coxit Hill Community. Gardening growingOutputs: scheme to help with gardening skills.Community control over land use, development trust/revenue, timber, food and biomass (a renewable energy Outputs:source). Possibility of link with Tree Production Service. Creating “extended families” or community spirit, a positive experience, sense of achievement when the foodContacts: is eaten, urban farm, localism. This could link to FarmersBruce Newlands market, an urban farm shop for people to sell any surplus or share produce. Contacts: Gordon Bruce and Elaine Bruce 51
  51. 51. 1
  52. 52. PUBLIC SERVICES“My role in Start Up Street would be champion theproject with the local authorities.”“I would like Stirling to move the market fromPort Street to King Street.” “I would like for the 54 & 54A buses to serve King Street again.” 53
  53. 53. Joint Ventures Debt Management I’d work with: I’d Start a: Any proposed or existing business in the Stirling Council Social Enterprise debt Management Service area. Who are your customers: Who are your customers: Referred from credit union/adult literacy Anyone in the Stirling area thinking about starting a new business and EVERY local business. What is it: Clinic for those approaching or suffering debt issues, How would you work together: providing long-term support, 3-4 years) Workshops, one-to-one advice, website, helpline, information services, networking, events, property and Values delivered: funding advice. Improved budgets, reduced stress Resources: Run time: Business planning, training, signpost to funding and all Long term areas of business support. Resources: Outputs: Money coach skills (Kevin Ferguson) and befriending/ Presently assisting approximately 300 start ups per moral support. annum. We have a customer client base of 2500+ businesses. Outputs: Advocacy for clients, life/work/stress balance. Contacts: Jim Fraser (STEP) Contacts: Kevin Ferguson54
  54. 54. Local Guide Service Stirling PromiseI’d Start a: Local Guide Service I’d Start a: Stirling Service Standard “Stirling Promise”Who are your customers:Tourists, independent people looking for a different Who are your customers:experience. All customers of food, catering pubs.What is it: What is it:Provides local, authentic tours in and around Stirling. A mutually agreed and enforced service which rates theDesigned for individuals or groups. standard of the venues/spaces. System could also include rewards.Values delivered:Boost to tourism, commonly known and unexpected local Values delivered:knowledge, potential emphasis on young people. Much improved customer satisfaction.Run time: Run time:12 month pilot DailyResources: Resources:Ability to collate all information and make it graphically Mutual agreement, organisers, judgement panel/appealing, volunteer to be tour guides, marketing enforcers.expertise, digital media expertise, some start up funding,advice on social enterprise formation, link with Green Outputs:Map Organisation, link with Place Station website. Rewards, indication of standards for customers, improved experiences.Outputs:Animated shop front, visitors standing longer, spendingmore, civic pride, new skills and expertise, possible socialenterprise, worldwide promotion through web and wordof mouth, an authentic experience.Contacts:Deborah Murray 55
  55. 55. 1
  56. 56. SHOP/RETAIL“I would like King Street to have more independentshops instead of big brands.” “I would like King Street to have tourist places run by the local kids.” “I would like King Street to have flexibility for more independent traders to come into the city.” 57
  57. 57. Monthly Shop Vintage Shop I’d Start a: I’d Start a: Month by Month Shop Vintage Shop. Who are your customers: Who are your customers: Locals and visitors who seek individual, one-off products. For ladies, young and old. What is it: What is it: A shop which changes month to month to offer a variety A vintage clothes shop selling original second hand of products at different times of the year. clothes in good condition at a low price. Values delivered: Values delivered: Would give businesses space to fail through a short Attracts tourists, somewhere for old and young alike, commitment time, new and exciting for shoppers. supports awareness on recycling. Run time: Run time: On a monthly basis. Many years. Resources: Resources: New business start ups and ideas, people who already Money, advice on business, accounts, small premises, produce goods in the area (e.g. Artisans), organiser. branding, marketing, vintage clothing to sell. Outputs: Outputs: Goods to sell, experience for shoppers and businesses, Clothes to sell, could run learn to knit or dressmaking allows start ups to gain experience and skills. classes, skills swapping. Contacts: Contacts: Marion Levett Sue Clow58
  58. 58. Charity IncentiveI’d Start a:Charity Shop Incentive.Who are your customers:All ages, locals and visitors.What is it:A high school run shop selling items as well as productsmade by local artists or schools for a chosen charity.Values delivered:School kids could gain valuable experience in retail,administration, advertising, etc. Helping them enter intoworkplace or education. The money raised could supportlocal charities and hospital services.Run time:A year, provisionally.Resources:Individuals with retail experience, donated items,suppliers of art and craft merchandise.Outputs:Goods to sell, new skills and experiences for high schoolchildren.Contacts:Gemma from ‘Ruby in the Dust’ vintage shop. 59
  59. 59. 1
  60. 60. EXISTING BUSINESSES“I need help with initial organisation, set up andstart up funding.” “I would like King Street to have tourist places run by the local kids.” “I want support finding appropriate venues and opportunities for our groups at Artlink Central.” 61
  61. 61. Stirling Enterprise Kraft (+) Existing Businesses Existing Businesses Name: Name: Jim Fraser Bruce Newlands Name of Business: Name of Business: Stirling Enterprise (Employee) Kraft (Architecture Firm), Skirmishes (small Glasgow based charity promoting the advancement of education, the arts, heritage, culture & science, community Where is your business located? development and protection of environment. 2 years old), Step (Stirling Business Park) also a lecturer at RGU. What do you sell? Where is your business located? Business start up and support services, property Glasgow/Aberdeen landlords (commercial properties). What do you sell? What are the difficulties? Service, goods, voluntary assistance, learning and No difficulties, just opportunities. collaboration. What support could be given? What are the difficulties? Kept in contact, could use support to find potential Parking, security and competition with other like-minded businesses. start ups who may rent properties. What support could be given? Kept in contact with, keen to be involved in community development. Customers we don’t have... Name (persona type) Contemporary culture tourist Average age 18-35 Likely occupation Creatives and professionals. I’m not currently your client because... Stirling is ‘old’ Scotland. How can you reach this customer? Organise local opportunities to gain support for exhibitions and shows. Where will you find this customer? Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee. What does this customer need in terms of service/ product/experience? Something new, unique.62
  62. 62. Halcro Design Artlink CentralNew business start up needing various levels of support. New business start up, needing various levels of support.Name: NameDavid Halcro Julie LawName of Business: Name of BusinessHalcro Design. Artlink CentralWhere is your business located? Where is your business located?Stirling (Crowness Road) Cowane StreetWhat do you sell? What do you sell?Handmade furniture Services to vulnerable and disabled groups, within Stirling area and throughout Forth Valley.What are the difficulties?Finding premises to work and finding outlets for my What are the difficulties?furniture. Finding appropriate venues and opportunities for our groups.What support could be given?Expressed interest in starting up a community What support could be given?workshop, support with organising, funding, Help with venues or organising and running theirconnections with other like minded crafts people, own gallery. Has expressed interest in taking partcould be the outlet for his furniture, advertising and with other possible business ventures for cafe/gallerymarketing. spaces. Organising events, funding, marketing, catering and food suppliers.Customers we don’t have...Name (persona type)Average age20-50Likely occupationProfessionalI’m not currently your client because...I don’t know about youHow can you reach this customer?Develop a creative hubWhat does this customer need in terms of service/product/experience?Products/experiences. 63
  63. 63. Ephemeron Studio A.N.S New business start up, needing various levels of support. Existing Business Name Name Joe Hall Jose Garcia Name of Business Name of Business Ephemeron Studio (Pre-trading). A.N.S. Where is your business located? Where is your business located? Scion house, Stirling. Online between Scotland and Spain. What do you sell? What do you sell? Artist collective/social enterprise project in Online communities and psychological services. development. What are the difficulties? What are the difficulties? Lack of visibility of entrepreneurs in the town. Identifying market/funders. What support could be given? What support could be given? Could not be found easily online, needs support Support with identifying his market, finding and with marketing and advertising to raise business applying for funding, advertising and marketing. profile. Customers we don’t have... Customers we don’t have... Name (persona type) Average age Professionals 16-30 Average age Likely occupation 30-50 Student/ first job. Likely occupation I’m not currently your client because... Academic, in the arts or business. Town is only for businesses and pubs. I don’t know how to find other people to talk, create and share I’m not currently your client because... knowledge. Commute home to Stirling but work and spend in Edinburgh and Glasgow. How can you reach this customer? Creating a community of young people. How can you reach this customer? Give them an incentive to come into town, word of Where will you find this customer? mouth. Marketing, visibility, improving commuter On the internet. parking/train. What does this customer need in terms of service/ What does this customer need in terms of service/ product/experience? product/experience? An alternative way to find their interests. Good quality experience.64
  64. 64. Thunkit Motorcycle ClubLooking for support in particular area.NameRodney PearsonName of BusinessThunkit Motorcycle ClubWhere is your business located?31 Stirling ArcadeWhat do you sell?Motorcycle related goods, for example, clothing,safety helmets, toys, books and DVD’s.What are the difficulties?Limited parking facilities and the available parkingis expensive, low level of footfall, expensive shoprent and no help for private businesses.What support could be given?Connecting to Jim Fraser, council, creation ofsupport network for local businesses, help withincreasing footfall into the arcade.My Existing Customers....Name (persona type)Local young adultsAverage age18-30Likely occupationLow income occupations/households. 65
  65. 65. 1
  66. 66. THECITY LAB 1
  67. 67. THE CITY LAB The City Lab had been part of the initial and arranging events in response to ‘client’ needs. discussions about Start Up Street as fulfilling a problem solving role for the city centre to tackle Opening Hours ‘wicked’ social problems. Through discussions at the Stirling arcade prototype the general consensus City Lab could charge for use of the space on an was the ‘City Lab’ would be the engine and process annual or pay per use fee, or in turn for volunteering behind getting ventures into shops. on Start Up Street ventures/helping to run the City Lab. During one of the workshops we built a blueprint on how the City Lab might work in practice to Raise a competition support Start Up Street. Running competitions to attract solutions to There were several routes to being part of Start Up complex problems in Stirling, or available spaces in Street that the City Lab could support. These were; King Street and the arcade. Running a venture Join 2 Space is opened through funding and supporter Ideas portal sets out criteria of what aims have to be achieved // Space made available online // Responding with an City Lab could be an ideas portal attached to open idea for a venture // Pitching your idea to judges // spaces available. This would be connected to the Developing business plan for venture // Setting up assets available, that could be used to make an idea venture // Venture in shop front // Mentoring and a reality. support // Venture ends Adding assets Problem solving through the city lab City Lab could collect assets in the city, in terms Problem is raised by organisation relevant to of available support and time to work on Start Up Stirling // City lab team assembled to tackle issue Street // Venture idea is launched online // Supporters respond both with funding and support to run it Membership Joining up to City Lab would allow use of the space Aware 1 and connected to a network of members in Stirling Connecting people; Pledging funding City Lab was seen as having role to connect people Organisations could pledge funding/capital to open to share ideas, solve problems an develop venture spaces and lay foundations for ventures to solve ideas with business input and interested parties. issues/create value for their agenda. City Lab would use different channels, with a core focus on social media to publish events that brought together people in Stirling. Use 3 Business planning A core team would be involved day to day in running of City Lab, responsible for communicating68
  68. 68. The City Lab could facilitate business planning andthe organisation for launching ventures on KingStreetMaintain venturesThe City Lab could maintain the venture calendarto ensure King Street is running offers at time of theyear that work with the cityEvent SpaceThe City Lab could operate as a central space tohold events inside the arcade.Grow 4City Lab consultantsThe City Lab could operate as a creative hub tosolve problems/develop opportunities for the city ona consultant basis1 2 3 4 5 Aware Join Use Grow LeaveConnecting People Ideas portal Business planning City Lab:Opening Hours Adding assets Maintain ventures ConsultantsRaise a competition Membership Event space Volunteers Pledging funding 69
  69. 69. CASE1 STUDIES
  70. 70. 1
  71. 71. CASE STUDY ONE Dunbar Bakery Established in June 2009, The Bakery, Dunbar contributing to a total of £17,600 in equity came as the result of a push from the local investment.* community who wanted to ensure that they had a bakery baking, and selling bread on Dunbar High With investment secured, a local management Street. committee was established to run the bakery day to day with a group including local entrepreneurs, Dunbar have a local community development trust, experts in finance, marketers, community Sustaining Dunbar, and having agreed to fund development and more. market research to investigate the demand for a bakery in the community, they concluded that there To date, the business is owned by 300 people with a a bakery would meet the needs and demands of the total investment of over £40,000. locals. *Figures taken from Official website Sustaining Dunbar also helped prepare business plans for the bakery, as well as setting it up formally as a sustainable community-run enterprise as Dunbar Community Bakery Limited. In July 2009, a community share issue was launched and within a month, 160 people had both shared,72
  72. 72. CASE STUDY TWO TotnesBelieving in working to a ‘bottom-up’ approach, being a “fundamental principle of Transition.”Transition Town Totnes (TTT) is an “umbrellaorganisation” and charity which consists of a variety An extract from the website gives a clear indicationof local interest groups including food, building, of TTT’s purpose and the value that they believehousing, environment, education etc. they are bringing to the local community.The network supports these groups to start local “TTT exists for the people of Totnes and Districtprojects, mostly volunteer operated, but always to help create thriving, healthy, caring localcommunity-led. communities where people’s ways of life take into account the needs of future generations as wellProjects are developed by members of the as the present ones. Rising fuel prices, economiccommunity who are interested in the various, uncertainty and climate change bring manyongoing ventures and regularly arrange meetingsto come together to progress with the ideas, with challenges. However, TTT focuses on these assupport and development from a Transition Towns opportunities to increase personal and communityTotnes management group. well being, to expand our local economy, and to establish ways of living that are in line with ourThe model supports the notion that everyone Earth’s natural systems.”is needed, and that everyone should be heard.Something Transition Town Totnes describe as 73
  73. 73. The Causey PieLab “The Causey Development Trust aims to promote the “Founded in Spring 2009, through a partnership amenity and environment of the West Crosscauseway between the local nonprofit of Hale Empowerment area and promote education, learning and enjoyment for and Revitalization Organization, Inc. (HERO) and a individuals who are either a resident or where their place design collective known as Project M, PieLab came to of employment is in the area.” life as a combination pop-up cafe, design studio and civic clubhouse with the mission of: ‘ Pie + Ideas = Conversation. Conversation + Design = Social Change.’” Better Chesham Meanwhile Space “The aims of the group are to generate more footfall “‘Meanwhile use’ is the temporary use of vacant buildings or throughout the shopping areas. Attract new retailers and land for a socially beneficial purpose until such a time that restaurants into the town. Make Chesham a destination they can be brought back into commercial use again. It makes shopping area. Promote a support group to help traders adapt to practical use of the ‘pauses’ in property processes, giving the 21st century trading conditions. The intention is to have a small space over to uses that can contribute to quality of life and group of volunteer stakeholders that effectively co-ordinate the better places whilst the search for a commercial use is ongoing. views the wider community such as shoppers, pressure groups, Empty spaces are a blight to communities, a financial drain to councils, the new market co-operative and traders. The group owners and stimulate wider civic problems. To us they are an will then initiate actions that help take Chesham forward.” opportunity.” http://www.meanwhilespace.com74
  74. 74. 3Space Space Makers“Our mission: ‘For all empty property to be recognised “Space Makers is about bringing people together toas an available resource that can deliver immediate social reimagine the spaces in which we live, work and play.benefits and be a catalyst for longer term regeneration’” We work with local residents and businesses, artists, community groups, local authorities and property owners to create inspiring regeneration projects that are driven by grassroots energy.” Who own my neighbourhood The Hub“Who Owns My Neighbourhood aims to give people a starting “We believe that there is no absence of good ideas in thepoint for getting things done in their own neighbourhoods. world. The problem is a crisis of access, scale, resourcesWe hope this service will make it easier for people to have and impact. So it felt vital to create places aroundconversations about their local area and for us to answer each the world for accessing space, resources, connections,other’s questions by sharing what we know. We want people to knowledge, experience and investment.”think about what personal responsibility we are each willing totake for the place where we live, and how we might be able tohelp each other to look after it.” http://the-hub.net 75
  75. 75. Empty Shops Network Positively Peebles “ Artists and Makers is also home to the Empty Shops “This initiative is being undertaken to promote the formation Network, which promotes creative reuse of the nation’s of a Business Improvement District in Peebles. The sole aim empty shops. Helping to create a DIY Movement, the of this initiative is to improve the business environment by Empty Shops Network shares resources like the Empty any practical means. A BID gives the businesses involved a collective voice & offers the opportunity to shape the future of Shops Toolkit to help artists and entrepreneurs to reclaim the area by implementing projects & initiatives chosen by them their high streets and turn private spaces into public for the good of the BID Area. Peebles has is now becoming places. more focussed on highlighting the positive aspects & marketing “ the vibrant and unique mature of the town more vigorously.” Plunkett UK Growing Communities “The Community Shops Network website aims to provide a “We have created two main community-led trading outlets meeting point online for the many people actively involved in - an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme and the Stoke community owned rural shops right across the UK. Whether an Newington Farmers’ Market. These harness the collective employee, a volunteer, a member of a management committee buying power of our community - allowing those small-scale or a professional adviser, the site is designed to act as a platform farmers and producers to thrive. We believe that if we are to to enable you to participate actively, by getting involved in the create the sustainable re-localised food systems that will see us discussion forums, contributing to the body of resources and through the challenges ahead, we need to work together with links that are on the site, and working to develop it in ways that communities and farmers to take our food system back from the meet your changing needs.” supermarkets and agribusiness.”
  76. 76. Rural Hub Social Media Surgery“The Hub is recognised as an example of best practice “Social Media Surgery plus is here to make it easier tofor practical rural delivery - listening to the needs of rural find and run social media surgeries to support communitybusinesses and responding to them. groups, local charities and local active citizens.”The Hub works hard to help farm and rural businesses to Placed as “informal gathering of people” Social Mediadevelop innovative, profitable and market-led enterprises. Itdoes this primarily in five key areas decided as a priority by its Surgeries provide knowledge on use of social media toolsmembers, namely: Food, Rural tourism, Bio-energy & non- including blogs, facebook, twitter crops, Waste management & Core agriculture.” http://socialmediasurgery.com BikeLab Fallen Fruit“BikeLab is a small group of dedicated volunteers “Fallen Fruit invites the public to bring home-grown or streetworking in Greenboro, alabama to provide refurbished picked fruit and collaborate with us in making a collective fruitbicycles to Hale County residents who lack jams. Working without recipes, we ask people to sit with otherstransportation. Our goal is to recycle as much as possible, they do not already know and negotiate what kind of jam to make: if I have lemons and you have figs, we’d make lemon figwaste as little as possible, and reach as many people in jam (with lavender). Usually held in a gallery or museum, thisneed as possible.” event highlights the social and public nature of Fallen Fruit’s work, and we consider it a collaboration with the public as well as each other.” 77
  77. 77. 1
  78. 78. WHATNEXT 1
  79. 79. WHAT NEXT The plan for developing Start Up Street is to run a blueprint to build a process of how ventures get in series of prototyped ventures inside shop fronts and to shop spaces and run, supported by the City Lab. the arcade. In the coming months we will undertake research The first prototype was run in September 2011 into the hub practices with experts in London. inside the arcade. This has given us insight into Following that, we will be bringing together a how Start Up Street and the City Lab should be development team to work on the blueprint of how run. We are now in the process of developing a ventures operate. Jan 2012 July 2011 Open up first space Reopen first space Open up second space Evaluate Concepting Research Design Prep Prototype 2 Understanding initial Open up first Design Citylab Run citylab prototype concept prototype function and and first venture blueprint prototype in a shop fr Building first prototype Run workshops with / arcade film community Design first service Building basic first Outcomes blueprint for prototype of citylab Establish citylab SUS Build basic asset map tech Visual plan of SUS prototypes and service design process80
  80. 80. By June 2012 we want to have an order book of After each prototype we will evaluate the successes ventures and a robust blueprint in place. We are and failures of each to redesign the blueprint and working on bringing together a ground team who launch more ventures. can run Start Up Street on a regular basis. The plan detailed here, shows our development plan of opening shop fronts and interweaving city lab into the process. June 2012 Open up Third space Open up Fourthspace Evaluate Evaluate Evaluate Re-design Prep Prototype 3 Re-design Prep Prototype 4e Redesign and Run second citylab Redesign and Run build in prototype and open up 2 build prototype andront idea/shop shopfronts / arcades rotational fill up order voting model for book for next function to Stirling using rotation website stakeholders on Run first Start Run first Start goods/produc Up Street Up Street ts/services to ‘rotation’ ‘competition’ be produced where there to enter a in tandum is a collective shop via the output which citylab links with a seasonal product/good/ offer 81
  81. 81. 1 IDEAS
  82. 82. 1
  83. 83. 1
  84. 84. BUSINESS IDEAS“I would like to collaborate with other people to helpbring the arcade back to life.” “I’d like a hireable space that musicians could come and make use of.” “I’d like a space which could be used for both teaching and a space for renting or hot- desking.” 85
  85. 85. IDEA No.1 IDEA No.2 Names of people who could work together: Names of people who could work together: Marion MacAllister, Sue Clow, Karen, Pearl Fiona King, Nizar, Julie Law, Zara Kitson, Mandy McCourt, Tina and Gemma from Ruby in the Beer. Dust Vintage. (Could include Sarah Pearson and Julie Law as they look for spaces to display and Name of Business: sell artworks on behalf of their disability groups or Toy library with baby sitting network/crèche David Halcro, furniture maker) facilities. Name of Business: Where would your business be located? Month by month shop. In one of the disused shops on King Street. Where would your business be located? What do you sell? One of the empty shops on King Street. Loan children’s toys, babysitting service. Arts and craft classes for parents and/or kids could be run in What do you sell? conjunction with the Arts Hub. Clothing, accessories, artworks, anything people would like to sell in a short lease space. What are the difficulties? Finding suitable staff , or trustworthy babysitting What are the difficulties? network members to assure potential customers. Ensuring the space has a full calendar, making the space easy to adapt for a variety of purposes in a What support could be given? short space of time, ensuring there is someone to Help with health and safety, collecting toy oversee the overall running of the space. donations, funding, marketing, start up the venture. What support could be given? Who are your customers likely to be? Help with starting up, initial organisation of various Families/single parents/carers of small children. stakeholders, marketing, making the space fit for purpose (so it doesn’t look like a multifunctional What values/outputs would be delivered? space) Child care help for customers to visit the town centre and shop easily, an environmentally friendly Who are your customers likely to be? alternative to discarding unwanted /outgrown toys. Locals, tourists, visitors from surrounding areas, Jobs to run the babysitting network/crèche. varying depending on the type of shop at different times of year. It could ideally run for? Unlimited. What values/outputs would be delivered? Goods for sale, a variety of goods available for the community, every new shop would be a ‘novelty’, making King Street a destination place and gives small businesses/individuals a chance to try out a retail venture without a huge financial commitment. It could ideally run for? A year primarily.86