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Nebula44 pitch


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Startup pitch on StartupJam Baltics'10

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Nebula44 pitch

  1. 1. What is it? Strategy game Played in browser Casual gaming
  2. 2. Why? less time more people bigger need
  3. 3. How much? Zynga – 170 million! Playfish – 58 million! Others – from 1 to 35 million
  4. 4. So? 2005: $350 million 2007 (Casual Games Association): $2,25 billion! 2009: UK - $408 mil. DE - $641mil. FR $320mil.
  5. 5. Huge market! Every year over +20% In year 2015 it will overcome hardcore gaming New game every week
  6. 6. Hooray? How we'll stand out? Shift of point of view Instead of NUMBERS AND TABLES We'll give ACTION AND EXCITEMENT
  7. 7. Seems that Travian reached 1 million users over 5 years Dark Orbit – reached 33 million users over 3 years! Why the difference?
  8. 8. We have ideas That will hook players up Be your client 10 years experience
  9. 9. (almost) no one did that RTS and casual synthesis (well done) Battle animation Gentle learning curve It's more fun with a friend!
  10. 10. We are commited We have a team We have a prototype We'll launch beta in summer We're planning on launching at the end of the year
  11. 11. So Let's build a new King of browser strategy gaming? ;) Made in Lithuania.