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Startup Farm São Paulo, outono de 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Startup Farm São Paulo, outono de 2012

  1. 1. Allessential Subscription e-commerce which main purpose is to sell convenience, with environmental and social awareness. We intent to first commercialize personal care essentials, being the concept expansible to other segments.
  2. 2. Animale.Me We want to be facilitators of communication in the pet segment, bringing manufacturers, sellers and consumers together. More than just helping to promote innovations in products and services, we want to collaborate in the education market.
  3. 3. Ao Vivo Events, lectures and classes. Get live online fast and simple. AO VIVO is a platform for companies to live broadcast events, lessons and lectures online fast and simple.
  4. 4. Collact Collact is a mobile app that uses gamification and social media to create loyalty programs for local businesses. No paperwork, cards or other boring stuff for custumers to carry. For the business owner, all it takes is a QR Code with the cashier.
  5. 5. eiBow eiBOW considers the profile of each user and their friends to recommend products according to their tastes and interests.
  6. 6. Indica & Cia We help resellers / installers and manufacturers of Air Conditioning, Telecom and Security, to do good business with consumers. We use Business Intelligence to promote good relations consumer.
  7. 7. Ipostal iPostal is a mobile and web based app that let the users send their photos as real printed postcards. Postcards can be sent from all over the world to anywhere in Brazil. For only R$2,99, send thoughtful gifts straight from your PC or smartphone!
  8. 8. Ofelia Feliz Ofelia Feliz it’s the first latin american e-commerce marketplace and community that focuses on handmade and vintage goods across Latin America, Brazil and Spain.
  9. 9. Poupe CupomMóvel Poulpe Coupon is a mobile app that brings geo located deals to consumers and can be managed by merchant in real time. Deals can be instant discounts, gift cards and loyalty programs.
  10. 10. PubHub PubHub is an electronic publishing platform that empowers small publishers and self-published authors, allowing them to distribute ebooks in a way that’s easy, flexible, and maximizes gains.
  11. 11. Recday RecDay is a social network of product recommendations for e- commerce as also retailers, the goal is to help consumers find the best product and e-commerce/retailer find the right consumer to his product.
  12. 12. Tableshare Tableshare is an online marketplace where users creates food relationships listing, searching, finding and ordering unique dishes made ​by professionals chefs or anyone who loves to cook in real events.
  13. 13. The is a collaborative news agency, combining crowdsourcing and mobile platforms to supply the media with news in real time. From a mobile app, anyone can turn videos or photos in news.
  14. 14. Cotar.Me Website for quotation of parties and events in real time, where the user can search service for their needs or choose packages the companies already defined. Can filter and evaluate companies in just a few clicks.