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Online M&A newsletter jun8


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Jun 8th newsletter of

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Online M&A newsletter jun8

  1. 1. OnLine M&A Cross Border News № 8 20 June 2010 Dear Colleagues, ONLINE We have a number of interesting new opportunities in our deal books this month, many of them in the min- ing industry - silica for the silicon chip market, gold in the Congo and Brazil, and a producing diamond mine. We even have a globally-capable cruise ship in our France book. We have new deals in many of our Deal Books: Africa, Brazil, Europe, France, Romania, Russia. M&A The OnLine M&A Moderators are becoming established as voices for the mid-market of financial services in their respective countries. Startupi ( recently asked Brazil Moderator Thierry Larose to post an article in which he asks and answers the question: “Why hasn’t the digital information revolution reached the world of Private Equity and M&A?” Startupi is a blog focused on the world of Brazilian Internet software startups. We are now actively seeking Moderators to fill out the BRIC countries, which we have expanded to BRICS to include South Africa. Please feel free to contact me if you have a suggestion or interest in this opportunity. Warmest regards, Philippe Der Megreditchian OnLine M&A Brazil Deal Book Company Sale $10m Silica Mine in Bahia This Company holds mining rights to a silica deposit with a silica capacity of about 1.7 million tons in Brazil’s state of Bahia. Silica is an im- portant strategic mineral resource as it is the essential raw material for the production of chips, transistors and solar cells. Brazil is one of the world’s largest silica producers. The use of silica in computer chips is expected to continue to grow dramatically, and silica is essential for solar cells, also a leading growth market. The Company is interested to sell the mining rights to this silica deposit. Venture Capital $3m Company Sale $5m Gold Exploration and Development A Producing Diamond Mine The Company is a private Brazilian/North American gold exploration and This diamond mine is located in the State of Mato Grosso, development company with a wholly-owned subsidiary that owns six major and produced from June of 2006 to July of 2008, when mining leases representing hundreds of mining licenses on several thousand operations were suspended to convert the operation hectares. The Company has a first right of refusal over a number of other min- from a contract mining operation to a lower cost “owner- eral projects, all of which are located in the gold-rich Tapajós gold province in operated”mining fleet. However, with the financial crisis, Brazil (Pará and Matto Grosso). Some properties also have small-scale min- this initiative was not completed and the operation has ing activity. remained on a care and maintenance basis pending the installation of a new mining fleet, and the acquisition of ad- The Company is looking to raise CAN$2-3 million in private funds, which ditional operating capital. will be utilized primarily to invest in the more advanced project areas, to ex- tend geochemical and geophysical grids, and to cover the costs associated During its two-year operation, the Company mined out of with the Company´s negotiations for acquisition of an advanced gold and only one concession, producing more than 33,000 carats polymetallic project with 43-101 reserves—an opportunity which would from 1 Mm3 of alluvial gravels for an average grade of 0.032 place the Company as an emerging gold producer. ct/bcm, generating more than USD13 million in gross sales revenue. The average carat price obtained for diamonds produced from the mine is amongst the highest in the world. Disclaimer The information contained here and on the OnLine M&A website is meant for the use of sophisticated investors only. It does not constitute nor is it intended to constitute the provision of financial, legal or investment advice. The information is not an offering of securities nor investment interests. This information is based upon information provided by the businesses described and has not been independently verified. OnLine M&A makes no warranty about its accuracy. Investors must undertake their own due diligence and make their own assumptions on the prospects of any investment opportunity described on this site. 1 OLMA | 41 bis boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg | Paris | 75007 | France
  2. 2. OnLine M&A Cross Border News № 8 20 June 2010 Brazil Deal Book Company Sale $500m Leading Sugar Mill in the Southeast of Brazil The Company has more than thirty years experience in the exploitation and the production of sugarcane. They supply domestic and interna- tional markets with granulated sugar, refined sugar, and hydrated alcohol. The Company is also active in the generation, co-generation and supply of electric power into the regional grid, through the processing of the sugarcane pulp and other alternative sources . The Company operates on 33.75k hectares of land, of which they own 1,750 hectares. Company Sale $130m Share Placement $10m Large Gravel Quarry in Rio de Janeiro Privately-Held Investment Company The Company has a successful and established mining business in Rio de The Company was established in 2008 as a privately held Janeiro that operates from a long-standing gravel quarry, which serves the investment company based in Curitiba. The Company cur- greater Rio de Janeiro area. Over the course of the past 5 years, revenue has rently has three active investments: grown significantly, mainly due to increase in demand and higher prices for • a teak plantation company established in 1999; gravel. Production could be increased by adding personnel in different shifts • a factoring company established in 2002; as well as by mining sand. This would double revenues through the benefit of • a plastic products company established in 1979. scale, with larger resulting profits. The Company is seeking expansion equity funding for a to- The Company is strategically located in greater Rio de Janeiro, with major tal amount of USD 10 Million for a 45% share in the Com- freeway (city belt) currently under construction near the Company’s main pany. New capital funds will be used to increase capital of gate. In addition to the growing real estate market and existing infrastruc- the factoring business and to invest in one or more new op- ture projects being developed, the coming 2014 FIFA WorldCup and the 2016 portunities in the pipeline. Olympics will demand new construction and renovation. The Company is well positioned and prepared to step into this opportunity and significantly expand its operations based on an already developed structure and business plan that can achieve tremendous success. Company Sale $240m Venture Capital $1.1m Biodiesel Farm in the State of Mato Grosso Producer of All-Natural Neck Collar The business is a diversified farming operation that engages in: • Traditional farming: soybeans, sunflowers, corn, sorghum and pearl Protectors for Beauty Salons millet; Brazilians have a cultural strong focus on beauty, wellness • Production of biodiesel B100 from vegetable oil; and fitness, well above the average of most other develop- • Industrial processing of soybeans - production of top grade extruded ing and developed countries. The Company’s product is soybean meal and food grade extruded soybean flour; an inexpensive neck collar to be used in hair and beauty • Industrial processing of corn - production of gelatinized corn flour salons to protect a client’s neck skin from fungi and bacte- with and without embryo seed; ria that is found in traditional hairdressing and dye capes. • Industrial processing of sunflower seeds - production of extruded sun- The product is made from natural fiber and it is disposable, flower meal. aseptic, humidity-proof and highly liquid absorbent. The Company is on sale with all required licenses and permits, fully operating The Company has successfully sold 25,000 units to pilot- machinery park and infrastructure, and 30,000 hectares of land - of which test the market. They are now looking for an investment 8,000 are dedicated to traditional farming. of USD 1.1M to start the production of 60,000 units per month, and finance a country-wide marketing campaign. ONLINE M&A OLMA | 41 bis boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg | Paris | 75007 | France 2
  3. 3. OnLine M&A Cross Border News № 8 20 June 2010 Romania Deal Book Company Sale €50m Company Sale €7m Construction Company Specialized in A Rail Terminal for Bitumen Large Infrastructure Works This Romanian company is interested to sell a bitumen ter- The Group is a leading Romanian contractor that specializes in road, high- minal with excellent access to railway infrastructure. Due to way, bridge, airport, railway, and underground works, as well as civil, in- the narrow market in this field and the terminal’s excellent dustrial and metal construction. The Group is an integrated player with a geographical position, the Company has become an impor- presence across various segments of the construction value chain from pro- tant partner for major road construction companies and oil duction of raw materials (concrete, asphalt) with supply from its own quar- refining companies. ries, to infrastructure works over the entire transport spectrum. There is inadequate bitumin production for the actual re- Romania has large needs to build its transportation network and has a huge quirements of Romania’s road infrastructure projects, and pipeline of infrastructure works planned through 2025. The long-term out- as a result the unmet demand is supplied by sea. The cost look for Romanian infrastructure is robust, driven by major long-term gov- and flexibility provided by the terminal are a great com- ernment and EU investment plans. International companies interested to petitive advantage. The Company has a 15% market share, participate in Romania’s extensive need for major infrastructure projects which it has held during the last three years of activity. have the possibility to consolidate their position by the acquisition of local players. France Deal Book Company Sale Company Sale Leading European SAP Integrator A Global-Capable Cruise Ship Specializing in PMO and integration on SAP and BusinessObjects, the Com- The Company is the owner of a Europe-based cruise ship pany has more than 50 services and industrial clients, many listed in the with 100+ cabins that can accommodate 4000 people. The CAC40. The Company is very active in the Food, Utilities and Industry sectors. cruise ship, which was built in the 1970s and overhauled It has expertise well above the average of its sector and a functional coverage and refitted twice in recent years, is in excellent condition. enabling it to pilot project implementation for the segment €100 million to €3billion. The ship is global-capable for cruises in the Caribbean, Med- iteranean, Arctic and Antarctic. The Company is interested Founded by entrepreneurs from the world of global consultants, the Com- to divest of this asset. pany is recognized for the quality of its methods and tools. The Company’s founders wish to continue the development of its business within the net- work of Chartered SAP Partners in France. For this reason, the Company is seeking an investor to sustain its growth. Europe Deal Book Venture Capital €5m New Italian Independent Digital Television Channel This Company is an independent multi-faceted entertainment company created to market global independent films for theatrical release and television broadcast including ancillary markets. The final goal of the Company is to create an Italian independent player in the digital televi- sion market, able to broadcast a free view channel. The Company is seeking €5 million for the start up. Raised funds will allow the Company to cover all the capex and the operational costs for a period of five years. ONLINE M&A OLMA | 41 bis boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg | Paris | 75007 | France 3
  4. 4. OnLine M&A Cross Border News № 8 20 June 2010 Russia Deal Book Venture Capital €1.1m Project Finance Luxury Brand Jewelry Retailer Oil and Gas Exploitation The Company plans to develop boutiques for a well-known European luxury in Southwestern Russia jewelry brand. The brand is a global leader in its segment, with a strong po- The Company controls two parcels of land that have been tential in the Russian market as well as in the most advanced neighboring subject to extensive oil exploration in recent years. Eight ex- countries such as Ukraine. Despite the crisis in the the fashion retail busi- ploration wells have been completed that have confirmed ness in Russia, there have been positive results for the first of the brand’s reserves of 10.1 million tons of oil (C1 + C2) and 650 million boutiques, which opened in September 2009. This confirms that the brand’s cubic meters of natural gas. strategy and positioning are very well adapted to the market, even in tough economic environment. Oil pipelines (crude and refined) traverse the Company’s properties and the region is favorably situated in the Euro- With an investment of €1.1m split between 2010 and 2011, the Company can pean sector of Russia for transport by highway or rail. Due take over the brand’s existing Moscow boutique and operations and build to its ownership of the land parcels the Company is in a fa- a network of twenty boutiques, with plans to generate a yearly turnover of vorable position to obtain the exploitation licenses for these almost €10m (incl. VAT) by 2014 and up to €19m per year by the end of the reserves. It is seeking credit financing to complete the work distribution agreement. necessary to exploit the oil and gas reserves. Africa Deal Book Share Placement €25m Venture Capital $2m Gold Mining Company in Congo Mobile Money Transfer Business The Company is a junior mining company with significant experience in gold in West Africa exploration, project management and governmental relations in the Congo. The Company’s mission is to revolutionize traditional mon- It has experience in the exploration, confirmation and exploitation of small ey transfer and mobile banking by introducing mobile tech- deposits, and in the development of cash generative para-mining activities nology. Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) provides the means such as electricity generation. to augment ways through which mobile phone users make financial transactions such as money transfer, bill payment The Company has acquired two mining concessions for a total of 40 square and emergency money needs. kilometers in the world’s fifth-largest gold mining reserves The Company’s goal is to achieve strategic energy independence through the rehabilitation The Company’s market has overtaken South Africa to be- of a pre-existing 5-megawatt hydro-electric dam on the Nzoro river. Excess come the continent’s largest mobile market with over 70 electricity will be sold to other mining companies and to the people of the million mobile phone subscribers, and yet market penetra- region. For a total of €25 million, consisting of €15 million for the mining tion stands at only around 45% in mid-2009. The Company project and €10 million for the dam project, the Company will be able to con- is seeking $2m of investment to fund the first two years of firm its deposits and begin production on the first concession. development of its business. ONLINE M&A OLMA | 41 bis boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg | Paris | 75007 | France 4