BR-US Innovation Summit


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Event organized by ABDI, MBC, CoC + University of Washington

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BR-US Innovation Summit

  3. 3. Organizers Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) Competitive Brazil Movement (MBC) Council on Competitiveness (CoC) The 2nd U.S.-Brazil Innovation Summit—organized by the Council on Competitiveness, the Brazilian Competitiveness Movement (Movimento Brasil Georgetown Competitivo/MBC), and the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (Agência University Brasileira de Desenvolvimento Industrial/ABDI)—will take place at Georgetown University on September 20-21, 2010.  2ª CONFERÊNCIA DE INOVAÇÃO BRASIL- EUA 2010 US-BRAZIL INNOVATION SUMMIT Restrict / Preliminary Version
  4. 4. Target-audience 300 C-Suite private sector and Government leaders from both countries.  CEOs  Government leaders  States Secretaries  Research leaders  Business directors  2ª CONFERÊNCIA DE INOVAÇÃO BRASIL- EUA 2010 US-BRAZIL INNOVATION SUMMIT Restrict / Preliminary Version
  5. 5. Date and Venue SEPTEMBER, 20-21, 2010. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE CENTER WASHINGTON, D.C. Restrict / Preliminary Version
  6. 6. Goals The Summit will bring together 300 C-suite leaders from industry, academia and the public sector from across the Western Hemisphere’s two largest economies to:  Highlight and strengthen the concrete partnerships that have emerged from the 1st U.S.-Brazil Innovation Summit in 2007 and ten U.S.-Brazil Innovation Learning Laboratories held in both nations in 2008 and 2009.  Launch a strategic, innovation-centric, economic development dialogue for leaders in both nations that can serve as a model for the Western Hemisphere and around the world.  Focus a distinctive network of leaders on creating new, bi-national partnerships to address the grand challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The Summit agenda will center on:  Meeting global demand for energy, which will increase by nearly 50 percent in 20 years, while balancing the need for sustainable growth and use of other critical resources, like water;  Supporting the bioscience spectrum—from agriculture to biofuels to health care—in a world that will need a doubling of food production in 50 years;  Building smart infrastructure—from transportation and logistics networks to broadband to the “cloud”— and the range of policies necessary to support innovation;  Cultivating smart places—creating regions of innovation in a world in which, by 2050, more than two- thirds of the population will live in cities; and  Fostering the platform for the most innovative mix of manufacturing and services that will create the most value for society—the new firms, industries and jobs that will define prosperity in the decades to 2ª CONFERÊNCIA DE INOVAÇÃO BRASIL- EUA  come. 2010 US-BRAZIL INNOVATION SUMMIT Restrict / Preliminary Version
  7. 7. AGENDA SEPTEMBER 20 | MONDAY LENGHT ACTIVITIES: INNOVATION ROUNDTABLES 1 Accelerating Innovation: Tech Transfer & Commercialization 2 Law & Development 3 Brazil Diaspora 4 Business/Tech Roundtable – New Materials 2.00p*4.00p 5 Business/Tech Roundtable - Waste Solid Management 6 Business/Tech Roundtable – Energy 7 Business/Tech Roundtable – Smart Grids 8 Inovation Financing 6.00p * 7.00p Welcome Reception 7.00p* 9.00p Dinner  2ª CONFERÊNCIA DE INOVAÇÃO BRASIL- EUA 2010 US-BRAZIL INNOVATION SUMMIT Restrict / Preliminary Version
  8. 8. AGENDA SEPTEMBER 21 | TUESDAY LENGHT ACTIVITIES 7.30a to 8.00a Good Morning -- Registration and Networking 8.00a to 8.30a 1 Opening Remarks 8.30a to 9.15a 2 Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going Energy and Water Are Everything: How Do We Meet Global Demand and Manage Critical 9.15a to 10.45a 3 Resources? 10.45a to 11.15a Break 11.15a to 12.15a 4 Hunger and Health: How Do We Feed the World and Innovate at the Frontier of Biosciences? 12.30p to 1.30p Luncheon Keynote 1.45p to 2.45p 5 Smart Infrastructure for Innovation: What Is in the 21st Century Toolbox? 2.45p to 3.15p 6 Leadership Dialogue 3.15p to 3.45p Break 3.45p to 4.45p 7 Smart Places: How Do We Foster Creativity and Innovation in a World of Rapid Urbanization? Making Things: What Does Manufacturing Look Like in the 21st Century – and How Can the United 4.45p to 5.45p 8 States and Brazil Lead? 5.45p to 6.00p 9 Closing Remarks and Next Steps Restrict / Preliminary Version
  9. 9. Steering Committee STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBERS  The Steering Committee aims to ensure the involvement of Reginaldo Arcuri, President, ABDI, Brazilian and U.S. private and Erik Camarano, President, MBC Welber Barral, Secretary of Foreign Trade, MDIC ( Ministry of government leaders at the Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil) conference, promoting visibility Wilson Ferreira, President, CPFL Energy of the event in both countries, James Pessoa, President and CEO, VSE (Vale Energy Solutions) and guiding its organizing Ricardo Felizzola, President, Teikon; Vice President Altus; Vice President process. and Coordinator of the Innovation and technology council, FIERGS  Its formation is composed only Roberto dos Reis Alvarez, Manager of International Affairs, ABDI by invited members of private Samuel Allen, Chairman and CEO, Deere & Company Deborah Wince-Smith, President, Council on Competitiveness organizations, academic and Chad Evans, Senior Vice President, Council on Competitiveness government from both Dan E. Arvizu, Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory countries. Lee McIntire, Chairman and CEO, CH2M HILL, Representative from ABDI, Georgetown University and Council on Competitiveness  2ª CONFERÊNCIA DE INOVAÇÃO BRASIL- EUA 2010 US-BRAZIL INNOVATION SUMMIT Restrict / Preliminary Version
  10. 10. Brazil Lounge  Living space;  Presentation of Brazil at the Summit;  Decorated with Brazilian solutions and innovations  All event participants will enjoy the dependencies, such as workrooms, meeting rooms, media room, bar (which will be served typical snacks and drinks) and Internet services during the two day event. Restrict / Preliminary Version
  11. 11. Brazil-US Innovation Dialogue BRAZIL-EUA INNOVATION DIALOGUE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Brazil-US Innovation Dialogue The collaboration among the Brazilian Agency for Industrial •2007 US-Brazil Innovation Summit Development (ABDI), the Brazil Competitive Movement (MBC) and the Council on Competitiveness (CoC) was consolidated in 2007 during the 1st Innovation Summit US-Brazil, in Brasília, as a result of the •2008 / 2009 - Series of Innovation partnership between the CoC and the MBC in 2004 to carry out Learning Laboratories across Brazil and benchmarking on issues related to competitiveness. the United States Given the strong network constructed by the three Institutions in their own environment (CEOs, directors of research institutes, high-ranking •2010 US-Brazil Innovation Summit government) the purpose of the partnership between ABDI, CoC and MBC is: • to provide mutual visibility and opportunities for businesses in both countries; • to identify and to promote the implementation of innovation projects with the participation of organizations from both countries; • to create opportunities to exchange information and ideas, in order to identify and disseminate good practices and develop networks of personal / professional relationship.  2ª CONFERÊNCIA DE INOVAÇÃO BRASIL- EUA 2010 US-BRAZIL INNOVATION SUMMIT Restrict / Preliminary Version
  12. 12. Innovation Learning Laboratories INNOVATION LEARNING LABORATORIES: Innovation Learning MAIN OBJECTIVES: Laboratories Results: Produce a set of recommendations for the public and private sectors; Identify and promote new partnerships, projects, technical cooperation and bilateral business Three initiatives resulted from the seven TARGET: Laboratories that took place in 2009. They Leaders from industry, government and academia from are under negotiation and among business both countries Between 50 and 80 participants per event partners and governmental organizations of ORGANIZATION: both countries, namely: MBC-ABDI-CoC Support from local partners 1. Collaboration in Smart Grids - Demonstration Project - Renewable Energies and Intelligent Networks 2009| Silicon Valley, California (WS), 5-7 2008 | Brasília and Washington, DC 2. Collaboration in Co-incubation August Talent, Infrastructure Investment and Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Moving Ideas from the Lab to the Market 3. Clean Tech Open Brazil 2009 | Porto Alegre (FIERGS), 22-23 April 2009| Rio de Janeiro (Finep), 19-21 August Knowledge Frontier, investment in R & D and Increasing Capacity for Innovation to promote Talent Competitiveness and Prosperity. 2009| Chicago (UIUC), 12-13 May 2009| Golden, Colorado (NREL), 09-11 Knowledge Frontier, investment in R & D and September Talent Increasing Capacity for Innovation to promote Competitiveness and Prosperity. 2009| São Paulo (FGV-SP), 13-15 July Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship and 2009| Belo Horizonte (FDC), 13-20 November Moving Ideas from the Lab to the Market Local and Regional Hubs of Innovation in Economics and Global competitiveness  2ª CONFERÊNCIA DE INOVAÇÃO BRASIL- EUA 2010 US-BRAZIL INNOVATION SUMMIT Restrict / Preliminary Version
  13. 13. Contact ABDI SBN Quadra 1 - Bloco B - Ed. CNC - 14º andar CEP: 70041 902 - Brasília DF - Brazil TEL: +55 61 3962.8700/ 3962.8600 FAX: +55 61 3962.8715 Carolina Aichinger or CONCIL ON COMPETITIVENESS Council on Competitiveness 1500 K Street, NW, Suite 850 Washington, DC 20005 T 202 682 4292 F 202 682 5150 Chad Evans Restrict / Preliminary Version