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Мастер-класс Станимира Минова на Minsk Startup Weekend 9

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  • In many companies the access to social networks is forbidden. At velcom it is allowed. And this is good because social should not be a bad word in business. This is the reason why companies such as salesforce are flourishing. Its valuation is $6bn. The company sells a software for the so called social enterprise because it realizes that the growing generation is a facebook generation. When at work they will want to use software that is similar to facebook. The company has acquired several small companies that produce a software that fits the concept the company is trying to implement. So we have the trend, a big company already utilizing it and small companies producing complementary services. If you manage to found and sell such a small company then this would be a big success for you.
  • Shopping behavior is changing. Mobile payments are gaining traction. However to seduce people to switch from plastic cards and cash to m-payments they must have strong reasons to do that. This is why PayPal acquired various companies such as Where, Milo, Readlaser. The services they produce can round up the whole offer of PayPal.
    PayPal, Square, Google, manufacturers, ISIS, banks
  • Why telecoms would want to invest in consumer cloud services. Simple – to engage customers. Having an access to your content when away from you PC just makes you use more your phone. However telecoms often are not the best creators of cloud solutions. This is why we see more partnerships.
  • We are not missing information but ability to process it. This opens huge opportunities for launching solutions that extract only the essence of a story. Such as the British start-up Summly. It reads a web page and make a summary for you. Facebook launched recently an application for social reading. Everything you read on selected pages gets automatically shared to your friends. Even the music you listen on Spotify. Google responded with Google currents.
  • The information overload requires structure. Facebook was also overloaded. Facebook responded with Facebook Timeline. Now you and your friends can get a quick view on your whole life. Readibility is a nice browser extension that turn every article into a simple text, that you can edit and even save in the cloud. Summify and the likes turn whatever is posted on social media into good looking stories.
  • Judgment requires time. We have to make tough choices every day. We are becoming lazy. Good that there are services that directly tell you what is good and what is bad based on people’s reviews in the internet. Ranking, recommendation and services for measuring social influence will be growing in importance.
  • You talk - the device understands. Why need remote control if you can talk to your TV – I’m bored, want to see a criminal movie in russian and you got it. Voice commands are cool and this is the reason why iPhone4S users consumes 3 times more traffic then iPhone3G. Voice can be an input mechanism for reminders, search, advertising.
  • Kinect – the game console of Microsoft. Uses as an input your body gesture, direction of your fingers, the movements of your hands. More device that use this technology to come. Think of suitable applications.
  • People are becoming smartphone addicted. They feel uncomfortable if their smartphone is not within a hand reach from them. In the past when people were nervous they were smoking. Now they stare at the smartphone. When you watch TV the smartphone is listening, recognizing what you are watching and bringing additional information to you. Example – Disney. The proper word here is second screen experiences. Try to find out how smrtphone application can enhance other services such as TV, but not only.
  • True that users need time to switch from one product to another. And they do this fast only if the new product is much better than the old one. Smart TVs belong to this type of products. There are so many opportunities for developing applications for Smart TVs.
  • The game industry is growing. More accurately the social game industry is growing much faster than the mobile games one. Because games for facebook are better than games for mobile. Tablets adoption is growing and this will give a new life to mobile gaming.
  • Many people dislike seeing people bringing their own computers to work. Devices are changing. Now a few would dislike if you bring your tablet to work. It is good for the companies as they don’t buy it for you but you do it yourself. It also rises your productivity. It is good for you because you enjoy it. Its is good for making new business because security and collaboration issues require expert solutions.
  • People in the US own so much stuff that they rent spaces in public stores where they put their property. This is changing now. Some companies (examples on slide) are already benefiting from the sharing trend - when people don’t want to own but prefer to share – cars, accommodation, daily stuff (books, bicycles etc.)
  • Aging means more need for health care services and the corresponding apps.
  • Technology trends 2012

    1. 1. Minsk Startup Weekend, Jan 2012
    2. 2. velcom & competitors Where to grow? Source: velcom Core Non-core Expansion along the value chain New products and services Established products; new geographies Modify existing propositions and sell to new customers Use core assets and capabilities to move into “white space” Diversification Totally unrelated businesses Business development Innovation Business development Business development & innovation Business development Business development
    3. 3. Facebook displacing the jeans generation Valuation: $6.2bn (Facebook $70bn, Google $211bn) Acquisitions: $831m Social Intelligence HR Storage Business contacts Task management Supply chain management
    4. 4. Shopping now is not like yesterday Milo Readlaser Where Locate in-stock products Barcode scanner Local recommendations
    5. 5. Operators investing in cloud services Cloud engage our customers Online gaming Online music Online video Synching, Back-up, Locker services, music locker services, Recording
    6. 6. Information becomes more and more Founder: 16y old teenager Funding: $250K Simplifies and summarizes web pages (Summly) Open Graph
    7. 7. We need structure Google RSS better Clean web pages Summary of social news
    8. 8. Amen – the best and worst of everything No time and desire to think Measure social influence
    9. 9. iPhone4S = 3x iPhone3G Replace TV control Reminders Search Advertising Etc. Typing - below your self-esteem
    10. 10. Waving hands becoming trendy Kinect
    11. 11. Watch TV and get additional content on your smartphone or tablet TV without a smartphone is boring
    12. 12. Even your grandmother wants Smart TV Find your place inside
    13. 13. Mobile games worse than Facebook ones $40% of tablet user play >5h/w Sales growing - 26m now – 82m in 2015 (US) Games that utilize the device $1bn now, $1.6bn in 2015 30% of American internet users are playing on Facebook $1bn now, $6bn in 2015
    14. 14. BYOD: the IT nightmare Security Shrinking budgets You choose your phone You pay your bill
    15. 15. Why own when you can share/rent Tiny things – books, bicycles etc. Cars Apartments
    16. 16. Runtastic – fitness app Medicine search Diabetes More older people, more health care
    17. 17. Stanimir Minov Business Development & Competitive Intelligence @StanimirMinov