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26-28 MAY, 2013 - FIRST ANNUAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATORS CONFERENCE IN RUSSIA. STARTUP VILLAGE - one of the most ambitious start-up conferences in Russia, organized by Skolkovo in cooperation with partners. The conference is the first this year and will be held annually.

Innovative Materials is the first conference day's pitch session participant in the Aerospace pavillion.

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Innovative Materials

  1. 1. Limited Liability Company«Innovative materials»Director: Igor Alexandrovich ShubeninContact phone : 89056463602e.mail:
  2. 2. The problem of the consumerEvery year millions tons of metal collapse as a result of theeffects of corrosion. For the protection used expensive paint andvarnish materials worth more than 17 dollars per kg, withanticorrosive pigments containing toxic components (chrome,zinc, lead, boron)
  3. 3. Proposed solutionThe development of new innovativematerials based on three principlesReductionofcorrosionrate of upto 10timesThe lack ofions of zinc,boron,chromium,leadAvailable and up to 5 timescheaper raw-material base
  4. 4. Technological solution – series of materials the «Anticor»The technology is in receipt of corrosion inhibitors by thedeposition of nano-shells complex phosphate iron in the core ofhematite (patent for invention of the Russian Federation2456316), that allows to give to the series of materials the№«Anticor» anticorrosive properties because of: phosphatizing protective action barrier effect neutralizing corrosive agents1 – material «Anticor»2 – zinc phosphate3 – solution of NaCl 2.5%
  5. 5. The advantages, the uniqueness of the solutionSpecificity Advantage GainThere are no toxiccomponents (zinc, chrome,lead, boron)Ecologically friendly product Application in progressivecoatingsComposition based on thecomplex of iron phosphateAvailable raw-material base Low cost (2.5 times less thanthat of the analogues)Mixed mechanism ofcorrosion protection(cathodic and anodicprotection)Corrosion rate is reduced in 2and more timesThe term of exploitation ofmetal products increased by 2and more timesDeposition on the core ofhematite nano-shellscomplex phosphate ironReduction the stages oftechnological process atmanufacture of anticorrosiveprimers on 10%Lower costs, increaseproductivity of the equipment,reduction of the cost of thefinished product by 10%High technicalcharacteristics : low oil-absorption power, highhiding powerAbsence of necessity ofdevelopment of newformulations in the developmentof paint and varnish materialsNot required investment ofmoney and time for thedevelopment of formulations ofpaints and varnishes. Reducesthe time of preparation by 50%
  6. 6. The state of the market target segments Market: 800 million rubles a year anticorrosive materials in theRussian Federation (according to the data of the analytical centre«Lenkor») Consumers:- paint and varnish plants str. Yaroslavl (SMC YarLI, PJSC «Russianpaints», LLC «Yaroslavl paints», group of companies «Index», LLC«Yaroslavl pigment»)- paint-and-varnish enterprises on the territory of the RussianFederation (JSC «Empils», LLC «Gradar», PJSC «Lakra», etc.)- foreign paint and varnish enterprises Marketing policy: negotiations with consumers, organization of theinternet site, the experimental samples transfer to the possibleconsumers with the provision of a compounding to their further use;advertising in mass-media The main risks: new product on the market of paint and varnishmaterials Forecast of market growth: according to the analytical center«Lenkor» market growth should amount to 6.5% in the year
  7. 7. Comparison with competitors SeriesSeries ofof products the «Anticor» made according to the patentedproducts the «Anticor» made according to the patentedtechnology and a new approach. There are a number of leaders of thetechnology and a new approach. There are a number of leaders of themarket, which offer a wide range of products, used in the compositionmarket, which offer a wide range of products, used in the compositionof anticorrosion paint and varnish materials.of anticorrosion paint and varnish materials.Our product is competitive and has the best parameters of this characteristicsCompanycompetitorMark .the type ofproductReduction ofcorrosionrate, timeToxic components content Cost per kg, dollarsOur brand Complex ofphosphate iron2,5 Not content 2.5LLC «Cronacril»Zinc phosphate 2 Low content- Zink ions3.8LLC«Chemtrast»Red lead 2,5 High content- lead ions9.2LLC «Bina-chemicals»Zinktetraoxicromate2,5 Average content- Crome ions- Zink ions6.3
  8. 8. The business model of the projectRelationships withRelationships withcustomerscustomersDirect sales to the lacquer-and-paint enterprisesSales through large wholesale dealer network, togetherwith other primary componentsThe free provision of samples for testingpresentation of thetechnology at the technicalmeeting in companiespersonal contacts and accessto decision-makers, mailingof business proposals
  9. 9. The business model of the project
  10. 10. The economics of the projectProfit and loss statementArticle 2012 2013 2014  Расход Доход Расход Доход Расход ДоходPayroll and tax deductions 300000 750000 750000Rental of premises 74000 126000 126000The acquisition,production(manufacturing),assembling and themodernization of equipment915000 0 0Raw materials 307400 824250 0 824250Office supplies 5000 4992 4992Transport 70000 69600 69600Bank services 10000 9948 9948Licensing and certification 40000   0   0  Communication 10000   9960   9960  Advertising and marketing 0   24000   24000  Unwinding     183000   183000  Energy 18600   295750   295750  Tax on profit 0   202500   202500  Realization of production   0   3375000   3375000Total 1750000 0 2500000 3375000 2500000 3375000Total income 6750000Total expense 6750000
  11. 11. Team The core team consists of 4 people and has experience inthe following areas: entrepreneurship, businessmanagement, marketing, knowledge of paint-and-varnishindustry and chemical technology: Shubenin Igor Alexandrovich: Director of a major chemicalcompany LLC «Yaroslavl pigment», experience in businessmanagement, entrepreneurship, conducting of active sales with«0», conducting of scientific-research works and innovation Shubenin Mikhail Aleksandrovich: marketing specialist, head ofsales Department, work experience in the paint industry Shubenina Tatyana Vladimirovna : engineer-technologist,knowledge of paint-and-varnish industry and chemicaltechnologies, experience of introduction of innovations Indeikin Evgeny Balikoyev : Professor, Ph.D, experience ofcarrying out scientific-research works, development andinnovation; knowledge of paint-and-varnish industry and chemicaltechnology
  12. 12. Current stage of development of business- Developed the technology of obtaining of the prototypeDeveloped the technology of obtaining of the prototype- Collected by the pilot installation upon receipt of pilotCollected by the pilot installation upon receipt of pilotbatches of innovative productsbatches of innovative products- Lease production premisesLease production premises- Certified productsCertified products- The marketing researchesThe marketing researches- Established the Internet site organizationEstablished the Internet site organization- The patent for the inventionThe patent for the invention- Were signed agreement with 7 usersWere signed agreement with 7 usersRealization of production
  13. 13. Participation in exhibitions and conferences
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention!LLCLLC ««Innovative materials»YaroslavlYaroslavl cityContact phone 8905646360289056463602e.mail:e.mail: in-material.ruwww: