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26-28 MAY, 2013 - FIRST ANNUAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATORS CONFERENCE IN RUSSIA. STARTUP VILLAGE - one of the most ambitious start-up conferences in Russia, organized by Skolkovo in cooperation with partners. The conference is the first this year and will be held annually.

Trubmetprom R&D Center is the first conference day's pitch session participant in the Clean Technology and Energy pavillion.

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Trubmetprom R&D Center

  1. 1. Development and manufactureof essentially new technology andequipment of new generation ofmodular type for surface treatmentof metal-rolling of metal and alloys
  2. 2. 22PROBLEMS OF THE BRANCH OF INDUSTRYAbsence of universaltechnology of degreasingHigh energycapacityAbsence ofenvironmentalsafetyLow quality ofdegreasingLow productivityOut-of-dateequipmentAbsence ofautomation
  3. 3. SUMMARY OF INNOVATION PROJECTOBJECTIVE OFTHE PROJECT:3PRODUCT OF THEPROJECT:EXPECTED TERMSOF READINESS OFPROJECT PRODUCT:Reduction of energy consumption, increase of energy efficiency and environmental safety of cleaning processesof the pipes surface and metal rolled products in metallurgy, atomic power engineering, mechanical engineeringwhile obtaining high quality of cleaning of the surface.Replacement of the traditional methods of cleaning and out-of-date equipment for innovative jet cavitational andvortical cleaning methods by means of usage of jet cavitational and vortical chambers of modular type will allowto exclude energy-intensive processes, to increase energy efficiency and performance of treatment processes, toreduce resource consumption, and the cost of production, and to improve the quality of surface cleaning.Pilot sample of jet cavitational and vortical installation of cleaning2 years since the beginning of the projectCONCEPT OFINNOVATION:
  4. 4. 44COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGESDescriptionExisting domestic andforeign analogues:Innovation project of STCTrubmetpromUniversality (regardless the nature of the processedmetal)– +Possibility of usage in line production (in mill train) – +Quality of degreasing low highEnergy efficiency:- energy consumptionfor 1 installation/year- energy savingfor 1 installation/year- power consumptionfor 1 installation/yearPower reductionCapital saving due to the energy saving for 1installationEnvironmental safety2 053 200 kW–290 kW·hour––Environmentally unsafe53 100 kW2 000 100 kW7,5 kW·hourIn 38,6 times8 mln roublesEnvironmentally safeAggressivity of process solutionsaggressive, inflammable andexplosive–Concentration of process solutions high (30-100%) low (0÷0,1%)Possibility of utilization and decontamination ofdrainageRequires special measuresDoes not require specialmeasures, drain to thecommon drainage system ispossible
  5. 5. SCHEME OF JET CAVITATIONAL ANDVORTICAL CLEANING MODULE1 – toroidal chamber, 2 – exhaust nozzle, 3 – annulargrooves, 4 и 5 – tangential nozzles, 6 – processed product.5Record of the process of removal the process lubricantfrom the externalsurface of pipesfrom the internalsurface of pipesVARIANT OF THE SCHEME OFPROCESS LUBRICANT REMOVAL
  6. 6. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYPatents received on the project:Holder of patent – ООО «STC «Trubmetprom»:№ 2355484 Method of cleaning of cylindrical long-length product№ 2411310 Method of electrochemical cleaning of metal products№ 103369 Device for electrochemical treatment of internal surface of pipes№ 113739 Device for electrochemical treatment of internal surface of pipes№ 88677 Installation for electrochemical treatment of pipesHolder of patent – employees of ООО «STC «Trubmetprom»:№ 2391151 Method of drying of cylindrical products10 of these patents were implemented into production in the Russian Federation.4 patents are planned to be introduced in this project.6Main summary of the Patent scenery:- general direction of work is promising, that isconfirmed by the non-decreasing number ofpublished patent documents.Russia; 155Moldova; 246Romania; 1Germany; 1England; 1Canada; 1USA; 1France; 1-2 0 2 4 6 8 10Geography of patenting
  7. 7. 7CHARACTERISTICS AND METHOD OFCOMMERCIALIZATIONTARGET SEGMENT OF THEMARKET: MAIN MARKETS:SCHEME OF COMMERCIALIZATION:Production of jet cavitational and vortical modules inits own facilities and in the facilities of the partner, saleand after-sales service (main variant).Sale of licenses7010203040506070Германия, Италия Украина РоссияВ настоящее время Прогноз на 2016-20 ггShare of delivery of the equipment forsurface treatmentМеталлургия(черная, цветная, прокатноепроизводство)Машиностроение(производство трубдля топливно-энергетическогокомплекса, атомной энергетики и др.)Россия 2015 г.GEOGRAPHY OF SALES:2016-20 ггСтраныСНГ, Украина, Италия, Германия,Китай, СШАGermany, Italy Ukraine RussiaToday 2016-2020CIS countries, Ukraine, Italy,Germany, USA, ChinaRussia 2015Metallurgy(iron and steelindustry,nonferrousmetallurgy,rolling industry)Mechanicalengineering(production ofpipes for thefuel andenergycomplex, nuclearpower, etc.)
  8. 8. 8ATTTRACTION OF INVESTMENTSBudget of the 1st stage of Project is 30 mln. roubles– funds of fund «Skolkovo» - 75 % (22,5 mln. roubles)– matching funds – 25 % (7,5 mln. roubles)Item of expensesTotal, mlnroublesCapital investments, including: 9,73Office equipment and software 1,22Production of trial sample of the installation 8,51Operating costs, including: 20,27Rent of office and experimental area 1,62Salary budget with charge 16,62Marketing an other expenses 2,03TOTAL: 30,0
  9. 9. TEAM OF THE PROJECTSIROTKIN SERGEY NIKOLAEVICHKOVALEV VIKTOR VLADIMIROVICHProject manager, PhD in Technical SciencesDirector General of ООО «STC «Trubmetprom»42 years of working experience in metallurgy andinnovation activity.Honorary Metallurgist, academician ofInternational Academy of author of scientificdiscoveries and inventions,71 patents (in Russia, USA, Canada, Germany andGreat Britain), 48 innovations into the production,144 publicationsResponsible executor of project, к.х.н.,Deputy of the Director General ООО «STC«Trubmetprom» on general issues40 years of experience in metallurgy andinnovation activityLaureate of All-Russian competition «Engineer ofthe Year 2010», Honorary Metallurgist,36 patents of RF36 innovations into the production,95 publicationsVORONINA TATYANA ALEKSANDROVNAScientific adviser, Doctor of Chemistry. ОтветственныйExecutor of project, professor, vice-director of ScientificResearch Centre of Applied and Ecological Chemistry ofMoldova State University.45 years of scientific experience.Honoured inventor of USSR, Moldova andRomania, Honoured Master of Science and Technology ofMoldova.318 patents (In Russia, Moldova, Romania)17 books and monographs, 256 publicationsHead of the International Scientific Projects, includingProject STCU #5393 (2011÷2013)KUZNETSOV NIKITA MAKSIMOVICHExecutor of project, student of Aerospace Faculty of theSUSU1 patent of RF, 1 implementation into the production, 2publications9Total in the team there are 15 people,including 2 Doctors of Science and 4 Masters of Science
  10. 10. COMPANY’S PROFILE2003 ÷ 2005 гг. Foundation of the company.Development and implementation of the first version of jet cavitationaland vortical module - plant for cleaning of electric welded pipes onPervouralsk New Pipe Plant.Active development of the company:- universal plant for electrochemical treatment of pipes from refractory metalsand alloys in FSUE-SSC RF - Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (Obninsk)–automatic installation of the anode-hydraulic processing of stainless steelpipes for Open-type joint-stock company“Mashinostroitelny Zavod” (OAO MSZ) (Elektrostal)– automatic installation for removal of process lubricant from the external andinternal surface of pipes on ООО «ELEMASH-STP» (Elektrostal).Active participation in the International exhibitions (Grand prize «Idea of theyear», 33 gold medals).2005 ÷ 2011 гг.2011÷2013 гг.Joining Skolkovo.The company was awarded the highest award of the International Exhibition ofinnovation technologies and inventions “Archimedes-2013”- Grand Prize “GoldArchimedes” on the delegation of the Chelyabinsk Province. We are the onlycompany in Russia that produces and implements the energy saving,ecologically safe jet cavitational and vortical technology and jet cavitationaland vortical modules of cleaning.Receiving of 12 patents for the anode-hydraulic processing plant, jetcavitational and vortical method of cleaning, electrodes, etc.Production and testing of jet cavitational and vortical modules.10