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26-28 MAY, 2013 - FIRST ANNUAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATORS CONFERENCE IN RUSSIA. STARTUP VILLAGE - one of the most ambitious start-up conferences in Russia, organized by Skolkovo in cooperation with partners. The conference is the first this year and will be held annually.

Security Stronghold is the first conference day's pitch session participant in the IT pavillion.

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Security Stronghold

  1. 1. IT Pro-active Probabilistic Antivirus Smart UAC
  2. 2. Project Description • Traditional antivirus systems do not manage to update the databases in time, because thousands of new threats appear every day • Some antiviruses entrusts a decision-making process to the user – the weakest part in the security system • Smart UAC provides users with an antivirus solution that is finally able to prevent virus epidemic without waiting for database updates, and not putting the responsibility of decision-making to the user • Smart UAC is antivirus system of new generation combining best aspects of existing methods: static probabilistic analysis, cloud computing and signatures
  3. 3. The Market • Antivirus market (estimated at $17B) is very competitive. More than thousand companies produce antivirus solutions for the wide range of different consumers. 40% of the market consist of free security related products. • The world antivirus market grows at the rate of 10-15% each year. The Russian market grows 25% every year. • Popular traditional antiviruses are: Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus and Eset Nod32 Antivirus. • There are no products that deliver unknown (totally new) viruses detection rate more than 15% as of now. This is why virus epidemics still thrive.
  4. 4. • Detects as much as 90% of all UNKNOWN and TOTALLY NEW viruses • Takes the user’s psychology into account • Is able to educate and spread knowledge across its cloud • Complex product offer: antivirus, cyber threats protection, Internet security, parental controls, content filtering, system fix and privacy controls Technology Advantages
  5. 5. • Cloud and Signature based scanning is completed • AI probabilistic static analysis and content filtering are in progress, 70% ready • In the near future: full completion of the functional of anti-virus system; release of Pro, Enterprise and Free versions; active patenting; carrying out the expanded PR campaign; active sales • Has got 2 patents (probabilistic antivirus analysis of objects), 1 patent application filed (the extraction device of the stable vectors of features). Current R&D Status
  6. 6. Current Technology Metrics • Artifical Intelligence module identifies TOTALLY NEW, UNKNOWN and PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN viruses with 74% True Positive rate and less than 1% False Positive rate. Post-processing system decreases False Positive rate to as low as 0,1%. Viruses doesn’t need to be executed to be detected – all analysis is static. • Cloud Scanning module already knows more than 7 million viruses and growing • Overall detection rate with 70% of known and 30% of unknown viruses in collection of 10% viruses and 90% legitimate programs is over 99,8%.
  7. 7. Team/Company • The team of 16 is led by Konstantin Artemyev, CEO. 8 years experience. Graduate from Astrakhan State Technical Univ. (ASTU), Automated Process Controlling Systems (APCS). • Valeriy Laptev, technology adviser, 20-years’ experience at ASTU. PhD, associate prof. of Automated systems of information control and processing chair. • Since May, 2009 Security Stronghold company is the official partner of Intel® corporation
  8. 8. • Experience in R&D and sales – 12 products in antimalware and data protection, over 1,6 million installations worldwide, over 14k clients worldwide Team/Company
  9. 9. Project Leader • Konstantin Artemyev – head of team, CEO and owner of Security Stronghold Company. Experience of international business activity - 8 years; • Scientifical activity: winner of the competition "Conference of Young Scientists on Information Search", Taganrog 2008; author of several scientific publications; • Role in team: CEO, marketing, advertizing, communications with partners, system architecture, design of technologies and processes, subsystems of artificial intelligence, the general project management. • Entrepreneur of the Year of 2011 and 2012 in Astrakhan region
  10. 10. Investment Opportunity • Seeking $1.55M structured as $1.2M of equity investment, $.33M Skolkovo grant and $.02M other funds to complete collective intelligence functionality; to release alpha, beta and commercial version of the product, start sales and scale up. • Invested to the point: $200k of internal funding • Financing period: 1 year • Start of international sales: early 2014 • Strategic partnerships as of now – over 10
  11. 11. Contacts Konstantin Artemyev, CEO +7 (903)347-4476