Social Media for Start-Ups


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Social media has not only changed the way people interact with each other, it has also had a significant impact in the way businesses operate. However, while many start-ups have embraced social media as a way to interact with customers and boost growth, there are plenty of companies that apply outdated thinking to their online conversations or, worse, don’t engage with social media at all.

Lara Solomon is the founder of Social Rabbit, which educates businesses of all sizes on the advantages of social media. If you don’t have a social media strategy, or if you’re simply not engaging the public in the way you’d like, Lara will have some invaluable advice on how to harness the power of social media to benefit your business.

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Social Media for Start-Ups

  1. 1. Social Media forStart-upsLara SolomonSocial RabbitOliver Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Oliver Sponsored by:
  3. 3. Lara SolomonChief RabbitSocial Rabbit Sponsored by:
  4. 4. What is social media
  5. 5. Social Media is…. Social Media is NOT….- Part of your business’ marketing - A silver bullet- Hard work - FREE (unless you count your time as- As effective as you make it free)- Not a replacement for other ways to - A way to make $millions$ overnight promote your business - Easy – have you ever known anything- Is a way to promote your business to a easy to get you amazing results large number of people - A one size fits all approach, you need to- Great for SEO experiment- A way to drive traffic to your website- A way to get more bang for your buck from your offline marketing- A way to listen to your audience- A way to get feedback from your audience
  6. 6. What social media are you using to promote your business?
  7. 7. Business use in Australia 34% of SMBs use social media, with a further 15% planning to use it in future. The top three sites used are: 1. Facebook 75% 2. Twitter 47% 3. LinkedIn 42% Comscore estimated that 90% of Australian Internet users visited social media sites in February 2010 FACT: Australian small businesses that use social media as part of their online business strategy are more likely to achieve bigger revenue returns from their websites. Source: Melbourne IT eBiz Review 2010
  8. 8. Internet Use in Australia Source: whitepaper State of the Internet Australia Feb 2011
  9. 9. Internet Use in Australia Source: whitepaper State of the Internet Australia Feb 2011
  10. 10. In Australia Facebook is the 3rd MOST VISITED website!!! Source: whitepaper State of the Internet Australia Feb 2011
  11. 11. Why is social media important for your business? • It spreads your message to a wide audience • It is a cost effective way to promote your business • Builds long term relationships • Increases traffic to your website • Helps with SEO • To play where your audience is • It improves your business’ digital footprint • To increase sales • To tell customers about new products/services • To get feedback on products/services • To engage your customers • To make your customers feel loved!
  12. 12. The benefits of having a good social mediapresence Find out what your audience actually wants (rather than guessing!) To build TRUST
  13. 13. People Trust People more than Ads Title tag URL Meta Description Nielsen Social Media Report 2009
  14. 14. People Want to Communicate Online Title tag URL Meta Description
  15. 15. The downsides of not using social media • People can’t find you • You miss out on sales • You miss out on SEO advantages • Your business is seen as ‘old fashioned’ • People don’t get in touch because they can’t Facebook you! • Missing out on a marketing opportunity • Missing out an audience
  16. 16. Businesses that have used social media totheir advantage Title tag URL Meta DescriptionDropped Email Marketing inflavour of social media…..
  17. 17. Businesses that have used social media totheir advantage Over 12,000 Fans in 3 months tag Title = Doubled online sales URL Meta Description
  18. 18. #CrustFreePizzaFriday Title tagURL
  19. 19. Title tagURLBook review = Free book Friday
  20. 20. Red Bull engaging customers Title tagURL
  21. 21. How social media can level the playing fieldwith large companies • You Don’t need a BIG budget to play • You can make your business look BIG easily • You can give awesome customer service
  22. 22. First social media steps for start-ups start- 1. Know who your target audience are
  23. 23. First social media steps for start-ups start- 2. Find out where your audience are playing
  24. 24. First social media steps for start-ups start- 3. Work out who will drive the social media in your business
  25. 25. First social media steps for start-ups start- 4. Work out how much time you have daily to give to it POLL
  26. 26. First social media steps for start-ups start- 5. Decide WHAT you want to achieve from it 1. Goals 2. Objectives Sales Brand Awareness Education Trust Insights Website traffic
  27. 27. First social media steps for start-ups start- 6. Work out how you will measure your goals & objectives so that you know it is working
  28. 28. First social media steps for start-ups start- 7. Synchronise it with your offline marketing
  29. 29. First social media steps for start-ups start- 8. Plan your attack!
  30. 30. Use your keywords in your social media Use the same keywords that you use on your website in your social media….. Find out your keywords with the Google Keywords tool
  31. 31. Helpful links and social media tools Links Social Media Tools Tweetdeck ( Hootsuite ( Sendible ( iPhone apps - free resources to help you with your social media
  32. 32. Thank you Sponsored by: