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Reach Escape Velocity through Lean Content Marketing - Guillaume Decugis


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Guillaume Decugis, co-founder & CEO at, talks to us about how to use lean content marketing to stand out from the crowd.

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Reach Escape Velocity through Lean Content Marketing - Guillaume Decugis

  1. 1. Reach Escape Velocity throughLean Content Marketing Guillaume Decugis Co-Founder & CEO, @gdecugis
  2. 2. A Myth in Silicon Valley:“good products don’t need marketing”
  3. 3. Advertising is not Marketing• Advertising can blur the lines when trying to assess product/market fit• It can help you scale but only if it is sustainableMarketing, however, is different
  4. 4. If Marketing didn’t matter, then why this?
  5. 5. “We don’t do Marketing because we’re a lean startup” “We see Lean Startup methodology being used inappropriately as an excuse to not take sales and marketing seriously” Marc Andreessen on GigaOm
  6. 6. What can you market as a startup?• Product Launch• Product Update• Product New Release• Product …
  7. 7. Problem with that? Diminishing returns “Curate Your Own Digital Magazine With For iPhone” iPhone App Launch “ is Tumblr without the blogging” Private Beta Launch “Anyone’s a magazine editor with” Public Launch
  8. 8. You must market more than product launches to reach escape velocity
  9. 9. Solution?
  10. 10. Content Marketing?“Content Marketing is the practice of creatingcontent relevant to your brand to gain greatervisibility in search results and in social channels” JD Lasica, Social Media Biz• Define your space• Educate• Engage• Be the resource people point to• Build brand loyalty
  11. 11. Framework for Lean Content Marketing• Content Marketing works…• …but can be time-consuming & costly• There are multiple ways to do it right: need to iterate & learn• Content doesn’t have to be fat/costly to be effective
  12. 12. 4 Lean Content Strategiesthat worked for us
  13. 13. Leverage SlideShare’s naturaldistribution to share your vision
  14. 14. Guest post to get distribution for your ideas
  15. 15. Answer Quora questions that relate to your fieldBlogging… but for an existing and savvyaudience
  16. 16. Content Curation• Great starting point• Leverage what you already do: read• Express your expertise…• … but also develop it• Helps you indentify original topics for content creation
  17. 17. Now go shoot for the Stars! Your Brand (in orbit or… on the moon) Your Blog Leveraged Content Creation (Quora, SlideShare, Guest Posts) Content Curation Product Launches
  18. 18. Join us!Talk / meet on Lean Content : on our blog : Thank you! Guillaume Decugis Co-Founder & CEO – @gdecugis