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Maroc Startup Cup 2014 - Kick Off


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Maroc Startup Cup is a part of a global network of locally driven business model competitions open to any type of business idea.

Maroc Startup Cup is the largest startup competition in Morocco. Globally, Startup Cup is Featured Event of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).

Maroc Startup Cup is a a nationwide business model competition targeting the most promising Moroccan startups, those in early stage with Innovative Idea and a working prototype looking to take it to the next level, or established startups looking to scale and benefit from media exposure and funding.

Maroc Startup Cup is organized by Startup Morocco.

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Maroc Startup Cup 2014 - Kick Off

  1. 1. Business Model Competition PARTENAIRE OFFICIEL
  2. 2. Education Pré-Accélération Accélération
  3. 3. Business Model Competition PARTENAIRE OFFICIEL
  4. 4. Official Partner Sponsor Gold Sponsor Bronze UN GRAND MERCI! Media Partners Supporting Partner
  5. 5. Startup Cup – 45 Countries … StartUp Cup est un réseau mondial pour la promotion de l’entreprenariat à travers une compétition de business model ouverte à tous types d’idées qui a fait preuve ces dernières années comme un modèle efficace pour créer des entreprises viables et renforcer l'écosystème entrepreneurial local. STARTUP CUP
  7. 7. MENTORING Programme d’accélération
  9. 9. Cash Prize 100K DH En Cash à gagner!
  10. 10. 2013
  11. 11. +90 Candidatures 20 Startups Semi-Finalistes 10 Startups Finalistes 14 Mentors | 6 Membres du Jury 30 Entrepreneurs Accompagnés +10 000 Fans sur Facebook 100 000 Dirhams pour le gagnant 1 Mois d’accélération à la Silicon Valley Maroc Startup Cup 2013 En Chiffres
  12. 12. 10 STARTUPS FINALISTES RobEco (By Sqwila) By Next Level By LevelOne By FRONESIS
  13. 13. LOOLY’S sells premium quality couscous, unprocessed, easy to cook, gluten Free, beyond-Fair-trade products with genuine taste, health benefits and high convenience. Looly’s products are available in many flavors and offer a wider experience around couscous. Looly’s is mainly targeting US & UK markets. Represented by Lamiaa Bounahmidi, CEO & Co-Founder LOOLY’S!
  14. 14. The Runner-up! Kezakoo is an e-Learning and Social Networking platform providing to its users a wide range of educational content in both French and Arabic (Darija). Kezakoo offers incentives and rewards for user-generated content depending on the importance of contributions. The platform also provides e-learning and online training services for professional users. Represented by Youssef Ghalem, CEO & Founder
  15. 15. The 2nd Runner-Up myVLE is a SaaS based e-Learning platform designed to supplement the traditional classroom teaching. It is a tool that makes teaching and learning more efficient, intuitive and fun. Represented by Zakaria Mahboubi and Co-Founders
  16. 16. 2014
  17. 17. Fermeture des candidatures Inscriptions Top 30 Mentoring Juin - Septembre Soumission du Business Model Détaillé Mars Avril Juin Sept. Oct. Nov. Top 10 Mentoring Pitch Finale Devant le Jury & Désignation de la Startup Championne 1. Value Proposition 2. Customer Research & Development 3. Revenue Models 4. Product Development 5. Sales and Traction/Go To market Strategies 6. Branding and Marketing / Naming & Positioning 7. Startup Legal and IP 8. Bootstrapping and Fundraising Timeline & Curriculum 2014 8 Workshops / Business Cases + Mentoring Sessions / Progress Reviews
  18. 18. NATIONAL Startup Cup | 60+ Pays Sélection par Jury / Vote en Ligne |10 Startups Finalistes | 1 Startup Championne Nationale La Finale 22 Novembre 2014 National Winner 2015
  19. 19. TOP30 S TA R T U P S
  20. 20. MoMuntum
  22. 22. MENTORS Nilam Sari Setiono Owner of Kebab Turki Baba Rafi Imad EL AOUNI Directeur Afrique du Nord et Afrique subsaharienne à DIEBOLD K. Jai Hokimi Entrepreneur Evangelist, Advisor to the Chairman & CEO OCP Omar Tazi Founder & CEO Youssef Chakor CEO Kilimjaro Hicham Bouzekri Director of business development & Valorization MASCIR Rabia El Alama Managing Director AMCHAM Tatyana Kanzaveli Resident Mentor 500 Startups CEO and Founder at Open Cancer Network Dounia Boumehdi CEO at MITC Capital (Maroc Numeric Fund)
  23. 23. Amine RACHDI Education & IT Entrepreneur. Mehdi Laraqi CEO Gelacom group, Vice Président Réseau maroc Entreprendre Smail Bousta Directeur at RedHead Ali Amrani Founder Ibtikar, CEO logitech Consulting Abdelouahed Jambari Chef d'entreprise, Arz assureur conseil Zouheir LAKHDISSI CEO Dial Technologies Mehdi ALAOUI: Regional Sales Director Aircom International Achraf El Harti CEO in charge of Finance Executive Board Membe HP-CDG IT Services Maroc Akram Benmbarek Social IQ Founder Startup Mentor MENTORS
  24. 24. JURY K. Jai Hokimi Entrepreneur Evangelist, Advisor to the Chairman & CEO OCP Shafik Sabiry President du Directoire HP CDG IT Services Maroc Amine Hazzaz Managing Director Endeavor Morocco William Fellows North Africa Specialist, Venture Financing, Policy & Applied Entrepreneurship Hicham ZANATI SERGHINI Directeur Général de la CCG Omar Tazi Founder & CEO
  25. 25. The Investment Battle Get in the Ring NATIONAL HOST
  26. 26. | A jury of Champions (investors) • Decide winner • Provide feedback • Potentially invest | A battle between 2 startups | Pitching in 5 rounds: 1. Team 2. Achievements 3. Business Model & Market 4. Financials & Investment Proposition 5. Freestyle pitch Un concept UNIQUE De Pitching Fun, innovaant et concis Get in the Ring
  28. 28. La compétition des INDUSTRIES CREATIVES | Design | Architecture | Production de Contenu | Publicité | Livres & presse | Musique | Film & Vidéo | Art & Artisanat | Radio & TV | Gastronomie | Activités de Loisirs | Parcs d'attraction & Scènes en direct INTERNATIONAL FINALS 18 Novembre A Copenhagen, Denmark Organisé par NATIONAL ROUNDS National Winner | 50+ Pays |2000+ Startups |+ 4 Startups Finalistes | 1 Startup Chmapionne Nationale Juillet 2014
  29. 29. @Startup_Morocco THANKS!