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Startup Monthly Entrepreneurship School


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Startup Monthly is an organization based in Silicon Valley which is devoted to helping entrepreneurship communities around the world create, innovate, quickly iterate, and grow startups in a wide area of technical fields.

Startup Monthly is run by a team of aspiring entrepreneurs which brings together a community of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs through HANDS ON workshops to teach young entrepreneurs how to create LEAN and FUNDABLE startups

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Startup Monthly Entrepreneurship School

  1. 1. Show Customer Traction Development Feb 16, 2012Launch Define MVP Hack Entrepreneurship School From 0 to Startup in 1 month! 1© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Sponsors 2© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Startup Monthly Entrepreneurship School Startup Monthly is an Entrepreneurship School providing monthly HANDS ON workshops to teach young entrepreneurs how to create LEAN and FUNDABLE startups Mission: Identify the best talent, form co-founding teams and create successful companies 3© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Startup Monthly helps you Find a • Mixers and activities Co- Founder • Complementary skills and same passion Find a • Find a problem and initial solution Viable Idea • Find best market fit Validate a • Perform Customer Development Business Model • Find paying customers and business model Rapidly • Define Minimal Viable Product Prototype • Prototype rapidly and launch Iterate and • Constantly engage customers Get Traction • Collect metrics and analytics Raise Seed • Pitch coaching Funding • Pitch to investors 4© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Monthly Methodology Ice Breaker Idea Accelerator Pitch Accelerator Present Show Customer Get BMC Games and Traction Pitch Challenges Development Feedback Coaching Customer Pitch Launch Define Pitch to PracticeDevelopment Idea MVP Investors & Refine Form Team Live Hack Expo Teams Prototype 2 sessions 5 sessions 2 sessions 1 week 1 month 4 days 5© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Startup Monthly Ecosystem Industry Talent Biz Tech Mentors Investors Services Experts Monthly Networking Education Connections Introductions Leads Socials Hackathons Initial 1-3 days workshops Initial Idea Initial Pitch Fun Ice Breakers Team Idea Business Co-Founding 5 weeks workshop Prototype Pitch Accelerator Model Team Seed Accelerators Incubators Angels VCs Profitability Investment 6© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. 2011 Results • 3 Idea Accelerators • 3 Ice Breakers • 3 Demo Days • 2 Pitch Accelerators • ~60 Sessions and Socials • ~1500 Entrepreneurs • 23 Teams, 10 Companies 7© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Core Team Yuri Rabinovich CEO & Founder Monique Barbanson Director of Labs & Co-Founder Vadim Slavin Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder Ziv Yoash Chief Legal Officer & Co-Founder Eric Dorf Director of User Experience Valerie Muravitsky Agile Coach in Residence Extended Team Amy Kwan Community Manager Tim McCoy Designer in Residence Andrea Schoeller Director of BizDev and Operations Ido Sakal Chief Financial Officer 8© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. What do we provide • All mentors in house – Tech, Biz, Legal, Marketing, Finance • Monthly Methodology combining Lean Startup and Customer Development best practices through hands on workshops • Advisors/Mentors • Serial Entrepreneurs • Lean Startup experts • Industry and Domain experts • Branding and Demo Coaches • UX and Design experts • Network • Investors • Entrepreneurs– Biz/Tech • Technical resources, outsourcing companies • Partners and sponsors networks • Universities • Tools • Discounted and free partner services • Best practices and startup tools • SDKs, APIs, Open Sources, Frameworks and Platforms© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Ice Breaker - 1 Week - 2 Sessions Games and • Group entrepreneurs with varying skills Challenges • Rotate teams after each challenge • Find people you like Pitch Idea • Pitch ideas to your peers and excite them • Form teams based on mutual interest and cohesiveness • Discuss the concept with the team Form Teams • Test your team for 1 week • Interview potential customers and identify the problems Customer • Create Business Model Canvas (BMC) Development • Recruit missing resources • Present your team • Present the idea and business model canvas to panel of Pitch BMC mentors and get feedback for the next steps© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Idea Accelerator Selection Process Teams are selected based on the following: o Well roundedness of teams  Teams have a strong mix of dev, biz, marketing, and idea co- founders (as necessary): 3-5 team members, MAX 1 BizDev person, at least 2 technical co-founders o Team cohesiveness  Team members must be able to listen to new ideas  Team members must be committed for 1 months of intensive work together and have passion to create their own startup after the workshop o Ideas that can be tested using lean startup methodology which can  Quickly define a minimum viable product (MVP), create a prototype, and perform a private launch to early adopters to get feedback© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. A Strong Team Should Have: 3-5 team members, MAX 1 BizDev person Technical Co-Founders: Developer • Lead development of MVP and help grow the idea into a product UX and Designer • Lead the user experience and design of the product Business Co-Founders: Idea Person • Bring an idea to the team • Unite group members around idea while being able to accept changes to the initial idea Business • Conduct market research to define problem and customer interaction with the product Marketing • Define how the product will be marketed to the customer and the customer acquisition strategy© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Idea Accelerator - 1 Month - 5 sessions •Perform customer development Customer •Validate hypotheses: customers, value proposition Development •Prototype core features; Choose tools and UI framework •Build early adopters community •Summarize customer development result Define MVP •Define minimal viable product (MVP) •Wireframes using visual tools •Implement MVP using rapid prototyping tools Hack •Focus on delivering great user experience •Define metrics and analytics that should be collected •Define marketing and customer acquisition strategy Launch •Incorporate metrics/analytics and feedback mechanisms •Launch the service to early adopters •Present collected metrics; evaluate success Show •Final Demo to panel of investors Traction •Teams get feedback and next steps© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. Pitch Accelerator – 2 sessions •Pitch 5 min presentation to panel of mentors Pitch •Get feedback Coaching •Structure of presentation •Story telling •Behavior Practice •Refine your presentation •Practice with your team •Improve your pitch •Present your product in front of demo day guests Expo •One on one pitch practice (30 sec) •Collect feedback from guests (Customer Development) Pitch to •Pitch to investors Investors •Present your current progress •Ask for help •Business Model Get •Introductions Feedback •Investment feasibility© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. Partners 15© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. Lets Startup!© Startup Monthly (2011). All Rights Reserved