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StartupJo - Sponsorship Proposal


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StartupJo is a platform to help early-stage startups by connecting them to Investors, mentors and organisations willing to help.

We're launching on 15-November-2014 in a private event.

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StartupJo - Sponsorship Proposal

  1. 1. Sponsorship Proposal Event launch of StartupJo. com the platform to assist and serve early—stage Jordanian startups everywhere. * Startuplo is a platform that helps startups point out what they're looking for so that interested investors, mentors and organisations can opt in to help out. As simple as that! Launching the Platform h-—'. StartupJo is the first dedicated online platform that filters out startups based on what they are looking for and matches them with helpful Mentors, Investors and Organizations. The launch is set on Saturday 15 Nov. " when StartupJo. com will officially launch to help list early—stage Jordanian Startups everywhere. The platform is straight forward—simple to use. We'll demo the website and explain the 4 following functions for startups: 1. Build a profile 2. List what they're looking for? 3. Share 4. Interact with listed Investors, Mentors Et Organisations
  2. 2. _I_: s-: .-. '- Campaigning for Startups V A r$-’ Startups will engage in a competition—like voting 1, 45' when they build their profiles online with StartupJo. '5 Every Startup will have to receive an invite from someone who have already registered before. Every Startup has 5 invites to share. The voting that appears on top right of every profile will determine the winners of the campaign that will start on 1st of November and last thru untilI5th of November. 2014. Pnzes Cash Money Prize Amazon Vouchers 6 Months Work Space Free Text Books L, ’ Free Training Workshop - Details of the Event Event Program When: 4:30 — 7:00 PM, Saturday 15 November 2014 Where: V Business Center — Umm Summaq "‘ " "”""' Warming UP Whos there: W , Stammoundm _' , ,b . ,.__m_ Intro — Tidying up the Jordanian 1”” ' Organization Executives V Startup ECo'S/ Stern , t L ' " Mentors '" '5‘ ' Investors StartupJo. com Demo: How it works? 7:71? ‘I I Join n . V i lF[l| | '|| |:_‘. i ; _ l . ) 1.I_m [Entertainment] Dubdance Raw. “ ' ' By Zuka Cake Makkah Mail ~31 3» Wm" Dining Et Mingling with the crowds Jaber Makkah Street Cent? ’ W" I "1 I ‘I : - I I I I I mail I ‘I wi It I ' II , I II Ii :4 I IWL ml-. I P I . .l IIEI” ’ II I’ iullhl. iii In I I. I I
  3. 3. %'up_b StartupJo is a platform that helps startups in Jordan Sponsor our Launch Event Silver (JD 500) Company name/ logo Listed on StartupJo. com when your Country & City is highlighted Thank you fit recognition during the mealyou sponsor Opportunity to display a sign or banner on the buffet table Hand out materials, swag, other relevant materials 2 invites to the event Gold (JD1,000) Identified in all social media campaign for one ofyour services Company name/ logo listed on StartupJo. com when your Country St City is highlighted [for a months time] Thank you 8: recognition during event Opportunity to hang banners at the event Hand out materials. swag, other relevant materials 2 invites to the event Platinum (JD 2,500) Invitation to add your content as a blog post on StartupJo Et on 3 consecutive weekly newsletters Branding on post event video — high viralvalue in Startup Community! Offer a prize to a Startup or an individualvia StartupJo‘s onsite voting (eg. Cash prize (above JD5,000), Office Space, iPhone. netbook, software) All benefits of the Gold Sponsorship 5 invites to the event Premiere (JD 4,000) Invitation to address attendees for 3 minutes Invited to set up a booth for your product/ service during the event All benefits of the Platinum Sponsorship 8 invites to the event Contact: www. sta rtupjo. com Saeed Omar saeed. omar@asc. so +962 79 7471065