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2012 feb startup meetup opening slides


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Published in: Business, Technology
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2012 feb startup meetup opening slides

  1. 1. A p r il S t a r t U p M e e tup Welcome Everyone!
  2. 2. Thank You Sponsors
  3. 3. Agenda• 5:45 Meet, Greet & Network!• 6:00 Introduction (Host)• 6:10 Presenter: Adam Kaye• 6:20 Presenter: Brian Tsuchiya• 6:30 Speaker: Gordon Nuttall• 7:00 Member Introductions & Announcements• 7:30 Adjourned - Network and eat delicious appetizers provided by Gurkhas - today’s appetizer is A L O O C H AT
  4. 4. FREE
  5. 5. Co-Working at The Loft
  6. 6. AttentionP le a s e m u t e o r t u r n o f f a ll c e ll P hone s
  7. 7. Our Information• Startup Mentoring Programs• Fundraising support and coaching• Software development• Marketing• Contact Info: Brian (at) 303-408-3671 | @StartupGuru | @StartupGuruNews LinkedIn: Brian Tsuchiya
  8. 8. StartUp Guru Team Lola Salim Helen Greene Carl KalinEvent Co-Organizer Biz Dev Guru Crowdfunding GuruLola(at) Focus: Software Development Focus: Training & Education @TaglineMafia | Helen(at) Carl(at)
  9. 9. Upcoming Events StartUp *Funding* Meetup Boulder StartUp Happy Hour Social Biz Wednesday, 5/2: 5:30-8p Meetup Networking Wednesday, 5/9: 5:30-8p Monday, 4/16: 5:30-9p StartUp *Sales & Green & Social StartUp *Technology* Marketing* Meetup Entrepreneurs MeetupWednesday, 4/18: 5:30-7:30p Monday, 5/14: 6-8p Wednesday, 4/18: 5:30-7:30p
  10. 10. G u r k h a s S U G S p e c ia l Ask for the VIP coupons to redeem this offerLocation: 6565 Gunpark Dr. (right down the street, behind King Soopers!) Pick-up & delivery available, call 303-530-1551