How to Give the Perfect Business Presentation


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Presentations are a common part of many school and university courses these days and chances are, you’ll have had to do at least one during your time in education. But what happens when you move on into the world of work when the pressure to get it right first time is so great, especially if it’s a presentation in front of a group of CEOs and directors. Here at Startup China, we’ve come up with some tips that will help you create a killer presentation that’s sure to impress those high-fliers.

How to Give the Perfect Business Presentation

  1. How to Give the Perfect Business Presentation
  2. Purpose -Topic -Aims & Goals
  3. Research -Learn topic inside out -Think of questions people might ask
  4. Audience -Are they new to the topic or are they already familiar with it -If they’re not experts don’t use technical, topic-specific language -Tailor style and language register to suit audience
  5. Visuals -Have a theme -Make sure information is easy to read (e.g. no dark fonts on dark backgrounds) - 3 or 4 bullet points per slide -Use charts, graphs, pictures and quotes
  6. Practice -Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse -Don’t learn by wrote – sounds unnatural -Find out your twitch and learn how to stop it
  7. Own the Room -Pre-view your presentation space -Check technical equipment
  8. Backup Plan -Prepare for technology failures -Have a spare copy of your presentation -Be ready to speak without slides/flip chart
  9. Audience Engagement -Eye contact -Gestures -Ask questions -Include facts/figures that might be surprising and get the audience’s attention
  10. Feedback -What you did well -What you didn’t -How you could improve
  11. The Key to a Killer Presentation Preparation
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