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A Profile of the Average Startupper in Europe


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Information about European startuppers and startup job seekers, including demographics, languages, salary expectations and levels of experience. A really interesting insight into the startup job market in Europe.

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A Profile of the Average Startupper in Europe

  1. 1. Date Taken from Siar’rupCV; .com
  2. 2. ewe With Berlin, Dublin, London ond more vying to be Europe's stortup hub, it's safe to soy that stortups are only increasing in popularity with job seekers. But who are the people who wont to join this fast- pcgcéed scene? And what are they looking for in 0 J0 . Using condidote doto from StortupCVs, we come up with some answers.
  3. 3. GENDER 40.4% of 59.6% of startup stortup applicants are applicants are female male
  4. 4. LANGUAGE The average applicant speaks 2.1 languages fluently. Make an educated guess which second language almost everyone speaks. .. . ..exact| y! 86% of all applicants speak English fluently.
  5. 5. :o . ,1"; -4-.2-. .g4—‘ 4.. -x as EDUCIZXTIDN. For 6.6% the high school diploma is the highest academic achievement 61.0% have achieved a Master's Degree or higher 1 For 32.4% a Bachelor's Degree is the highest academic achievement
  6. 6. EXPERIENCE entry-level? 47.1% are looking for entry- level positions. .. iob experience? . ..which is surprising since they have an average of 5.1 years of career experience. why? A possible explanation is that people are switching from corporate iobs into the startup world. They have experience - iust not at a startup.
  7. 7. 16.2‘/ . are also open to remote work. Perhaps 33.9% of them want to lheY"‘e l9°kl“9 l° l°l” work in Berlin - making it the growing group of the most popular people who consider location. Not surprising lhemselves “$'. ‘ll9ll0l considering that Berlin nomads - has a low cost of living and one of the most vibrant stortup scenes
  8. 8. SECTORS CANDIDATES‘ PREFERRED SECTORS e-commerce eeeseeeeee Communit'y&Socia| gfiégfifl Travel & Transport With no clear winner, this reflects the variety of people's interests. Of those who expressed a preference, E- commerce clinched a win with 12.2% - closely followed by Community & Social (9.4%) and Travel & Transport (8.8%).
  9. 9. WAGE EXPECTATIONS Junior Senior Manager Head of €27,000 €38,000 €40,300 €59,300 Intern € 1 7,1 00 Word seems to have gotten around that startups tend to offer lower pay and candidates have lowered their expectations accordingly. It is important to note that these numbers don't include equity or other perks, which can be a big part of what attracts people to startups. Junior employees are also attracted by the chances for quick learning and high responsibility offered at startups and view this as a trade-off against lower salaries.
  10. 10. PREFERRED FUN‘cTI‘OF! 20.5% Marketing 18.0% Sales 8 CRM 16.6% Proiectl Product Mgmt The top three functions European startup employees and candidates are looking for are Marketing, Sales 8 CRM, and Proiectl Product Management.
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