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Growth Hacking - André Jordão


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Growth Hacking - André Jordão

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Growth Hacking - André Jordão

  1. 1. Startup Growth Startup Braga André Jordão
  2. 2. Growth
  3. 3. This is a not a Growth Curve Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics by @yongfook
  4. 4. This is a Growth Curve Periods of strategic, sustainable growth Rapid, unsustainable* tactical growth *perhaps a temporary paid partnership, exploiting some growth vector that shuts itself off after a while, or a landing page optimization that inexplicably and suddenly stops working magic Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics by @yongfook
  5. 5. Brand Growth Hacking
  6. 6. Growth Hacking? Product, Marketing, Data.
  7. 7. Growth Hacking? A skillset and a mindset.
  8. 8. Hard data vs Soft data
  9. 9. Product and Business metrics
  10. 10. Customer Journeys and Customer feedback
  11. 11. Endless A/B testing Lean experiments Very diverse and creative
  12. 12. Models
  13. 13. What’s a model? Improves decision making, focus and prioritisation Streamlines the customer journey Models our business, costs and revenues “For each 1000€ invested in user acquisition we’ll get 1500€ of profit.”
  14. 14. Key metrics CPA = Cost Per Acquisition Retention Lifetime value Basket Size
  15. 15. Example Simplified model
  16. 16. Important points Identify assumptions Determine plausible rationale for each assumption Fixed costs vs Variable costs vs Expansion costs Have at least some hints that can back it up
  17. 17. To question Revenue vs Recurring Revenue ‘What if’ all the time In the end, it's all about organic
  18. 18. Inbound Marketing Conversion Funnel Retention
  19. 19. Priority #1 - Emails
  20. 20. Objections, Value, Goals
  21. 21. Retention is king
  22. 22. Holy Grail Model Personal Behavior
  23. 23. Anticipation Data Science Machine Learning
  24. 24. Brand
  25. 25. The Brand Framework
  26. 26. It builds trust, emotional connections and propensity
  27. 27. Equal to better conversions, lower CPA and higher retention
  28. 28. Brand Pain Points Value USP / Differentiation Brand Story Archetypes, Personality and Believes, Tone & Voice
  29. 29. VRBO vs Airbnb
  30. 30. Wrapping up Decisions based on a model A great product is a must A great product is not enough Sistematize everything, including your brand
  31. 31. Métricas de Produto Product Metrics
  32. 32. Types of Metrics Business Interaction Engagement
  33. 33. Mixpanel Segmentation
  34. 34. Mixpanel Funnels
  35. 35. Mixpanel Funnels
  36. 36. Mixpanel Retention
  37. 37. Mixpanel Retention
  38. 38. Mixpanel Revenue
  39. 39. Mixpanel Sessions
  40. 40. Mixpanel Sessions
  41. 41. Mixpanel Notifications
  42. 42. Mixpanel Notifications
  43. 43. Mixpanel iOS A/B Testing
  44. 44. Product Dashboard Collect and aggregate all metrics in one place Visualisation for the team: One person in charge to optimize time
  45. 45. Metrics-driven Development Goal by Goal, weekly Roadmap prioritisation & UX UX = Conversion Bet where you have the biggest growth potential Focused development
  46. 46. What metrics miss Not everything can be measured… Trust, Feelings, Emotions, Hints UX! Customer Development for qualitative feedback Sum of a lot of details = activation + retention
  47. 47. Mobile Conversion Examples from Wunder: Payment methods Phone number verification
  48. 48. Acquisition
  49. 49. For all cases Email Marketing Paid ads: Google, Facebook Delivering a great product - word of mouth!
  50. 50. For some cases Referral Programs SEO Social Media - organic Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Affiliates
  51. 51. To test Content Marketing (blog, webinars, courses, books, podcasts) Paid posts Directory submission PR & Media Partnerships
  52. 52. Email Marketing
  53. 53. Why Email marketing? Free (almost) Powerful and efficient Low investment of time Myths: “spammer” and “doesn’t work”
  54. 54. Implementation Mailchimp: the simple tool - validation metrics and development time saved When it’s well tested: automate on your server but be aware of costs First: doc with subjects, CTAs, key ideas, timings
  55. 55. Mailchimp: Templates Copywriting: time consuming (Resource: Shortcut for templates: Adress values and objections, one by one Be organized, it can tend to chaos
  56. 56. Mailchimp: Automation Automate funnels in a basic way Powerful alternatives: Active Campaign or Infusion Soft
  57. 57. Methodology Open rate, Click rate, Conversion Subject vs Body Segment per level of interest Test frequency flexibility Start broad, then niches
  58. 58. Subject & Body Simple techniques: - Links spread all around - Very secondary unsubscribe link - Intriguing subjects with “you” or “yours” - No sales talk - Information gap (read more, know more, see it) Rule #1: deliver value
  59. 59. Important notes Follow ups in many steps of the funnel Plain text vs Template Assisted conversions Test big ideas, then details Use email lists? Yes, to start
  60. 60. Retention
  61. 61. Concepts Simple processes can have a big impact CPA is much higher than the cost of retention The most important variable of the model Retention is easier and with higher potential
  62. 62. Attack or Defence? This doesn’t mean investing nothing in the beginning! Focus on acquisition or retention? Start by attacking as much as possible On the long run start to focus more and more on retention
  63. 63. Retention types Purchase Engagement
  64. 64. How to measure Minimum 50% Very hard to have reliable metrics Pro tip: Mixpanel only for retention Typical metric: month-on-month retention
  65. 65. Articles 25 Ways to Thank Your Customers 16 Startup Metrics Epic List of 100 Growth Hacks 21 User Retention Tactics You Need to Know
  66. 66. If you want something you never had you have to do something you’ve never done.
  67. 67. Add me on Linkedin or send an email to