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#4 Startup Braga / FLAD Acceleration Program


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Learn more about a program designed to help you validate and define your business model, build a stronger product, get your first customers and grow your business, together with a wide network of partners, mentors and experts.

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#4 Startup Braga / FLAD Acceleration Program

  1. 1. Building global startups From Braga to the world
  2. 2. “It helped us knowing the steps that would come further. We talked with a lot of investors and companies that went through the same process.” João Pedro Ribeiro, PeekMed #1 Acceleration Program, 2014 Seed investment in 2015, 7 employees
  3. 3. TIMELINE Deadline Nov 20 January 26
  4. 4. HOW DOES IT WORK By providing startups a program designed to help them build, execute and validate their business model, we want to increase their chances of success and facilitate access to international accelerators, markets and funding. With a Lean Startup approach and a hands-on program, we encourage a process of customer discovery and development, and iterations to achieve the right product/market fit and reach the first sales. During the program, startups are expected to iterate rapidly but at their own pace, according to their maturity and needs, while receiving intensive mentoring, training and guidance by specialist in technical and business aspects.
  5. 5. HOW DOES IT WORK Phase 1: Define Phase 2: Build Phase 4: Pitch Phase 3: Grow Access to workshops and Mentoring on Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup. Using the knowledge and the tools, the teams will then focus on validating the problem and the solution. Teams will be focused on making their minimum viable product stronger by incorporating feedback from potential clients. This phase will focus on customer outreach, establishment and implementation of a sales and business development strategy. The last two weeks, will be spent on preparing the pitch and all the documentation necessary for potential partners and investors.
  6. 6. WHO JOINS Technology based hardware and software products Full-time teams Prototype phase
  7. 7. Digital Economy Digital Health & Medtech Nanotechnology 3 MAIN AREAS in partnership with: in partnership with:
  8. 8. Without the acceleration program, Performetric would be just an idea. André Pimenta, Performetric #2 Acceleration Program, 2015 Seed investment in 2015, 5 employees
  9. 9. WORKSHOPS AND MENTORING Business & Company Definition • Business Model Canvas • Lean Startup • Company Legal Affairs • Venture Capital & Term Sheet Overview Product Development • UX/UI • Scrum & Agile • Hardware: product development and manufacture Growth and Communication • Growth Hacking & Metrics • Digital Marketing • Sales for Startups • Distribution and business development • PR & Communication • Reaching international markets • Pitch Training Health & Nanotech • Health Experience Design • Regulation and Compliance • Reimbursements and Health Economics • Health Industry • IP
  10. 10. SOME TRAINERS Vidar Andersen BMC & Lean Startup Margarida Carvalho UX/UI Sandra Sick DigitalMarketing André Jordão Growth Hacking & Metrics Angel Garrorena Sales for Startups Alex Barrera PR & Communication Alan Clayton Hardware: from prototype to market David Trayford Pitch
  11. 11. • NETWORK: Connection to a network with over 50 entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and executives and more than 50 startups and scaleups; • FACILITIES: Office space 24/7 and access to labs for research and product development, with technical support; • PARTNERS: Perks provided by a network of startup providers worth more than €100k; • TRAINING: Top-notch workshops with relevant content to help you develop your business, your product and your communication, by world-class experts; • USA ROADSHOW: A limited number of teams will be invited to join a roadshow to the USA to explore possible synergies and business expansion; • INVESTMENT: One team will receive an €100k investment from our partner Caixa Capital. All the teams will be in touch with investors, in several opportunities promoted by the program. WHAT YOU GET
  12. 12. EUA ROAD SHOW During the 2017 fall, in collaboration with FLAD, we will take the top teams to an EUA roadshow, divided between two cities, where they will have the opportunity to meet investors, accelerators and fellow entrepreneurs. WWW.STARTUPBRAGA.COM
  13. 13. 100k investment by The best team in the #3 Startup Braga / FLAD Acceleration Program will be invested in 100k in convertible notes by Caixa Capital. Caixa Capital is a leading investor in terms of funds under management, portfolio size and diversity whose mission is to invest in funds and companies, led by highly qualified management teams, with high growth and valuation potential
  14. 14. No fee, no equity taken
  15. 15. Starting a project is always challenging. The Startup Braga full support (infrastructure, mentoring and counseling), was essential for our first steps. The daily support of the Startup Braga team was crucial to our current status. Having received investment from Caixa Capital in the program, allowed us to dream of getting even further! Nuno Pinto, KIDE Fashion #3 Acceleration Program, 2016 Seed investment by Caixa Capital at Demo Day
  16. 16. 3 Editions 29 Teams 65% got funded 90% survival rate NUMBERS
  17. 17. ECOSYSTEM
  19. 19. SOME MENTORS
  20. 20. To help Startups and increase their chances of success, we develop partnerships to offer a range of services, delivered within the acceleration and incubation programs. PARTNERS
  21. 21. SCALEUPS In order to boost the ecosystem, the most successful and mature Startups have to be engaged in the community to help early stage startups.
  22. 22. Braga, a city that has high standards of quality of life based on location and infrastructures, with a balanced cost of life and a special focus on productivity - a city flexible and able to accommodate new entrepreneurs with great startups. As a technological hotbed, where many international well succeeded startups have emerged, Braga is also the home for the renowned University of Minho and of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) - both partners alongside Microsoft and Braga Hospital. WWW.STARTUPBRAGA.COM
  23. 23. Startup Braga is an innovation hub designed to assist the inception and development of high potential entrepreneurial projects for international markets. We provide business acceleration programs for startups with global ambitions offering tools and knowledge through several programs. WWW.STARTUPBRAGA.COM
  24. 24. Startup Braga is an initiative from InvestBraga - Agency for Economic Development.