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Marrying Design & Development: a Match made in Heaven, not Hell (Jeff Veen & Erika Hall, Startonomics SF 2008)


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Presentation by Jeff Veen, Small Batch & Erika Hall, Mule Design on how designers & developers can work better together, critical components & process of good design.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Marrying Design & Development: a Match made in Heaven, not Hell (Jeff Veen & Erika Hall, Startonomics SF 2008)

  1. Understanding Designers Erika Hall Je rey Veen Mule Design Small Batch, Inc.
  2. What Design Is How It Proceeds How Not to Screw it up
  3. Design and development can seem at odds.
  4. Design is a* problem solving methodology. * mostly rational
  5. Where the journey begins
  6. Optimization Innovation Launch Build Explore Refine Create
  7. Tip: If you catch yourself saying “Let’s get a designer to jazz this up a bit” you’re doing it wrong.
  8. Define your goal!
  9. Is a functional prototype enough?
  10. Will neglecting design confuse your users?
  11. Design Visual Information Interaction Strategist Designer Architect Designer Writer Interface Design Roles Will neglecting design confuse your users?
  12. Visual Design
  13. Interaction Design
  14. Information Architecture
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  17. Writer
  18. Front-end Developer
  19. Design Strategist
  20. Case Study: Measure Map
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  23. Common Pitfalls
  24. Common Pitfalls 1. Poorly Defined Goals 2. Lack of Process 3. Subjectivity
  25. I hate orange.
  26. What we talked about Design is: making and documenting decisions about the experience of your audience/users/customers Design requires: knowledge, skills, and thoughtful feedback Design works: if you are clear about your expectations, priorities, and goals
  27. Thank you! je