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Start Tech Ventures Ceatec

  1. 1. Σynergies Networking Dinner Evi TsapeBusiness Development Coordinator Tokyo, Japan Monday, October 1st, 2012
  2. 2. It all started like this…
  3. 3. At a glance• Investment & Incubation arm of the Materializing Innovation Group• Evolved out of Virtual Trip, the first student high-tech start-up in Greece, which to date has spun-out 10 companies• 4.5M€ investment portfolio• Capitalizes the experience of having turned innovative ideas to sustainable companies• Prototype implementation of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem concept introduced in November 2009 by Dimitris Tsigos
  4. 4. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem“…But it can also be a group of companies, including start-ups, and one or more coordination entities, which share similar goals and decide to form a network or organization in order to explore economies of scale combined with flexibility and strong entrepreneurial drive. Economies of scale can be explored in business functions such as business development, financing, market analysis, marketing communications, IT / MIS infrastructure, human capital management, legal support, financial & accounting management while each participating start-up focuses to research & development, product Management, sales & pre-sales / after-sales support…”
  5. 5. Investors• StartTech Ventures has a triple investment angle – Seed Fund – Incubator – Business Angel Network• We are members of EBAN,• Very interested in co-investment opportunities
  6. 6. Structure coLab StartTech Ventures StartTech Angels Workspace StartTech IncubatorMaterializing Innovation Group tu ed Services Vendors Distributors ar at ps st ub c in Publisher M.I. Spain M.I. Hungary Antenna Offices M.I. BrusselsIncubator - Financing - Business Development - Financial & Account Management - Business Administration - Talent ManagementServices: - Strategy - MIS & IT Infrastructure - Marketing Communications - Legal Advisory - Facilities
  7. 7. Incubation Services• “active incubation” approach• Resident companies focus on Product Management, R&D, Sales & Support• “Ecosystem Services” include: – Financing, Strategy, Business Development, Legal Advice, Talent Management, Financial & Accounting Management, MIS & IT, Business Administration, BPM and facilities management
  8. 8. Success stories• E-Learning Technologies• Mobile Social Gaming• Unified Communications on the Cloud• Psychometric Tests Technology
  9. 9. eLearning• Epignosis LLC• Vendor of eFront LMS & TalentLMS• Leading Customers Worldwide – Fujitsu Australia / New Zealand, USA, Canada – University of South Carolina, Telenor• Global network of VAR Partners• Disrupting the e-Learning industry with Talent LMS – Democratizing Learning• |
  10. 10. Mobile Social Gaming• AbZorba Games LLC• Publishing its B2C social games• Executing a B2B white label model within the iGaming sector with the AGON™ platform• Casino titles: – Live Blackjack, Live Poker, Live Roulette on Android & iOS• Compelling social & technical features• Hub-of-Fun™ Approaching 1 Million game downloads, 75% in the US $20+ monthly ARPPU , 7+ month user retention•
  11. 11. Unified Communications on the Cloud• Flipnode LLC• Vendor of the SOLO Gateway product family• Complete, cloud-based unified communications solutions• Deployed by the Deutsche Telekom Group• Available both as a private-cloud solution and as public-cloud / SaaS•
  12. 12. Psychometric Technology• Psycholate LLC• 360° on-line psychometric technology solutions (mostly banking sector in Balkans)• S/W for vocational guidance• Co-developed Ethical Leadership questionnaire and relevant S/W (HSBC UK & Europe, BP global). Trialing with other major banks in collaboration with PwC UK•
  13. 13. Locations• StartTech Ventures operates a number of antenna offices around the globe – Local market intelligence, Key accounts management, Partners management• EU – Athens, Greece – Madrid, Spain – Brussels, Belgium – Budapest, Hungary• USA – San Jose, California – Akron, Ohio
  14. 14. International Business Development• Actively supporting our investees in – Acquiring key accounts – Building partners network – Creating joint ventures• Raising capital from international investors• Investigating MNA and/or IPO opportunities
  15. 15. Make it happen!