Handbook of Fundamental Social Change


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Handbook of fundamental social change.

TRANSCRIPT, TEXT, VIDEOS HERE: http://jesusgodgoodetcnjay.blogspot.com/2012/02/occupy-dc-guide-to-accelerated-high.html

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Handbook of Fundamental Social Change

  1. 1. Handbook for High Stakes,High Acceleration Change
  2. 2. Handbook for Fundamental Change1. Introductory Notes2. Change becomes possible when you’ve found what’s so valuable you’d die for it.3. Accurate Diagnosis is 99% of the cure4. Focus, Clear Objective is Pre-requisite of Change5. Sufficient Power (Creative Tension) is Pre-Requisite of Change6. Paying the Price is the currency of change7. Becoming, Being the ‘Antidote’ is the entire hope.8. The Psychological Battlefield (nervous system)9. The only two ways to fight: • Violent Warfare • Unviolent Warfare
  3. 3. 1. Introductory Notes• This guide is what SL lives by after a lifetime of practice and study. Take it, or leave it.• It is the existence of an exception that proves there is a rule at play.• Yes, a valid strategy can be based on defying all history, precedent, logic, psychology, physics…. But you better have damn good reason.• In 2012 change is the most difficult ever: • 1st Revolution tried within a ‘democracy’ • The existential threats are invisible: – CO2 gas – Affloholism
  4. 4. 2. Hope’s born when death’s preferable to status quo• An activist is not equipped to fight till she knows what she would die for – MLK Jr paraphrase• The status quo will always kill to perpetuate itself• Always - Arab Spring, Suffragists, Civil Rights, ending Vietnam War, ending Apartheid…• Knowing what you are willing joust against, fight, rant against is nothing more than masturbating; tantrums.• If you haven’t found that which you’d die for, no need to wait to see who will win.
  5. 5. 3. Accurate Diagnosis is 99% of the cure• ‘You know what amazes me,’ mused Napoleon? ‘The Spirit always triumphs over the sword in the end.’ Whoever controls the nervous system controls the behavior.• 2012: • The ‘problem’ is a True, fundamental Mass-Insanity within the 300 million US nervous systems – affloholism. • This is not a ‘V’ situation. It’s a – – 1930 sane German’s problem – 1930 sane German Jew’s problem – Mass addiction, mass affloholism problem – Crack neighborhood problem
  6. 6. 4. Focus, Clear Objective is Pre-requisite of Change –any amount of force dissipated is ineffective
  7. 7. 5. Sufficient Power (CreativeTension) is Pre-Requisite of Change• Without ‘real’ deadlines you can’t generate sufficient power• If you are living, ‘failure is an option,’ you’ve already accepted defeat.• Sufficient Tension is possible only when the Warrior is willing to fail, but unwilling not to try.• Only the Heart (in charge) is strong enough: • Highest intelligence • Highest motivation • Highest motivator • Gandhi’s ‘Heart force,’ the source of his entire hope. • Head and Flesh in charge is certain doom.
  8. 8. 6. Pay the price, or, no-change. Whoever pays the most, wins. Simple.• Violence violates others by exacting the price from them. • The pinnacle of immorality• Unviolence pays the price oneself, as you’d buy a home, a car, an education. • The pinnacle of morality
  9. 9. 7. Becoming, Being theAntidote – the only hope• The only thing in the universe that you can ever control is your own attempt• We are wired such that the highest motivator, by whatever name is - Love, Humanity, Solidarity, Dignity• Hiding behind ‘rights’ is hopelessly weak, morally bankrupt. Pay the price for what’s ‘Right.’ Always.• Inclusiveness: • Fatal – excluding anyone from your ‘immediate family,’ ever. • Fatal – including anyone in your cause who isn’t 100% committed to upholding the highest morality, regardless. MLK Jr, Gandhi paraphrase.– NEVER HOLD ANYONE TO HIGHER STANDARDS THAN YOU HOLD YOURSELF. EVER. EVER. EVER….
  10. 10. 8. The only battlefield:Collective nervous system• Head and Flesh are the domain of entropy, hatefulness, selfishness.• Heart is the domain of Solidarity, Humanity.• ‘You know what amazes me,’ mused Napoleon? ‘The Spirit always triumphs over the sword in the end.’
  11. 11. 9. Only 2 possible ways to fight, to wage war• Violent Warfare • Totally empowers Head and Flesh • Totally disempowers Heart • Maintains the status quo – violence • Kicks the can (changing status quo, replacing extreme violence with waging love) down the road. – 2012 – YOU ARE OUT OF ROAD. THERE IS NO MORE ROAD TO KICK THE CAN DOWN.– Unviolent Warfare • Totally empowers, strengthens and INSPIRES Heart • IS THE CHANGE to the status quo, the ONLY POSSIBLE change • Love (like that of the mother for her child) – strongest force in the universe – Gandhi paraphrse