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Business funding suite sneak peak


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
  • Get $200,000 plus to start a business or grow your business.
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  • We build corporate/business credit separate from personal credit.
    Our 6 step business funding suite can get you funding up to $5MM. System has direct feed from Dnb, Experian Small Business, & Equifax Commercial

    What's in it for you ?

    $50,000 Guarantee! Guaranteed to build $50,000 in corporate/business credit using our system. Or we will work with you for FREE until you do.

    Certified Business Credit Coach

    Certified Business Funding Coach

    Start Up Business obtain up to $150k Line of Credit per partner

    SBA Loan or Line of Credit up to 5 Million Dollars or more.

    Obtain Lines of Credit from 5k to 100k with NO Personal Guarantee

    Plus much much more....

    visit us @ today to learn more.
    or call us 1.800.585.0301
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Business funding suite sneak peak

  1. 1. Business Funding Suite Sneak Peak WWW.STARTCORPORATECREDIT.COM Toll Free: 1.800.585.0301 Local: 630.837.6155
  2. 2. The business funding suite delivers 2 main Benefits The funding suite gives you access to virtually every legitimate business funding source available And your funding suite also insures you will be approved for the cash and credit sources you apply with
  3. 3. Guaranteed Approval Through your funding suite you learn the exact criteria that lenders are looking for to approve you You simply follow a few steps in the beginning to insure you meet lender requirements to secure approval Every aspect of your company that will be reviewed by a lender is addressed through your funding suite
  4. 4. Guaranteed Approval You will know exactly what the lender needs to see to approve you in all these areas…  State Records  Federal EIN  Bank Account  Business Licenses  Business phone number requirements  Which 411 directories you must be listed in  Business Email and Domain requirements
  5. 5. Guaranteed Approval And these areas….  Experian business report minimum requirements  Dun & Bradstreet report minimum requirements  Equifax report minimum requirements  Business Credit Histories  Physical Address  Bank Ratings
  6. 6. Guaranteed Approval And these areas…  Tax Returns  Public Records  Credit Cards  Vendor Credit  Comparable Credit  Bank Loans  Business Model
  7. 7. Don’t be Denied You will be denied if you don’t meet lender’s requirements For example if you are using a Voice Over IP instead of a land line, you might not be approved If you don’t have a professional email address or your bank account isn’t setup the right way you won’t be approved. And with most business applications the lender won’t even tell you that your application was denied or the reason for your denial
  8. 8. Solutions Through your funding suite you will first quickly learn what the lender needs, and if you don’t meet a requirement a 1 click solution is usually available
  9. 9. Solutions You can setup a physical address, 800 number, fax and email, EIN number, and more through your Cash Machine to insure you are approved
  10. 10. Business Credit Bureau Interface The business funding suite also interfaces directly with the business credit bureaus Experian, Dun and Bradstreet, and Equifax.
  11. 11. Credit Bureau Integration In one click you will know if you have a profile reporting with the major business credit bureaus, and you will know how many trade lines they are reporting for you
  12. 12. Full Business Report Access You can even access full business credit reports and track your business scores increasing as you build business credit all through your funding suite
  13. 13. Guaranteed Approval This funding suite is designed to help you quickly build excellent business credit scores, then use those scores as leverage to secure business funds. You are guaranteed that you will be approved for over $50,000 in business credit And you should be able to secure that within 6 months or less
  14. 14. Business Credit Profile Your funding suite helps insure you have the foundation built for approval You then will have access to the Vendor accounts needed to start quickly building a business credit profile
  15. 15. Excellent Business Credit in 60 days You can easily access, be approved with and use your initial credit within 30 days Within 60 days you can then easily have an excellent business credit score of 80 or higher established  (An 80 business credit score is the equivalent of a 720 personal credit score) But with a business score you can quickly pay a few accounts as agreed and establish an excellent score.
  16. 16. Major Merchants You are then getting approved for credit in your business name with major merchants A few of many merchants available include Lowes, Staples, Home Depot, Chevron, Office Max, Wal-Mart, Costco, and many more
  17. 17. No Personal Guarantee or Credit Check This credit will be in your business name So there is no personal guarantee required And there is no personal credit check
  18. 18. No Personal Credit Check You can be approved for well over $50,000 in business credit even if you have a damaged personal credit profile DOUBLE the borrowing power with both personal and business credit profiles established Even if you have Excellent Personal Credit, you should still have a Business Credit Profile established
  19. 19. Personal Guarantee Most business owners currently use credit with a PG, meaning in case of default the creditor can pursue the personal home, bank accounts, investments, and file judgments against assets No PG means your Business takes on the risk, not you personally This keeps your personal finances and your family safe and secure
  20. 20. Unsecured Credit Lines As you continue to be approved and utilize your new credit, your business credit will then grow into truly unsecure credit lines for your business using only your business credit profile and score to qualify
  21. 21. Funding Solutions And Business Credit is only 1 of over 30 funding options available
  22. 22. Available Funding Solutions SBA loans Unsecured credit lines Equipment financing Retirement plan financing Merchant advances Account receivable financing Equipment Sale Leaseback MerchantCard Credit
  23. 23. Available Funding Solutions Securities Based Loans Inventory Loans House Reseller Financing Auto-Fleet Leasing Vehicle Wrap And Signage Leasing Commercial Signage Leasing Film Producer Financing
  24. 24. Immediate Pre-Approval You are asked a few initial qualifying questions, and then you will know immediately what type of funding options you are pre-approved for Then you can read the program details, and in one click all your information is auto populated from the Cash Machine into the application and your application is submitted for approval
  25. 25. Guaranteed Approval And again, you already know you meet the lending criteria before you apply, so you know you will be approved Many funding sources will approve you with no personal guarantee, and will deliver funds to your bank account within 24 hours
  26. 26. Easy Credit Many sources also don’t require a personal credit check, while other sources have very lenient credit score requirements
  27. 27. Extra Benefits Easy step-by-step tutorials to build business credit quickly Audio and Video tutorials with every aspect of the funding suite Bonus Workbooks Including  The Art & Science of Obtaining Venture or Angel Investor Capital  Start a Business - Where To Begin and How To Grow  How To Prepare & Present a Successful Funding Request
  28. 28. Your own Funding Coach Business Funding Coach works side-by-side with you to get you approved and money in your bank account  Help you select the best funding programs  Handle your application and paperwork  Work with you to insure you are approved and receive funds
  29. 29. The Ultimate Funding Solution So this is the business funding suite, and this is your ultimate solution to access funds for your business
  30. 30. Your Guaranteed Solution You are guaranteed approval for $50,000 in business credit and have access to over 30 other funding sources Plus the whole system is designed to insure you do get approved, and quickly build business credit scores so you can obtain even more unsecured funding in the future
  31. 31. Contact us today to gain access to your very own Cash Machine and money to grow your businessWWW.STARTCORPORATECREDIT.COM Toll Free: 1.800.585.0301 Local: 630.837.6155