Starstruck Electronic Scrapbook - Analysis of Film Posters


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First analysis of film posters for initial forms of research

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Starstruck Electronic Scrapbook - Analysis of Film Posters

  1. 2. The poster displays the main actors name – but does not reveal any other actors/actresses featured in the film. Ben Stiller is printed in bold, black, upper case lettering to emphasise the importance of this actor in the film. The title of the film is situated on the poster under Ben Stiller. The boldness of the word ‘kid’ suggests that he is childlike. The use of the colour red in the title suggests that the film is of a romantic genre. The picture featured on the poster reinforces the romantic genre portrayed by the use of colours in the title. The image also introduces possible main characters. The gesture that the female is making in the picture is of a childlike nature (which links to the title) which may add confusion to the audience as to who the ‘heartbreak kid’ is. The film release date is featured on the poster, which continues with the posters colour scheme. The use of the bold red and black writing makes the release date stand out and displays it’s importance. The slogan gives the audience an insight into the narrative of the film e.g. the word ‘blows’ suggests that something is going to go wrong.
  2. 4. The poster features a quote from a magazine/newspaper review which enhances the genre of a comedy. In addition the use of the colour red implies that it is of a romantic genre also. The poster features the two main characters from the film played by Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba’s pose in the poster suggests she is flirty – as does the ‘floaty’ dress; where as Dane Cook’s stance displays the comedic side to the film, complete with women’s hands over his torso. This links to the image of Dane Cook on the poster as he has women’s hands caressing his torso. The font used to create the title suggests a comedic genre, and the colours used create a sense of romance. The release date is feature at the bottom of the film poster and is again in bold, red writing as to stand out and attract attention.
  3. 6. The film poster doesn’t give away an exact release date as such, and thus acts as a teaser as the audience only know what month it is due to premier. The title of the film features in the centre of the poster. The font doesn’t give away the genre however the audience can attain a basic understanding of the genre due to the actors/actresses e.g. Jack Black. The images featured of the poster give the audience an impression that the film is of a romantic genre as it consists of images portraying two sets of potential couples. The images also display more than likely the main characters within the film. The emotions captured within the images are happy, and show the characters looking into each others eyes or at each other and therefore imply that they are intimate with each other.