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Credenz 2012 Promethea Round


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Second written round.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Credenz 2012 Promethea Round

  1. 1. QUIZ @CREDENZ 2012 Promethea round
  2. 2. Promethea is a comic book series created by AlanMoore, J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray, publishedby Americas Best Comics/WildStorm. It tells thestory of Sophie Bangs, a college student from analternate futuristic New York City in 1999, whoembodies the powerful entity known as Prometheawhose task it is to bring the Apocalypse.Promethea features countless visual references aswell as textual ones. For the majority of the series,each issues cover features an imitation of aparticular artist or style. These imitations were oftenexplicitly credited by Williams next to his signature.
  3. 3. Artist
  4. 4. Book
  5. 5. Artist
  6. 6. Artist
  7. 7. Actor /Director / Writer
  8. 8. Artist
  9. 9. Album
  10. 10. Answers on the following slides
  11. 11. Andy Warhol
  12. 12. Alice in Wonderland(drawn by Sir John Tenniel)
  13. 13. Salvador Dali
  14. 14. Starry Night by Van Gogh
  15. 15. Terry Gilliam(of Monty Python fame)
  16. 16. MC Escher
  17. 17. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles