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Fear and Badge Scanning in Las Vegas: Six Ways to Get Beyond the Scan and Get More From the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition


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Booth: check. Travel and hotel: check. Lead scanner: check. The annual HR Technology® Conference & Exposition is coming up fast, and you’re all set. Don’t get lost in the midst of mindless scans. In this e-book, we worked with Human Resource Executive® to put together six tips that can help you get the most from your investment as a vendor at the show.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to:

— Make a real connection
— Get more out of networking events
— Schedule briefings with analysts, journalists, and influencers
— Get face-to-face time with customers and prospects
— Follow up effectively after the show
— And have fun doing it

Just like a sailor doesn’t set sail without a compass, make sure you get your copy of this actionable field guide to get more out of your experience at the event.

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Fear and Badge Scanning in Las Vegas: Six Ways to Get Beyond the Scan and Get More From the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition

  1. 1. FEAR AND BADGE SCANNING IN LAS VEGAS Six Ways to Get Beyond the Scan and Get More From the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition By: Lance Haun & Lizzie Maldonado
  2. 2. We were somewhere around Las Vegas in the middle of the desert when the scanning began to take its toll. I remember saying something like, “I feel a bit awkward; maybe you should scan …”
  3. 3. Your booth is set. Your hotel arrangements are made. You’ve got your lead scanner locked and loaded. You’re ready to take on the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition! But something is missing. In the midst of those mindless scans you tell yourself: THERE HAS TO BE MORE. THERE IS.
  4. 4. WANT TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME AT HR TECHNOLOGY®? When it comes to getting the most from your time as a vendor at the show, it’s about more than showing up and scanning badges. Truly engaging attendees and getting the most bang for your buck doesn’t have to be complicated — but it will take a little bit of work. We’ve put together six tips that can help you get the most from your investment at the show. Let’s get down to brass tacks.
  5. 5. TIP NO. 1 MAKE A REAL CONNECTION Whether you’re working the booth, taking prospect or client meetings, or going to sessions, it’s easy to go on autopilot. But attendees — and, ultimately, your buyers — want to connect with people. Talk to them about their biggest challenge at work, the questions that keep them up at night, or who you could recommend talking to at the show. They’ll remember you, and it could make all the difference come buying time.
  6. 6. ---------------------- BEYOND THE SCAN: Connect personally with three people at the show, even if they won’t necessarily turn into clients.
  7. 7. TIP NO. 2 NETWORK AT NETWORKING EVENTS Between the opening night reception, breakfast, refreshment breaks, and lunch in the expo hall, there is a lot of time to make genuine connections. These networking opportunities give you the chance to see people who have been busy in sessions and meetings, and may not be in the expo otherwise. Instead of talking to people you know, make a point of talking to someone new every chance you get.
  8. 8. ---------------------- BEYOND THE SCAN: Take turns manning your booth so you can roam the floor during the official reception and at least one of the breaks, but keep your sales materials in your booth; they cannot be distributed outside of your booth spac e.
  9. 9. TIP NO. 3 SCHEDULE BRIEFINGS WITH ANALYSTS, JOURNALISTS, AND INFLUENCERS Analysts, press, and other influencers spread the word about what’s really happening in HR technology. If you have something new that you need to share, or if you just haven’t spoken to this group of movers and shakers before, it would be worthwhile to schedule some of your time in the pressroom and blogger room to share progress and discuss trends. To access a copy of the press list, email Devon Group’s Jeanne Achille at
  10. 10. ---------------------- BEYOND THE SCAN: Select a handful of analysts and influencers you want to talk to and reach out personally to them before the show.
  11. 11. TIP NO. 4 GET FACE-TO-FACE TIME WITH CUSTOMERS AND PROSPECTS The opportunity to get this much face-to-face time with customers and prospects is a rare one. The HR Technology® Conference brings your top customers and buyers to the same location. Though some vendors do big client and prospect dinners, you don’t need to do anything that complicated. A simple drink at the show will suffice — and should be fairly easy.
  12. 12. ---------------------- BEYOND THE SCAN: Get at least 30 minutes of face time with one VIP prospect and customer. The more, the better.
  13. 13. TIP NO. 5 FOLLOW UP AFTER THE SHOW It may be tempting to just drop all the names you scanned into your CRM database when you get back and have your sales team follow up. Some companies don’t even do that much. But a personal email or call from the person they met with at the show — with specific information, if they asked for it — makes a huge difference. Talk to attendees about their professional pains — what is their biggest challenge at work — and try to offer a solution in your follow-up, even if it’s not necessarily related to your technology. If it’s not the right time to buy, a hard sales push won’t change that. But open a door by becoming a resource — and when the time to buy is nigh, they’ll think of you.
  14. 14. ---------------------- BEYOND THE SCAN: If you can’t follow up with everyone, have each person who attended the conference follow up with anyone they made a personal connection with at the show.
  15. 15. TIP NO. 6 HAVE FUN Don’t be a robot at the conference. You’re there for a purpose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re working the booth or taking meetings. And — hello! — you’re in Vegas. There’s hardly an end to the fun things to do — go to a show, bungee jump off the Stratosphere, take a helicopter tour — do something that will make your experience complete.
  16. 16. ---------------------- BEYOND THE SCAN: Show attendees that you’re having a good time and they’ll enjoy the experience that much more.
  17. 17. Like we said, it’s not difficult to get the most out of the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition. But it does take a little work. With these six tips, you won’t be wondering whether your decision to invest in the show was worth it: You’ll know it was, and you’ll enjoy it a lot more, too.
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