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Creating a Kick-ass Marketing Strategy: Find the Right Channels For your Message and Win


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Take a look at TSC's newest classified brief — Creating a Kick-ass Marketing Strategy: Find the Right Channels for Your Message and Win. In this brief, you'll learn:
• Why an effective channel strategy gives you a competitive edge
• Which channels could help you reach your audience
• How to find the right channels through research, experimentation and tracking

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Creating a Kick-ass Marketing Strategy: Find the Right Channels For your Message and Win

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  2. 2. 2Creating a Kick-ass Marketing the starr conspiracyStrategy: Find the Right Channelsfor Your Message and Win Creating a Ki ck-ass Marketing Strategy People consume marketing So if your company is going to get someone’s attention, you have to have a compelling message. And not just a compelling message, messages at an alarming but a compelling message in the right place. Just like real estate, it’s all about location, location, location — which is why a targeted channel rate — almost 3,000 strategy will help your message cut through the noise. messages and ads per Having the right channel strategy helps you better target potential buyers and engage with the right audience. And when the day.1 We also filter boss man asks how you’re spending your budget, you can prove ROI because you have a channel strategy that’s built to be measured for most of that. We’ve performance. To start thinking about channel communications, you need to turned into advertising know what channels are out there and determine which ones will help zombies, numb to all the you reach your audience. When you know that, developing a kick-ass strategy will be easy. bright colors, catchy songs and stylized packaging shouting, “Buy me!!!” 1 Hagel, John, III and Singer, Marc. Net Worth: Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules. 1999.
  3. 3. 3You’ve Got to Know »» Social media marketing: Social media is a unique channel because it’s a layer on top of marketing communications. the starr conspiracy Your company may not have a Facebook page, but someone is talking about your brand on Facebook. Social channelsthe Channels bring your content together with user-generated content — people comment on your blog posts, share your white papers and respond to your webinars. Tweeting, liking and sharing make marketing a conversation with your audience. Creating a Ki ck-ass Marketing Strategy »» Search marketing: Search is integrated into all of your content development. If you write website copy, you have to think of search. When you write a blog post, think of search. Paying for keywords can help your SEO, but you also need toThose 3,000 messages we consume each day are coming develop interesting content. If your blog post is a string of meaningless keywords, you’ll be dinged for that by us from a wide range of sources. We don’t even Instead, make sure you’re thinking of the right messages (with the right keywords), and write what people want tothink of those messages as advertising anymore. For read. example, the Google ads at the top of search results »» Partners and alliances: Using partners and resellers canare pretty much just results to us, not ads. make it easy for you to extend your offerings into different markets. But partner marketing can be tricky, so you’ll have to be very specific about the brand and message guidelines Knowing that messages are getting filtered, you have to »» Video and commercial development: Everyone wants their you want other companies or resellers to follow. For yourchange your strategy to meet people where they’re at. It’ll help video to go viral, and the promise of a viral video seems like channel strategy to be as successful as possible, workyou target more effectively. You also don’t want to start spending a better return than paying to run a commercial on TV. Yet continuously with these partners to make sure everyoneyour budget like you’re buying tickets for the lottery, and targeting companies still shell out $4 million for 30 seconds of airtime understands marketing goals and guidelines.your channels will help you invest better. Here are some channels during the Super Bowl. Interesting videos, on YouTube orthat might help you reach your audience: ABC, are what people want to see. Streaming services like These are some big buckets that include lots of individual Hulu are another way to reach targeted audiences with channels. You might also have a mode of communication that fits »» Print advertising: Print hasn’t gone out of style. People commercials. into a couple of these channel strategies — mobile distribution might still pick up magazines and newspapers, even if it’s just at have some display advertising as well as using text messages for the airport or the hair salon. People still drive by billboards. »» Direct marketing: Today, consumers are no longer random direct marketing. Pinterest users are even sharing ads on their boards. There names on a list. Mass customization has made it easy As you evaluate your channel options and decide which are lots of ways to still use print advertising and get to the for companies like Amazon or Target to send emails with channels to use, put them into classifications so you can determine right audience. product recommendations relevant to your interests. Direct which messages belong in which channels. You can then focus on marketing is expected to have some level of customization, developing your strategy. »» Display advertising: Online banner ads are getting more and that customization means the recipient is more likely to creative, but people aren’t always willing to click. Web open your email, letter or text. (But be careful not to get all ads need to be compelling and interesting. One twist on Big Brother on your readers — don’t over-customize.) Events banner advertising is magazine and newspaper apps — you can also live in direct marketing, and if you’re doing them can extend a print ad’s message on to an iPad app. It’s an right, you’ll always have an attendee list for follow-up. opportunity to bring a static ad to life.
  4. 4. 4Now Get the Right To determine if a channel is right for your company, you can: »» Survey your audience: Not everyone likes to participate in the starr conspiracy surveys, but if you have access to a list of customers, you can always ask them what they think. Finding out what theyChannels for You read, which sites they visit and what information they share could help you select or eliminate channels. For example, if your audience isn’t using Twitter, don’t spend lots of money pursuing a Twitter strategy just yet. Perhaps focus on LinkedIn. Creating a Ki ck-ass Marketing Strategy »» Check out your competitors: You’re not looking to be a copycat, but your competitors should be making it clear what kinds of channels they’re using. Paying attention isSelecting the right channels for your company’s really important. You can then decide not only if you need to be present in the same channel but also how to makemessage is going to include some trial and error, your message stand out. as well as a lot of research. The idea is not to »» Try new things: Social media is full of examples of websites that became fads — these sites started with a lot of hypeeliminate a channel forever — especially when things and then fizzled out. Not all sharing sites will becomechange so quickly — but instead to prioritize where Facebook, but there could be blogs or communities that are newer and willing to work with you on advertising’ll put your focus. Targeting should help you use You can also shake up your event marketing — instead of attending the same ol’ conferences, host a food truck tour.your resources and budget more effectively. Experiential marketing could be exactly what your audience is looking for. »» Track your results: Not all channels make it easy to run analytics reports or see exactly how your dollars were spent. Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) before you send messages or content through a channel. Some KPIs might have to be qualitative measures instead ofIf the channel is If a channel quantitative, but find ways you can measure outcomes. As you track results, compare them with your marketing goals.a bust: kicks ass: If the channel was a bust, determine whether performance can be improved or if it’s time to move on. If a channel became a major lead generator, you know you can focus your efforts there.Determine whether performance You know you can focus This will be a continuous process, so dedicating time tocan be improved or if it’s time to your efforts there. regularly update your channel strategy will ensure that you’remove on. always using the most effective channels for your message.
  5. 5. 5Evaluate Your Channels Now the starr conspiracy Creating a Ki ck-ass Marketing StrategyOnce you’ve taken a look at thechannels you use and assessed whetherthey’re right for you, it’s time toupgrade your strategy. When you’reready to take that step, schedule anevaluation with The Starr Conspiracy.We’ll review the messages currentlybeing distributed across yourchannels and determine if you’rereaching your audience in the mosteffective way possible. Then we’lltalk about what you can do to makeyour channel strategy kick some ass.Contact us or 817-204-0400. About The Starr Conspiracy You shouldn’t have to pay an agency for the privilege of learning about your industry. The Starr Conspiracy already knows your market segment, who you are and where you fit in. We are a strategic marketing and advertising agency devoted exclusively to enterprise software and services. When you partner with us, it’s to build market share, multiply brand awareness and drive sales leads – not to bone up on the basics. We’ve been “out there” for more than a decade so that you can hit the ground running. Founded in 1999 and located in Fort Worth, The Starr Conspiracy has won eight best places to work awards, countless creative awards and maintains a net promoter score of 90% (higher than Apple). On the web at